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World Polio Day 2017: Countdown to History
Description: Rotary's 5th annual World Polio Day program was presented live at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, USA. Celebrities and health experts gave an update on efforts to end polio for good. Learn more at
  30 Oct 2017   45m7s 19 2636 0
What Polio Eradication Means to Me
Description: We asked Rotary members around the world why they contribute to the polio eradication effort.
  28 Oct 2017   2m26s 21 667 0
Does John Cena Know Everything?
Description: John Cena wants to end polio now. Dr. Jay Wenger from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation takes Cena through Polio 101. Learn more at
  24 Oct 2017   1m35s 45 130614 0
This Close - Celebrity Update
Description: Learn how you can help #endpolio now at
  11 Oct 2017   1m1s 51 2868 0
How Mobile Phones Help Prevent Disease
Description: Global eradication of a disease like polio requires big data. Rotary’s program in Pakistan helps collect massive amounts of data by gathering and sharing patient information via SMS. This real-time data collection allows health workers to serve mobile populations, sometimes in hard-to-reach areas. Read more at
  26 Sep 2017   26s 11 636 0
World Polio Day 2017 Promo
Description: Learn 4 ways to get involved and celebrate World Polio Day this year! Find an event and register yours at
  26 Sep 2017   33s 66 205324 0
Local Produce Reaches Food Banks
Description: Rotary partners with the Seattle community to connect farmers, volunteers and food banks to glean surplus produce and feed hungry families healthy food. Rotary's Harvest Against Hunger recently received a National Service Award from AmeriCorps. Learn more at
  15 Sep 2017   56s 7 269 0
Rotary and Americorps work with Small Farmers in U.S.
Description: Rotary in Seattle partners with farmers, truckers, volunteers and food banks to bring healthy food to hungry families with surplus produce and Rotary in Little Rock, Arkansas partners with HeiferUSA to help low income farmers and entrepreneurs get training and small input resources. Together they are working with Americorp Vistas to increase the capacity for farmers to scale their businesses and give back to the community. Rotary First Harvest has been awarded the 2017 Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service Award for our NCCC Food Bank Farm project. Read more at
  09 Aug 2017   4m1s 23 1597 0
Sam F. Owori - In Memoriam
Description: Rotary International President-elect Sam F. Owori died unexpectedly on 13 July due to complications from surgery. Sam was a member of the Rotary Club Kampala, Uganda, for 38 years.
  21 Jul 2017   2m1s 33 2619 0
Drop to Zero
Description: Over 30 years ago, Rotary made a promise to the world to eradicate polio. When we get there, it will be only the second time that a disease affecting humans has been eradicated. Now we're on the brink of history, thanks to the support of partners like the Gates Foundation. Let's drop to zero. Learn more at
  26 Jun 2017   2m42s 74 74918 0
'The idea of service' -- Sadako Ogata Looks Back
Description: Sadako Ogata, winner of Rotary International’s Alumni Global Service Award for 2016-17, was a Rotary Foundation Fellow in 1951. She went on to have a distinguished career in academia and diplomacy, most prominently as the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees from 1991-2000.
  10 Jul 2017   2m29s 20 812 0
Bernice A. King, CEO of The King Center, keynote remarks
Description: at the 2017 Rotary Presidential Peace Conference in Atlanta
  19 Jun 2017   47m6s 6 521 0