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The Cooperation of JICA in Disaster Risk Reduction
Description: This video is the overview of the Cooperation in Disaster Risk Reduction which has been conducting. JICA, as implementing agency of the Development Cooperation of Japanese Government, is promoting "Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030." The video includes the following contents; 1. Opening, disasters in Japan and disaster countermeasures 0'00"- 2. Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and JICA's approach 2'27"- 3. Cooperation of JICA in accordance with Sendai Framework 7'06"- (1) Priority for Action 1: Understanding disaster risk 7'14"- (2) Priority for Action 2: Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk 9'48"- (3) Priority for Action 3: Investment in disaster risk reduction for resilience 11'43"- (4) Priority for Action 4: Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to "Build Back Better" in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction 14'22"- 4. Case Study: The Project on Rehabilitation and Recovery from Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines 16'30"- 5. Case Study: Technical Assistance Project for the Department of Adaptation for the Climate Change and Strategic Risk Management for Strengthening of Public Infrastructure in El Salvador (GENSAI Project) 18'52"- 6. Conclusion 20'56"-
  23 Oct 2017   22m19s 1 41 0
Búsqueda y Rescate INDECI - PNP
Description: INDECI y la Policía Nacional del Perú fortalecen capacidades en búsqueda y rescate curso de nivel liviano, y se preparan para el Simulacro Por Sismo nocturno a nivel nacional
  12 Oct 2017   1m53s 5 117 0
Hurricane Affected Countries -  Media Stakeout with António Guterres (UN Secretary-General)
Description: Informal comments to the media by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on the countries affected by the recent hurricanes, as well as on climate change and other matters.
  04 Oct 2017   14m55s 31 1415 0
Oct. 3 - Press Briefing: Cecil Shillingford - Disaster Risk Consultant
Description: Oct. 3 - Press Briefing: Cecil Shillingford - Disaster Risk Consultant
  03 Oct 2017   7m46s 10 1072 0
Documental Colombia Menos Vulnerable Master UNGRD (Reducción)
Description: Gestión del riesgo: Es el proceso social de planeación, ejecución, seguimiento y evaluación de políticas y acciones permanentes para el conocimiento del riesgo y promoción de una mayor conciencia del mismo, impedir o evitar que se genere, reducirlo o controlarlo cuando ya existe y para prepararse y manejar las situaciones de desastre, así como para la posterior recuperación, entiéndase: rehabilitación y reconstrucción. Estas acciones tienen el propósito explícito de contribuir a la seguridad, el bienestar y calidad de vida de las personas y al desarrollo sostenible.
  03 Oct 2017   13m16s 6 174 0
UNOSAT Spotlight on Hurricane Matthew
Description: Hurricane Matthew: a case study in geospatial analysis & rapid mapping
  02 Oct 2017   3m32s 4 190 0
Simulacro Binacional Perú Ecuador
Description: Ejecución del Simulacro por Sismo Binacional Perú Ecuador en el distrito de Lancones, Sullana, Piura, en colaboración con autoridades ecuatorianas de la localidad de Zapotillo.
  29 Sep 2017   2m32s 3 66 0
Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project: Defending Tuvalu's coasts from the impacts of climate change
Description: Officially launched by the Prime Minister of Tuvalu on August 30 2017 in the capital of Funafuti, the Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project, implemented by UNDP, is set to shore up Tuvalu's coastal defenses in the face of rising sea levels and storm surges driven by climate change. The Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project, set to run for seven years, is financed with US$36 million from the Green Climate Fund and $2.9 million from the Government of Tuvalu. “Some time ago a little girl on the island of Nanumea asked me: ‘Prime Minister what can you do to save me? How can you ensure I can continue living on my island?’ That question struck at the bottom of my heart. It has become my mission and must be the mission that every Tuvaluan to paddle together to.” said Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, at the launch event. “This project is the pride of Tuvalu. Its implementation is based on strong partnership with island leaders and communities, and with our partner UNDP we will paddle together to build resilience...” Learn more: Follow the project on Twitter #TCAPGCF
  30 Aug 2017   2m5s 2 121 0
Women empowering communities in disaster resilience (Khmer)
Description: It tell Women empowerings a story of women's roles in disaster prevention, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction in Thahin, Thailand. Community people appreciate women's efforts in minimising disaster impacts.
  08 Aug 2017   4m37s 2 63 0
Facing the floods: A resilience approach
Description: 2016-08-30 | Usage rights: CC | Credit: SIWI A discussion about how development organizations and businesses can support vulnerable communities prepare for flood risk and build a more secure future in the face of persistent shocks and stresses. The Global Resilience Partnership looks to identify and scale local solutions in an effort to pivot away from reactive responses to disasters and build resilient communities. This includes funding innovative projects through challenges like the Water Window so we can help bring these ideas to scale.
  06 Jul 2017   28m59s 0 15 0
Building disaster-resilient communities in Myanmar’s Rakhine State
Description: Considered one of the most disaster-prone areas in Myanmar/Burma, the coastal state of Rakhine is no stranger to natural disasters ranging from floods, cyclones, landslides to earthquakes. More often than not, these events have a larger impact on those already highly vulnerable and who are least equipped to cope, such as the elderly, women, children, and people with disabilities. With the aim of helping at-risk communities in preparing and responding to disasters, the Myanmar Consortium for Community Resilience (MCCR), a consortium of humanitarian organisations formed with the support of the European Commission, has introduced an inclusive community-based disaster risk reduction (DRR) programme to include the most vulnerable groups in disaster preparedness activities. With knowledge and skills obtained during the programme, they are now able to protect themselves, their families and livelihoods. Video by ACF
  06 Jul 2017   3m24s 2 40 0
Enhancing Urban Resilience in Ghana's Greater Accra Region
Description: The Greater Accra Region in Ghana is one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa, currently hosting over 4 million people. The regional economy accounts for about 25 percent of Ghana's national GDP. However, the unprecedented population growth and unplanned spatial expansion have exceeded the capacity of the city to keep up, resulting in housing shortages, urban sprawl, and informal settlements with inadequate urban services. This makes the Greater Accra Region vulnerable to a range of shocks. This was made clear in June 2015 when the region was deeply impacted by floods which affected over 50,000 people. Working with the World Bank, the Government of Ghana has identified the main issues that make the Greater Accra region vulnerable and formed a forward-looking strategy to create a more resilient Greater Accra Region that can better withstand the impact of disasters and reap the benefits associated with urban growth.
  03 Jun 2017   5m30s 44 11500 0