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México: terremoto sacude el centro del país. La Cruz Roja implicada en operación de rescate.
Description: El martes 19 de septiembre el centro de México sufrió un sismo de magnitud de 7.1 grados Richter que ocasionó cuantiosos daños en construcciones de la Ciudad de México y de los estados de Puebla, Morelos y el Estado de México. Apoyada por el CICR, la Cruz Roja Mexicana emprendió de inmediato la búsqueda y rescate de personas heridas que quedaron atrapadas en los edificios. También se apoyó a quienes perdieron el contacto con algún ser querido.
  29 Sep 2017   3m28s 10 202 0
Simulacro Binacional Perú Ecuador
Description: Ejecución del Simulacro por Sismo Binacional Perú Ecuador en el distrito de Lancones, Sullana, Piura, en colaboración con autoridades ecuatorianas de la localidad de Zapotillo.
  29 Sep 2017   2m32s 3 66 0
Sismo 6.6
Description: En consecuencia del Sismo ocurrido el pasado 14 de junio, en donde 5 departamentos fueron afectados, San Marcos, Retalhuleu, Sacatepequez, Suchitepequez y Quetzaltenango. Presentamos el informe de situación actualizado de los daños y acciones que se están realizando.
  19 Jun 2017   2m11s 1 75 0
Acciones de recuperación después del Sismo 14 de junio 17
  16 Jun 2017   2m10s 1 74 0
Condiciones sísmicas en Guatemala
  15 Jun 2017   2m18s 6 617 0
Partnership between Japan and Mexico on disaster mitigation of large earthquake and tsunami hazards
Description: Kyoto University introduced a collaborative project between Japan and Mexico to mitigate earthquake/tsunami disaster impacts. This project investigates scenarios based on onshore and offshore seismological-geodetic observations, develops hazard maps and tsunami evacuation guidelines, and promotes an educational program to be conducted in hazard-prone coastal communities.
  25 May 2017   9m21s 1 114 0
Aftershock Forecasting for Humanitarian Emergency Planning and Response
Description: Concern Worldwide presented a system that forecasts earthquake aftershocks of different magnitudes happening in a given timeframe, and can also indicate the most likely geographical location where these aftershocks may happen. How this information was used during the Nepal 2015 earthquake and constraints to the system that indicate the way forward was also presented.
  25 May 2017   12m27s 1 104 0
Rebuilding the devasted city of Rikuzentakakata, Japan
Description: Iwate University, a national university in northern Japan, has been closely working with the City of Rikuzentakata, which was completely destroyed by the Tsunami in March 2011, to establish a new campus offering various programs on Disaster Management, Risk Reduction, Building new community and urban planning, and industry development.
  25 May 2017   13m33s 2 34 0
The Red Cross in the 2016 Ecuador earthquake: lessons learned
  10 May 2017   7m51s 3 72 0
A town in Nepal continues to recover & rebuild two years after the earthquake
Description: Families in Nepal continue to recover and rebuild from the massive earthquake and aftershocks that rocked the Himalayan country in the spring of 2015. For the Red Cross, delivering lifesaving aid was only piece of responding to the disaster. Two years later, our teams are still on the ground, helping people rebuild in ways that make them safer, healthier, and more economically sound into the future. This includes helping restore families’ sources of income, constructing water & irrigation systems in remote villages, ensuring kids get vaccinated against diseases like measles, and teaching people the skills they need to make their homes safer during future disasters.
  25 Apr 2017   4m1s 21 552 0
Nepal: Rebuilding After the Earthquake
Description: United Nations - Nepal has a long way to go after the 2015 earthquake. Many children lost their parents – and their schools. Today, we look at how one village – and one family – is trying to rebuild. 21st Century: Episode #118 Script:
  29 Sep 2016   10m22s 16 1023 0
Nepal: Building back better after the earthquake
Description: Central Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake in April 2015. The powerful tremor did not only result in a devastating loss of life, but also destroyed a countless number of houses and public facilities in 14 districts across Nepal. To enable the affected families to get back on their feet at the earliest possible, the European Commission funded the 'Nepal Earthquake Recovery Project' in four highly-impacted districts of Dhading, Sindhupalchowk, Makwanpur and Rasuwa. Implemented by a DanChurchAid-led consortium of humanitarian organisations, the initiative ensured that the most pressing needs of the most vulnerable communities were addressed. DanChurchAid and its partners delivered emergency relief consisting of shelter, food, winter supplies and access to water and sanitation, and spread knowledge on good hygiene practices. Trainings on earthquake-resilient construction techniques have also enabled local masons and carpenters to build homes which can withstand earthquakes. Thanks to this EU-funded project, more than 50 000 people – including children, women, the elderly and people with disabilities – in targeted areas are now equipped with means to restore their lives and cope with future disasters. Read more about humanitarian aid to Nepal: Video by DCA consortium
  13 Sep 2016   3m26s 3 263 0