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Mes en imágenes UNGRD - Noviembre 2017
Description: Gestión del riesgo: Es el proceso social de planeación, ejecución, seguimiento y evaluación de políticas y acciones permanentes para el conocimiento del riesgo y promoción de una mayor conciencia del mismo, impedir o evitar que se genere, reducirlo o controlarlo cuando ya existe y para prepararse y manejar las situaciones de desastre, así como para la posterior recuperación, entiéndase: rehabilitación y reconstrucción. Estas acciones tienen el propósito explícito de contribuir a la seguridad, el bienestar y calidad de vida de las personas y al desarrollo sostenible.
  13 Dec 2017   7m3s 4 121 0
Lanzamiento de la Aplicación de Evaluación Sectorial
  12 Dec 2017   1m28s 1 17 0
Reacreditación USAR-GUA
  12 Dec 2017   2m10s 2 16 0
Mujeres refugiadas y migrantes viviendo en libertad
Description: Las mujeres refugiadas y migrantes del grupo Diamante Azul se sumaron a la Campaña de 16 Días de Activismo contra la Violencia de Género, con un proceso de talleres de empoderamiento mediado por el arte, que culminaron con la ejecución del mural “Mujeres refugiadas y migrantes viviendo en libertad”. El mural fue pintado en la pared frontal del Tribunal y dará la bienvenida a cientos de solicitantes de asilo que acuden a diario al TAM. Así, las mujeres refugiadas y migrantes en Costa Rica alzan sus voces contra la violencia de género y demuestran el compromiso del país con no dejar a ninguna mujer atrás. El proceso fue facilitado por RET Internacional, CENDEROS, el Tribunal Administrativo Migratorio (TAM) y ACNUR; con el colectivo artístico Arte con Tacto liderando los talleres.
  08 Dec 2017   2m26s 6 73 0
Yemen: One child is infected with cholera every minute
Description: Two years of brutal war have pushed Yemen to the brink of famine. Ports and airports are in ruins, leading to shortages of food, medicines and vital supplies. More than two million children are malnourished and thousands have died from preventable illnesses. Deadly cholera is now putting children's lives at risk, with one child being infected every minute. Over half a million suspected cases have been reported in the country so far. Read more:
  20 Oct 2017   52s 22 815 0
From the Field: Dr. Hernando Garzon, Puerto Rico Hurricane Response Team
Description: DONATE: Dr. Hernando Garzon updates on the situation in Puerto Rico, where International Medical Corps has a team, and is partnering with the Puerto Rico Primary Health Association, a network of 62 health clinics focused on providing care to low-income families across the island. Power outages continue to make it difficult to operate health facilities, with many clinics resorting to limiting the hours they are open or providing care in smaller spaces that can be powered by a generator. Maintaining a cold chain for many urgently needed medications, especially those for chronic care, has been a challenge. International Medical Corps is providing logistical support to help urban and rural clinics across the island get back to caring for patients. This includes providing generators to clinics and San Juan-area hospitals that would otherwise have severely limited or no operating capacity. We are also working with a partner organization to restore internet and communications capabilities for the Puerto Rico Primary Health Association and distributing solar lights to clinics. Our team is also looking at how we can support the supply of medications across the island, especially those that require cold storage and transport. As immediate relief efforts begin shift into recovery, International Medical Corps will support the longer-term needs of health facilities with infrastructure repairs and other assistance. With homes destroyed and access to savings limited by power supplies and other storm-related issues, families—particularly low-income families—are struggling to meet immediate needs, including buying medication for short-term use or chronic care. We will work with facilities to offer patient subsidies for some medications to help so families meet their ongoing health needs. All health care facility staff were impacted directly by Hurricane Maria, including many who lost their own homes. International Medical Corps will also work with the health facilities to provide much-needed relief to health care and other facility staff so they are able to return to work caring for Puerto Ricans. We are also preparing to distribute hygiene kits to clinics so families have basic necessities that help prevent the spread of communicable disease. “This is the first time where I’ve seen such wall-to-wall, corner-to-corner, 100 percent population affected. So many people are reliant on a health care delivery chain that’s been interrupted. That chain relies on power and fuel to move goods and meds to places where the patients can access them. The clinics where they might normally receive care in, likewise, need to be up and running.” – Dr. Robert Fuller, Puerto Rico Emergency Response Team Member
  19 Oct 2017   2m50s 2 68 0
Peace and Coca Compete in Colombia's Periphery
Description: One of the most pressing security threats after the FARC peace agreement was signed is the fighting between armed groups trying to gain control over territories and illegal activities, such as coca production, which was previously dominated by the FARC. In this video, Senior Analyst for Colombia Kyle Johnson and Latin America Program Director Ivan Briscoe highlight main findings of Crisis Group's report "Colombia’s Armed Groups and the Fight for the Spoils of Peace".
  19 Oct 2017   8m43s 3 452 0
Umar: A Rohingya refugee at just 15-days-old | UNICEF
Description: A beautiful baby boy, born into a horrifying situation. Umar, at just 15 days old, joins over 800,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Almost 60% are children. Help children like Umar by donating today: Subscribe to UNICEF here: The official UNICEF YouTube channel is your primary destination for the latest news updates from the frontline, documentaries, celebrity appeals, and more about our work to realize the rights of every child. Click here to see all of our latest trending videos: For more about UNICEF's work, visit: Follow UNICEF here: UNICEF Connect blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Medium:
  19 Oct 2017   1m34s 59 4553 0
UN chief on CAR, Iran, D.P.R.Korea, Syria, Lebanon and other matters - Media Stakeout
Description: Informal comments to the media by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on the Central African Republic, Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Lebanon and other matters
  18 Oct 2017   13m22s 34 993 0
Briefing on the Middle East (including Palestinian question) - Miroslav Jenča (DPA)
Description: Statement by Mr. Miroslav Jenča, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Security Council, 8072nd meeting.
  18 Oct 2017   16m23s 15 591 0
Lebanon: ‘Recycled house’ renovation brings light to Syrian refugees (TRAILER)
Description: Full Story: Can recycling improve the lives of refugees? Of the more than one million Syrian refugees who live in Lebanon, UNHCR has found that more than two in five live in dwellings that do not meet minimum humanitarian standards. One Beirut NGO has set out to change that, using eco-friendly methods and “upcycling”. They started with the home of Haela and her four children – a one-room apartment which got a radical, and “green”, makeover. Information for media: If you would like to use this video to communicate refugee stories or require B-Roll, transcripts, stills or much more information, please contact --- Keep up to date with our latest videos: -- UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, works to protect and assist those fleeing war and persecution. Since 1950, we have helped tens of millions of people find safety and rebuild their lives. With your support, we can restore hope for many more. Read more at Support our work with refugees now by subscribing to this channel, liking this video and sharing it with your friends and contacts. Thanks so much for your help.
  19 Oct 2017   1m2s 10 178 0