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World Food Day - Amina J. Mohammed Video Message (16 October 2017)
Description: Video message by H.E. Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General, on World Food Day New York, 16 October 2017.
  16 Oct 2017   2m20s 18 371 0
Four Famines: Fragility, Resilience, and the Role of International Development
Description: More than 20 million people in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, and Nigeria are facing famine conditions and possible starvation. It has been called the largest humanitarian crisis the world has seen in decades. Of the $4.9 billion the United Nations desperately needs to respond to these crises, only $2.5 billion has been received. Meanwhile, the humanitarian disaster is deepening, largely due to escalating conflict in each of the four countries. Humanitarian assistance and international development have different objectives and time horizons, but must work together to respond to the crisis at hand while also preventing the next one from occurring. What role does international development play in building long-term resilience? What are the linkages between conflict, fragility, and severe food insecurity? How can U.S. leadership and international development programming break the cycle of instability and famine?
  16 Oct 2017   1h25m37s 5 217 0
Silent starvation in Chad's Lake Region
Description: The conflict between Boko Haram and the military operations to defeat it that began in Nigeria have spread to Niger, Chad and Cameroon, causing one of the worst humanitarian crises in Africa. In Chad, 350,000 people are in danger of starvation due to failing food supplies, losing their animals, their lands and crops, and being unable to carry out activities like fishing. The massive movements of people and difficulties in growing crops or distributing aid have left more than 8 million people on the brink of starvation. Oxfam is there, YOU can help: We provide people with emergency food support and cash and vouchers so they can buy food from local markets, clean water and better sanitation, including constructing showers and toilets. We are distributing food and cooking equipment, as well as providing seeds and tools to help traders and farmers.
  11 Oct 2017   3m10s 5 547 0
From survival and subsistence to thriving, dignified lives
Description: The Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) in Malawi has worked to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce vulnerability and strengthen the resilience of around 420,000 people across parts of Malawi the hardest hit by climate change. ECRP has enabled vulnerable households to move beyond survival and subsistence, to enjoy thriving and dignified lives. This means enough food and a steady income, safe conditions, and the resources and confidence to embrace new opportunities and manage risks that threaten them. The programme has been funded by UK aid, Irish Aid and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, receiving more than £15m over almost six years until 2017. To find out more about ECRP, visit the Christian Aid programmes website:
  10 Oct 2017   5m5s 5 218 0
La famine en Soudan du Sud: La paix et l’éducation
Description: La famine évitée dans certaines zones du Soudan du Sud, mais une insécurité alimentaire sans précédent persiste. La paix et l’éducation, comme l’enseigne F. David aux enfants, sont étroitement liées. « L’éducation, c’est notre espoir pour l’avenir et nous voulons dire aux jeunes générations d’oublier le passé, et de se pardonner les uns les autres. » Ou encore, comme l’a dit Paride Taban, évêque émérite de Torit aux jeunes du Soudan du Sud dans une récente émission de radio : « Accrochez-vous à vos rêves. »
  03 Oct 2017   2m41s 1 21 0
Famine in South Sudan: Long-term Livelihood Projects in Awerial
Description: Famine averted in localised areas of South Sudan, but unprecedented food insecurity remains. All Caritas agencies work to make communities more fundamentally self-reliant. In Awerial, CRS field agents are training farmers in a group approach where people farm together. This means a better yield, as one farmer says: “When we harvest the crops of this farm we will be able to help the whole community. No-one will go hungry here – thanks to CRS.”
  03 Oct 2017   3m49s 1 40 0
Famine in South Sudan: Cholera Outbreak
Description: Famine averted in localised areas of South Sudan, but unprecedented food insecurity remains. Caritas members are helping people prepare for future disasters, with savings groups, crop storage, livestock management and borehole maintenance. Disease prevention is a critical part of this training. A recent cholera outbreak killed hundreds of people living on the Nile in Awerial.
  03 Oct 2017   3m19s 1 65 0
East Africa Food Security Outlook (July 2017 - January 2018)
Description: To project food security outcomes, FEWS NET develops a set of assumptions about likely events, their effects, and the probable responses of various actors. FEWS NET analyzes these assumptions in the context of current conditions and local livelihoods to arrive at a most likely scenario for the coming six months.
  29 Sep 2017   8m36s 2 48 0
Joint visit of Heads of UN Rome-Based Agencies to Ethiopia
Description: In September 2017, the heads of the UN food agencies - FAO, IFAD and WFP - traveled together to Ethiopia to assess how to work closer together to eradicate hunger and poverty. With visits to the drought-hit Somali region and the more developed Tigray region, they examined how to narrow the gap between humanitarian and development investments to ensure people are more resilient to droughts and other climate shocks.
  20 Sep 2017   4m30s 9 774 0
Women And Girls Forced To Engage In Sex To Survive Near-Famine
Description: Drought in northern Kenya have left some 2.6 million people in northern Kenya struggling to find enough to eat. Women and girls in Turkana County, northern Kenya, are being exploited in exchange for money to buy food. The IRC is seeing an increase in gender-based violence, early and forced marriage, and women and girls engaging in transactional sex as a direct consequence of food insecurity caused by drought in the region. The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future. DONATE NOW: LEARN MORE:
  05 Jul 2017   2m23s 5 5856 0
Somalia: Drought Crisis
Description: United Nations - Some 6.7 million people – more than half of Somalia’s population – are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance due to a severe drought. Hundreds of thousands of people are internally displaced as NGOs and UN agencies scale up response in an attempt to battle the crisis. UN in Action: Episode #1551 Script (Pdf):
  29 Jun 2017   4m16s 15 1030 0
How To Help People Impacted By Drought In Northern Kenya
Description: Northern Kenya is experiencing drought and significantly below average rain falls. 2.6 million people are food insecure, and the area has seen a 5-fold increase in food prices, conflict around watering points, loss of livestock and an increase in malnutrition and infectious diseases. UNICEF has recently conducted a mass screening in Turkana, showing that 55% of children screened were acutely malnourished. The IRC’s mobile health teams are reaching remote populations of northern Kenya and treating cases of malnutrition. IRC mobile health team staff are out in the bush for a week at a time, serving the local communities and sleeping outside due to the extreme temperatures. DONATE NOW: The International Rescue Committee helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future. LEARN MORE
  23 Jun 2017   2m28s 4 295 0