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Bangladesh: Mud and rain worsen plight for Rohingya refugees
Description: With the almost daily monsoon rains, the displaced Rohingya are facing challenges in the makeshift camps they have established in southeast Bangladesh. Canals have become rivers difficult to cross, and temporary shelters have flooded, putting even greater strain on the hundreds of thousands seeking safety after fleeing violence in Myanmar. Images of flooding and river crossings. An estimated 421,000 Rohingya – a largely stateless Muslim minority in Myanmar – have arrived in Bangladesh since the latest bout of violence broke out on August 25. Information for media: If you would like to use this video to communicate refugee stories or require B-Roll, transcripts, stills or much more information, please contact --- Keep up to date with our latest videos: -- UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, works to protect and assist those fleeing war and persecution. Since 1950, we have helped tens of millions of people find safety and rebuild their lives. With your support, we can restore hope for many more. Read more at Support our work with refugees now by subscribing to this channel, liking this video and sharing it with your friends and contacts. Thanks so much for your help.
  22 Sep 2017   2m47s 17 180 0
Facing the floods: A resilience approach
Description: 2016-08-30 | Usage rights: CC | Credit: SIWI A discussion about how development organizations and businesses can support vulnerable communities prepare for flood risk and build a more secure future in the face of persistent shocks and stresses. The Global Resilience Partnership looks to identify and scale local solutions in an effort to pivot away from reactive responses to disasters and build resilient communities. This includes funding innovative projects through challenges like the Water Window so we can help bring these ideas to scale.
  06 Jul 2017   28m59s 0 14 0
Enhancing Urban Resilience in Ghana's Greater Accra Region
Description: The Greater Accra Region in Ghana is one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa, currently hosting over 4 million people. The regional economy accounts for about 25 percent of Ghana's national GDP. However, the unprecedented population growth and unplanned spatial expansion have exceeded the capacity of the city to keep up, resulting in housing shortages, urban sprawl, and informal settlements with inadequate urban services. This makes the Greater Accra Region vulnerable to a range of shocks. This was made clear in June 2015 when the region was deeply impacted by floods which affected over 50,000 people. Working with the World Bank, the Government of Ghana has identified the main issues that make the Greater Accra region vulnerable and formed a forward-looking strategy to create a more resilient Greater Accra Region that can better withstand the impact of disasters and reap the benefits associated with urban growth.
  03 Jun 2017   5m30s 33 7177 0
ZPP MMR February 2017
Description: ZPP brings to you reports on the state of politically motivated violence in Zimbabwe during February 2017. If you are interested in reporting a violation contact us on the numbers that appear at the end.
  17 May 2017   5m19s 2 80 0
Direct Relief's Peru Response
  08 May 2017   2m5s 2 1067 0
Fase de Respuesta Operación Mocoa
Description: Gestión del riesgo: Es el proceso social de planeación, ejecución, seguimiento y evaluación de políticas y acciones permanentes para el conocimiento del riesgo y promoción de una mayor conciencia del mismo, impedir o evitar que se genere, reducirlo o controlarlo cuando ya existe y para prepararse y manejar las situaciones de desastre, así como para la posterior recuperación, entiéndase: rehabilitación y reconstrucción. Estas acciones tienen el propósito explícito de contribuir a la seguridad, el bienestar y calidad de vida de las personas y al desarrollo sostenible.
  02 May 2017   9m20s 4 747 0
Peru - Mosquito-borne diseases likely to rise in aftermath of floods EN
Description: Record heavy rains have triggered landslides and widespread flooding, affecting more than one million of people and creating conditions that are perfect for the spread of the mosquito Aedes aegypti. This mosquito carries dengue which is endemic in the north of Peru, as well as Chikungunya and Zika. The Ministry of Health has started an aerial-spraying campaign to prevent the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The Peruvian Red Cross has been providing assistance to families in the most severely affected people in the worst affected departments of Piura, Tumbes, Lambayeque and La Libertad.
  27 Apr 2017   1m55s 5 113 0
Flooding Bangladesh
Description: Our teams in Bangladesh are working to improve the health of children under the age of five and of their mothers. Terre des hommes also trains local communities so that they are better prepared for natural disasters.
  26 Apr 2017   5m41s 1 29 0
Peru's appeal for international humanitarian assistance
  20 Apr 2017   1m44s 3 55 0
DPRK Floods
Description: On August 30, 2016, North Hamgyong Province in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was struck by devastating floods. More than 140,000 people were affected and 70,000 displaced. In the worst affected areas such as Musan County, DPRK Red Cross volunteers have been helping communities to recover.
  15 Nov 2016   1m33s 6 272 0
Sri Lanka: Reducing Flood Risk for a More Livable Metro Colombo
Description: The Metro Colombo Urban Development Project is investing in Colombo’s public spaces, wetlands, and infrastructure to improve its flood resilience, quality of life, and competitiveness. When completed, 232,000 residents will have greater protection from flooding and the entire city of over 6 million people will benefit from an improved quality of life.
  14 Sep 2016   3m54s 13 2107 0
Description: Las fuertes lluvias registradas en horas de la tarde y noche del domingo 11 de septiembre afectaron directa e indirectamente a 5 mil 307 personas en los departamentos de Guatemala, Sacatepéquez y Santa Rosa debido a inundaciones, deslizamientos y un hundimiento, se reportan 32 viviendas con daños entre leves, moderados y severos, según evaluaciones de daños que realizaron instituciones del Sistema CONRED. En el departamento de Guatemala se registraron deslizamientos en los municipios de Santa Catarina Pinula y Villa Canales, así como inundaciones en Guatemala y San Miguel Petapa. En este departamento 19 personas evacuaron a viviendas de vecinos o familiares cercanos. Con las Coordinadoras Municipales para la Reducción de Desastres –COMRED- se brinda la atención a las personas. Un deslizamiento en Pastores y hundimiento en Antigua Guatemala son los incidentes reportados en el departamento de Sacatepéquez. Por la tarde se registraron inundaciones que afectaron calles y avenidas de Antigua Guatemala, San Felipe y Jocotenango, luego de aproximadamente una hora el agua descendió. Otro deslizamiento ocurrió en el barrio El Calvario de Cuilapa, Santa Rosa en donde 7 personas resultaron afectadas y una vivienda con daños moderados luego del colapso de un muro de contención. De acuerdo con la evaluación en el sector, 8 viviendas se encuentran en riesgo en donde habitan 40 personas. El seguimiento se coordina con las autoridades municipales. Según información del INSIVUMEH, el mayor acumulado de lluvias en las últimas 24 horas se registró en el departamento de Guatemala, seguido por Tecún Umán, San Marcos; Retalhuleu; Flores, Petén y Puerto Barrios en Izabal. Por las lluvias se presentan incremento en ríos, especialmente en Los Esclavos a la altura de Cuilapa, Santa Rosa, así como Villalobos en el departamento de Guatemala. Otros ríos también son monitoreados en la Costa Sur del país en donde podrían ocurrir inundaciones súbitas. Estas lluvias se encuentran asociadas al paso de una Onda de Este que es un sistema migratorio propio de la temporada de lluvias, previendo que para la presente semana se tenga el paso de más Ondas, por lo que se espera sea una semana lluviosa. Los suelos están saturados, por lo tanto podrían presentarse deslizamientos, derrumbes e inundaciones en diferentes regiones del país. A la población en general se le recomienda estar atenta a la información que autoridades den a conocer, evitar exponerse a condiciones de riesgo, evitar los rumores y evacuar a las áreas seguras al momento que las autoridades consideren necesario.
  12 Sep 2016   2m21s 1 161 0