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30 000 litres of happiness: water for children in Paraguay
Description: A joint project of UNICEF and EU Humanitarian Aid Operations helped in several communities affected by El Niño phenomenon in Paraguay. The project improved water connections, sanitation facilities, and installed new public water points. With the help of EU funding, Caacupemi School in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, has been providing clean water to its students for 15 years; the school has taps with clean running water, flushing toilets, and safe drinking water. Having access to water means that children are able to focus on their studies and fulfill their right to a proper education. Video by UNICEF
  28 Mar 2017   2m31s 1 60 0
ECHO Emergency Response on scabies outbreak, Ethiopia
Description: With funding from the European Commission, GOAL has been responding to the effects of the El Niño-induced drought in Ethiopia by improving access to water supply and sanitation facilities, promoting good hygiene practices, and helping to tackle disease outbreaks which have occurred as a result of water shortage.
  16 Feb 2017   5m45s 1 97 0
EL Niño in Lesotho: when the planting gets tough
Description: There is only one planting season in Southern Africa’s Lesotho, from September to November. Yet a drawn out drought in 2015-16, caused by the El Niño phenomenon, left Lesotho’s farmers with little or nothing to eat, let alone plant. Without support they would have had to wait for the next harvest season in May 2017. In this video, we show how European Commission partners have enabled the farmers to grow crops and how they help them to withstand adverse weather conditions in future. Read more about EU humanitarian funding to Southern Africa: Videos by European Commission
  07 Sep 2016   2m15s 3 99 0
El Nino: Aid helps malnourished children recover
Description: At least 10 million people in Ethiopia require food assistance due to a second year of failed rains as a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon. Although El Niño is over, the impact is still being felt across the country. Plan International is supporting a food distribution centre that helps families whose crops have been destroyed by supplying those in need with drought resistant seeds and emergency aid. The centre also supports pregnant women and young children who are suffering from malnutrition. To date, Plan International has helped over 50,000 women and children under 5. Plan International is also responding to the El Niño-induced drought by supporting communities with access to clean water, increasing their resilience against future droughts and by protecting children, especially girls, from violence. Learn more:
  07 Sep 2016   2m32s 1 386 0
Devastating Drought in Ethiopia
Description: El Niño fueled drought has ravaged communities across northeast Africa in the first half of 2016. In places like Ethiopia, the shortage of water affects every facet of life -- from earning an income to attending school. Learn more at
  24 Aug 2016   2m47s 4 1121 0
Haile Gebrselassie makes an appeal for El Niño affected countries
Description: Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest long distance runner in history makes a heartfelt plea for support for countries facing a disastrous hunger crisis caused by the El Niño weather event.
  18 Jul 2016   1m1s 6 2566 0
Emergencia humanitaria El Niño 2016 - Oxfam Intermón
Description: SÍGUENOS: Formamos un movimiento global para erradicar la pobreza y la injusticia y luchamos para que las personas gocen plenamente de sus derechos y vivan dignamente.
  18 Jul 2016   34s 6 381 0
Mary Robinson in Ethiopia - Climate Change
Description: UN Special Envoy for El Nino and Climate Mary Robinson discusses the effects of El Nino and Climate change on her visit to Ethiopia.
  09 Jul 2016   2m12s 2 260 0
Posible Fenómeno La Niña en Colombia
Description: Gestión del riesgo: Es el proceso social de planeación, ejecución, seguimiento y evaluación de políticas y acciones permanentes para el conocimiento del riesgo y promoción de una mayor conciencia del mismo, impedir o evitar que se genere, reducirlo o controlarlo cuando ya existe y para prepararse y manejar las situaciones de desastre, así como para la posterior recuperación, entiéndase: rehabilitación y reconstrucción. Estas acciones tienen el propósito explícito de contribuir a la seguridad, el bienestar y calidad de vida de las personas y al desarrollo sostenible.
  08 Jul 2016   4m 4 638 0
El Niño in Somaliland: Millions impacted by severe drought
Description: After several failed rainy seasons – exacerbated by the El Niño phenomenon – Somaliland is caught in a catastrophic crisis. For millions of people, the severe drought has meant losing their livelihoods. Pastoral and agricultural communities are the worst affected: the drought has destroyed crop production and decimated livestock. Most pastoralists – whose livelihood solely depends on livestock – are therefore in urgent need of assistance, and so are the farmers. Though some rains have fallen in the recent weeks, the damage caused by the drought will take time to repair. The European Commission is providing emergency aid in the form of water, food, sanitation and cash assistance, and resilience building activities. While the humanitarian response does make a difference, climate change and recurring droughts mean that a long-term solution is needed to help the most vulnerable communities become more resilient. Read more about the EU's work in the Horn of Africa: Video by European Union/ECHO
  31 May 2016   3m58s 7 707 0
El Niño and Policies for Resilience
Description: IFPRI researchers Maximo Torero and Paul Dorosh talk about El Niño, its effects on food security, and policy measures the world can take against this severe weather pattern.
  02 May 2016   3m58s 4 334 0
Ethiopia's farmers urgently need seed to withstand El Niño drought impacts, feed the country
Description: With just six weeks left before the start of Ethiopia's main cropping season, farmers urgently need seeds and agricultural support if they are to sow their fields in time and help prevent drought-hit areas of the country from falling deeper into hunger and food insecurity. Subscribe! Follow #UNFAO on social media! * Facebook - * Google+ - * Instagram - * LinkedIn - * Twitter - © FAO:
  29 Apr 2016   2m29s 317 0