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Changing the rules of aid: Understanding ODA modernisation
Description: This animated presentation provides an overview of the drivers behind aid reform and what the process and timelines for change look like. It also presents a summary of key changes expected, and introduces some of the implications for policy and practice, and for anyone who works with ODA data.
  04 Sep 2017   8m19s 5 610 0
Financial Situation of the United Nations - Press Conference
Description: Mr. Yukio Takasu, Under-Secretary-General for Management, briefed the press on the financial situation of the United Nations.
  03 May 2017   44m3s 13 491 0
Topic Five: Private funding - a growing source for NGOs?
Description: Access the entire tPrivate funding of humanitarian work is changing – from having been primarily targeted at natural disaster response, in 2015, the response to the conflict in Syria received the majority of reported private funds. With most private funding channeled through non-governmental rather than governments or multi-lateral organizations, understanding current developments in private funding flows and mechanisms has become more pertinent than ever for NGOs. In the fifth session of the learning stream on humanitarian financing, jointly organized by ICVA and PHAP, private sector and NGO representatives will explore current trends relating to private funding for humanitarian NGOs. Participants will be provided with an overview of the different existing private funding mechanisms, with a particular focus on emerging trends – such as private humanitarian innovation and Islamic social financing – and key challenges for NGOs.
  06 Apr 2017   2m 3 267 0
Story in 5: Michela Luzzi, Cash Transfers in the Pacific Islands
Description: Recorded at 'Changing Humanitarian Action?', ALNAP's 31st Annual Meeting. Find out more at Music: Tyops,
  13 Mar 2017   6m45s 3 95 0
[French] Topic Two: humanitarian financing
  22 Nov 2016   2m4s 1 39 0
WEBINAR: Using Evidence in Humanitarian Resource Allocation
Description: The overarching goal of humanitarian assistance is to allocate funding according to need. But in order to make a good job of this, humanitarian donors need evidence on needs, context, and the cost, quality and effectiveness of different intervention types. This webinar looked at how evidence is used in donor decision making and priority setting, and the approaches that some donors have taken to improve the use of evidence in their funding allocations. What questions are donors seeking to answer when deciding how to allocate funds and set spending priorities? What tools are they using to do this in an evidence-driven way? Why is there such an interest in randomized control trials? Watch the webinar to find out more.
  12 Oct 2016   1h29m28s 0 114 0
Topic One: The Humanitarian Financing landscape - Realities and emerging trends for NGOs
Description: Humanitarian financing worldwide is changing – how does it impact NGOs active in humanitarian work? This video provides just a short snapshot into this first topic. Join us for the first learning session on demystifying humanitarian financing, organized jointly by ICVA and PHAP, and hear from experts from OECD, Development Initiatives, and World Vision regarding the current state of humanitarian financing and how recent trends are affecting NGOs. The first session of this series will concentrate on the current realities and emerging trends of humanitarian financing. Participants will be provided with an overview of the different traditional and emerging financing streams coexisting in the humanitarian sector, with a focus on how NGOs access humanitarian funding and the challenges they currently face.
  12 Sep 2016   2m50s 7 1735 0
Introductory Video Humanitarian Financing
  01 Sep 2016   1m36s 7 1264 0
Reflections on the World Humanitarian Summit
Description: The Brookings Doha Center (BDC) hosted an event on May 29, 2016, to reflect on the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit, held the prior week in Turkey. The event featured Stephen O'Brien, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator at the United Nations. (transcript available) Subscribe! Follow Brookings on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
  15 Jun 2016   2h55s 2 815 0
International Committee of the Red Cross' corporate partners visit South Sudan
Description: The private sector plays an increasing role in supporting ICRC activities around the world. Executives from six organisations spent a week in remote parts of South Sudan where they visited doctors who carry out war surgery and watched as thousands of residents gathered for food assistance. South Sudan is our biggest operation in Africa and the second largest worldwide. That requires extensive resources that come partly from corporate partners, who also want to see what the reality on the ground is. For more information on supporting the ICRC // +41 (0) 22730 3840 //
  12 Feb 2016   5m51s 7 1400 0
Briefing on the report of the High-level Panel on Humanitarian Financing
Description: In May 2015, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon appointed a High-Level Panel (HLP) of experts to work on finding concrete and actionable solutions to this widening gap. The panel identified a set of actionable recommendations, listed under the following three categories: Shrink the needs: a shared responsibility Deepen and broaden the resource base for humanitarian action Improve delivery: a Grand Bargain on efficiency
  04 Feb 2016   1h1m42s 2 427 0
Disaster Risk Finance Across the Globe
Description: This animated video tells the story of a young family living in a region impacted by natural disasters. It shows how Disaster Risk Finance initiatives help this family and other stakeholders across the globe. World Bank Open Learning Campus on Disaster Risk Finance:
  14 Jan 2016   3m 325 0