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Why should we care about toilets?
Description: You may not think too much about toilets, but for Rohingya people in the camps of Cox's Bazar they are a daily problem. Find out more about our work in Bangladesh:
  17 Nov 2017   1m39s 1 38 0
We are the next world leaders
Description: Girls' education needs more funding or a generation of girls will be left behind. In February, leaders have the chance to act. #WeAreTheNext leaders - don't forget about us.
  17 Nov 2017   13s 0 41 0
Supporting Rohingya children in Bangladesh
Description: We're working in the camps of Cox's Bazar, where thousands of Rohingya have settled after fleeing violence in Myanmar. Many are unaccompanied children.
  02 Nov 2017   56s 3 173 0
We are the leaders of tomorrow
Description: We want all girls to dream big. But they won't realise their dreams without an education. Join us in calling on leaders to fund education for girls. #WeAreTheNext
  02 Nov 2017   31s 1 97 0
Global #GirlsTakeover 2017 - bigger than ever!
Description: Girls around the world raised their voices for justice and equality by taking over more than 600 positions of power to mark International Day of the Girl 2017. Hundreds of leaders and decision makers worldwide stepped aside to let girls take charge in over 60 countries. Girls from Japan to Peru called for radical social and policy change to tear down barriers of discrimination and prejudice that continue to hold them back. By occupying spaces and places where they are rarely seen or heard, girls and young women demanded action to find solutions to ensure all girls can learn, lead, decide and thrive.
  12 Oct 2017   1m44s 16 1266 0
What do girls need to change the world?
Description: We asked girls across the globe what they need to change the world. In just 4 days, they get that chance. Follow the #GirlsTakeover
  07 Oct 2017   25s 2 71 0
What do girls need to take the lead?
Description: Under 3% of CEOs heading the world’s 500 leading corporations are women. Just 3 days ‘til girls take power. Join the movement #GirlsTakeover
  08 Oct 2017   31s 4 3283 0
Why are girls' taking over the world on 11 October?
Description: This Wednesday, a gender revolution is coming. Girls, boys, women & men must join the fight for equality. Follow the #GirlsTakeover
  08 Oct 2017   33s 2 2596 0
Girls like Yadis are standing in for top leaders
Description: In 5 days, girls around the world will take over as mayors for the day, as Yadis did. She was Mayor of Madrid for the day. Change starts when girls like her take power. Follow the #GirlsTakeover
  06 Oct 2017   29s 2 2215 0
6 days to go. Girls are taking over...
Description: Women hold just 23% of parliamentary seats worldwide. What do girls need to take the lead? Equality of opportunity. A level playing field. It starts with #GirlsTakeover Get involved:
  05 Oct 2017   29s 2 58 0
The #GirlsTakeover is coming!
Description: We're excited. Tomorrow, girls are showing their power and potential, stepping into leading roles. Follow the #GirlsTakeover
  10 Oct 2017   34s 6 6504 0
7 days 'til girls take over!
Description: When girls are seen and heard they can change the world. Are you ready for the #GirlsTakeover? Get involved:
  04 Oct 2017   27s 5 3370 0