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From survival and subsistence to thriving, dignified lives
Description: The Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) in Malawi has worked to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce vulnerability and strengthen the resilience of around 420,000 people across parts of Malawi the hardest hit by climate change. ECRP has enabled vulnerable households to move beyond survival and subsistence, to enjoy thriving and dignified lives. This means enough food and a steady income, safe conditions, and the resources and confidence to embrace new opportunities and manage risks that threaten them. The programme has been funded by UK aid, Irish Aid and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, receiving more than £15m over almost six years until 2017. To find out more about ECRP, visit the Christian Aid programmes website:
  10 Oct 2017   5m5s 5 219 0
Famine in South Sudan: Camps in the Catholic diocese of Tombura-Yambio
Description: Famine averted in localised areas of South Sudan, but unprecedented food insecurity remains. Deprived of their livelihoods, displaced people like these are largely reliant on food aid. But at camps in the Catholic diocese of Tombura-Yambio and in Awerial, Lakes State, farmers are receiving support in an effort to re-start crop production.
  03 Oct 2017   3m21s 2 83 0
Famine in South Sudan: Long-term Livelihood Projects in Awerial
Description: Famine averted in localised areas of South Sudan, but unprecedented food insecurity remains. All Caritas agencies work to make communities more fundamentally self-reliant. In Awerial, CRS field agents are training farmers in a group approach where people farm together. This means a better yield, as one farmer says: “When we harvest the crops of this farm we will be able to help the whole community. No-one will go hungry here – thanks to CRS.”
  03 Oct 2017   3m49s 1 40 0
East Africa Food Security Outlook (July 2017 - January 2018)
Description: To project food security outcomes, FEWS NET develops a set of assumptions about likely events, their effects, and the probable responses of various actors. FEWS NET analyzes these assumptions in the context of current conditions and local livelihoods to arrive at a most likely scenario for the coming six months.
  29 Sep 2017   8m36s 2 48 0
Agricultural Trade, Food Security, and the Forgotten Smallholder Farmer
Description: Smallholder farmers are key actors in the global food system, producing roughly 80 percent of the food consumed in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Yet, the voices of smallholders are often neglected by policy makers when trade deals are negotiated or regulations established. Increasing the participation of smallholder farmers in agricultural trade has the potential to boost livelihoods, improve food security, and fuel economic growth. Within an international trade regime marked by ever-more-stringent quality and safety standards, sophisticated value-chains, and byzantine contracts, the challenge of linking smallholders to markets is no simple task. Considering the increasing importance of agricultural trade to food security, it is also not a task that we can afford to ignore. What is the role of smallholder farmers in the global exchange of agricultural goods? What barriers do trade regulations and standards impose for smallholders to access local, regional, and global markets? How can we build an enabling environment for trade in which smallholders can participate more fully?
  29 Sep 2017   1h25m42s 6 452 0
Stella now has the tools she needs to grow coffee and face the future.
Description: Stella is a coffee farmer who lives in Kenya. She, and other farmers in her community, struggled for years to produce decent yields of good coffee due to the effects of an increasingly unpredictable climate. With support from Lutheran World Relief, Stella, her family and her community are learning to increase their resilience and face these challenges head on. Video by Made Known Pictures, for LWR.
  28 Sep 2017   2m39s 4 149 0
Joint visit of Heads of UN Rome-Based Agencies to Ethiopia
Description: In September 2017, the heads of the UN food agencies - FAO, IFAD and WFP - traveled together to Ethiopia to assess how to work closer together to eradicate hunger and poverty. With visits to the drought-hit Somali region and the more developed Tigray region, they examined how to narrow the gap between humanitarian and development investments to ensure people are more resilient to droughts and other climate shocks.
  20 Sep 2017   4m30s 9 774 0
Haiti After Hurricane Matthew - UNDP
Description: Months after Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, affecting over 2 million people throughout the country, Haitians are still working hard to rebuild their communities before the next big storm hits.
  08 Sep 2017   6m2s 1 36 0
Smallholder Farmers Make Changes for Success at Market-SHEP Approach Spreading to the Whole Africa
Description: A technical cooperation project between JICA and Kenya has crafted a unique approach: the Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment Promotion (SHEP). This approach addresses the motivation of farmers, and ensures their success in farming as a business. JICA is now promoting the SHEP Approach all over Africa.
  08 Sep 2017   8m5s 2 243 0
Meeting the global demand for food assistance - panel
Description: This event, drawing on the World Food Programme's (WFP) 2017 global stocktake of food assistance, brings together voices from across academic, NGO and donor communities.
  05 Sep 2017   51m24s 1 112 0
IOM Mauritania’s interventions in the region of Hodh Ech Chargui
Description: IOM Mauritania has been operating in the region since April 2013 following the massive influx of Malian refugees. The projects focuses on community stabilization of host populations and supporting M’Béra camp’s refugees.
  24 Aug 2017   1m36s 1 64 0
Keeping chickens
Description: Our INSPIRE project has helped 1,200 smallholder farmers diversify into indigenous chicken farming in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe, improving their livelihoods. Find out more about our agriculture work Help more families start chicken farming Twitter: Facebook: Flickr: Make sure you subscribe for more videos! © All Rights Reserved Category Non-profits & Activism Licence Standard YouTube Licence
  24 Aug 2017   1m52s 2 321 0