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Hurricane Maria lashes Samaná in the Dominican Republic
Description: Hurricane Maria is beginning to hit the north-east region of the Dominican Republic, heavy wind and rains causing flooding and landslides. We are on hand to respond.
  22 Sep 2017   41s 1 674 0
Girls are taking over the world. Stand with them.
Description: The #GirlsTakeover is coming this October. Over 500 girls around the world will be stepping into positions of power on the International Day of the Girl. We want more girls' voices to be heard at all levels. We want a gender revolution so girls everywhere can realise their potential and become truly equal. It starts here. Join us:
  22 Sep 2017   1m5s 6 8689 0
When girls learn they can change the world!
Description: When girls learn they can change the world! Support the financing of quality, inclusive education for girls. #FundEducation #UNGA Join our campaign:
  19 Sep 2017   17s 3 2458 0
Together, we can end child marriage
Description: Every 2 seconds, a girl under the age of 18 is married. Every minute, 30 girls become child brides. Every day, 43,000 young girls will be married. And tomorrow, and the day after that. The risks are plentiful. Child marriage increases risks of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their husbands, who are sometimes twice their age. Let's give girls equal access to opportunities so they can grow up to become educated and empowered women. We all have a part in ending child marriage. Let's change the story.
  02 Aug 2017   1m1s 6 293 0
Young mother returns to education to realise her dream
Description: Richelle dropped out of school after becoming pregnant at 16. Now 24, flexible learning provided by Plan International and the Philippines government has helped keep her dream of becoming a teacher alive. Richelle's commitments at home and the time she needs to spend looking after her son Johnrey, who has cerebral palsy, mean she was unable to get back into education. Across the Philippines there are many children and young people like Richelle who are unable to go to school because of teenage pregnancy, child marriage or child labour. In response, Plan International is working alongside the Philippines Department of Education to provide flexible, informal learning for those who cannot go to school in 2 of the county’s poorest provinces, Masbate and Northern Samar. To date we’ve helped over 2,200 children and young people to continue their education when they otherwise would not have been able to.
  01 Aug 2017   1m59s 1 154 0
How digital technology helps youth to achieve their goals
Description: Singer? Scientist? Business woman? She might be a triangle, but it doesn’t mean Alma can’t dream of a better future! Plan International’s Youth Employment Solutions Digital Ecosystem is helping young people gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the world of work. It provides courses for young people like Alma, which have been developed by experts who understand the country, the market, the opportunities, what works and what doesn’t, so they can learn what, when, and where they want. Globally, more 600 million 15-to-24 year olds are not in school, employment or training. In the next decade, 1 billion young people will enter the job market. Find out more about Plan International’s work to support young people secure decent employment go to:
  22 Jun 2017   2m15s 11 718 0
Child-Friendly Spaces in South Sudan - Plan International
Description: Plan International has been setting up day centres across South Sudan to provide a safe environment in which children affected by the country’s conflict and food crisis can learn and play.
  15 Jun 2017   55s 2 219 0
Learning without limits in Nicaragua
Description: Through the ‘Learning Without Limits’ project, in association with Télécoms Sans Frontières, children in Nicaragua are using technology to enhance their education, learn more about their culture and bring together their community. This video hears from children and teachers who took part in the project, and finds out how they have benefited from access to technology.
  02 May 2017   2m36s 4 380 0
Unlock the power of #digitalgirls
Description: Digital literacy is becoming as important as traditional literacy. When girls and women have access to technology and digital training, they thrive. But when they are held back it can affect every aspect of their lives. This film, shot on location in Ethiopia, follows the life of first-time actor and ICT student Kalkidan, 13, as she navigates technology opportunities at her school from two very different perspectives. WATCH and SHARE the film this Girls in ICT Day on 27 April 2017. Learn more:
  27 Apr 2017   1m45s 17 26231 0
Moving the needle for Girls' Rights - Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen at Global Festival of Ideas 2017
Description: Plan International CEO, Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen speaking at the Global Festival of Ideas in Bonn, Germany on Wednesday 1st March, 2017.
  06 Mar 2017   11m33s 3 195 0
Ending FGM in Guinea: 8 years on
Description: In Guinea, female genital mutilation (FGM) is a common practice. It's seen as a way of preserving virginity and protection against infidelity. But when a 4-year-old died after being circumcised by her grand parents, Plan International Guinée re-doubled efforts to educate communities and eradicate the practice for good. WATCH this video to see how progress has been made over the past 8 years to #endFGM in Guinea.
  09 Feb 2017   4m2s 5 162 0
A Working Future for young people in Uganda
Description: Young people in Uganda are gaining skills, getting jobs and saving money thanks to a partnership between Plan International, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and Accenture. The A Working Future programme in Uganda connects young people with access to financial services, teaches them work skills and links them to job opportunities. Over 12,000 youth have benefitted from the programme since 2012, increasing their income by an average of 621%. The programme, run by Plan International in partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Accenture Development Partnerships, transforms the lives of young people by using savings groups to teach the skills required to get good jobs. This innovative programme shows the power of partnerships between the corporate and development sectors to addressing social issues while also generating commercial value.
  16 Jan 2017   1m59s 5 441 0