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An ingenious way to identify pneumonia
Description: An ingenious way to identify pneumonia is saving children’s lives in rural Kenya. Community health volunteer, Zipporah, watches baby Akokote’s chest – counting a black bead for every breath. If she gets to the red beads within a minute, Akokote is breathing dangerously fast so Zipporah will refer her to a doctor for pneumonia treatment.
  14 Nov 2017   59s 18 230 0
Meet Jedidah
Description: As Emergency Health Worker Jedidah says, the fight against pneumonia is urgent. We’re taking the first step on a journey to help build stronger healthcare systems in the poorest countries, ensuring that the most vulnerable children can access the medicines, doctors and hospitals they so urgently need.
  02 Nov 2017   1m38s 27 341 0
Shocking Killer Disease
Description: It kills more children than any other disease – more than diarrhea, malaria and measles combined. For the children suffering, it’s a lonely battle. Their lungs stop working, filling up with fluid until every gasping breath becomes agony. Every child who dies from pneumonia is being cheated of the chance to grow. And their parents must watch as the dreams they held for them are shattered before their eyes. We know how to prevent and defeat this killer. But we can't do it alone...
  02 Nov 2017   36s 33 940 0
This Rohingya Mum Gave Birth On The Run
Description: Donate now to help Rohingya children and families: Rohingya mum Hanida gave birth to her baby on the side of the road. This is her story.
  25 Oct 2017   1m43s 25 1491 0
Yemen: One child is infected with cholera every minute
Description: Two years of brutal war have pushed Yemen to the brink of famine. Ports and airports are in ruins, leading to shortages of food, medicines and vital supplies. More than two million children are malnourished and thousands have died from preventable illnesses. Deadly cholera is now putting children's lives at risk, with one child being infected every minute. Over half a million suspected cases have been reported in the country so far. Read more:
  20 Oct 2017   52s 22 611 0
Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day 2017
Description: Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day is BACK! Time to dig out your knits, get together, and make the world better in your sweaters on Friday 15 December: This year nothing’s out of bounds – except good taste. Go big. Go Bold. Go BlingyTinselTree!
  16 Oct 2017   41s 23 1507 0
Made In Britain
Description: Is this an export we can be proud of? Our greatest export should be hope, not fear. UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia must stop:
  12 Sep 2017   1m3s 209 10100 0
Venetia: The Girl With A Goal
Description: Thousands of child refugees in Uganda aren't in school. It's time to change that: the world MUST invest in their education. Join us this World Refugee Day to help child refugees like Venetia:
  20 Jun 2017   1m18s 67 1363 0
What Is Happening In Somalia?
Description: Donate NOW to help hundreds of thousands of children across East Africa: In Somalia, families driven from home by drought now face the threat of cholera. This is what they're living through, right now.
  25 Apr 2017   39s 70 4082 0
What Has Aid Ever Done For Anyone?
Description: Aid saves children's lives. Join us now and pledge your support: What has aid ever done for anyone? Quite a lot, actually! THIS is why we're proud of aid. Share this video if you're proud too. Starring Peter Serafinowicz, Adil Ray, Matt Berry, Joanna Scanlan and The Idiots of Ants. Directed by Paul Weiland. Produced by Stuart Bamforth & Howie Jaffe for Save the Children.
  21 Apr 2017   2m39s 53 1939 0
How To Save Children During A Drought
Description: Donate NOW to help hundreds of thousands of children across East Africa: In Somalia, 50,000 children are already at risk of death. Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan. And across Kenya and Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of children are dangerously malnourished. But with your help, we can still prevent a catastrophe. KEEP UP TO DATE WITH OUR WORK - follow us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
  23 Mar 2017   1m33s 71 5468 0
How A Book Changed A Girl's Life
Description: When Grace was forced to flee home, she took the thing that meant most to her. Her story will fill your heart.
  02 Mar 2017   1m12s 89 2118 0