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Empowered Karamoja
Description: Mercy Corps, in partnership with USAID, is helping to improve food security for a half a million people in Karamoja, Uganda.
  22 Aug 2017   6m46s 4 87 0
Devastation in Mosul
Description: Christy Delafield of Mercy Corps give her on-the-ground account of what's happening in war-torn Mosul, Iraq.
  13 Sep 2017   1m38s 2 102 0
Somalia On the Brink
Description: More than half of Somalia's population is in urgent need of food assistance. Learn how you can help today,
  24 Jul 2017   59s 2 126 0
World Crisis: Global Hunger
Description: The world faces one of the worst hunger crisis since World War II. Help Mercy Corps provide emergency assistance to those in urgent need, and help provide a brighter, healthier future.
  17 Jul 2017   54s 3 116 0
Be There. Even when you can't.
Description: Mercy Corps works on the front lines of poverty, conflict and disaster every day. But we don't do it alone. When you support Mercy Corps, you stand alongside a mother who wants a better future for her children, a refugee who dreams of returning home, and millions of others facing the world's toughest challenges. We believe big problems demand bigger solutions. That's why in crisis we see more than statistics: We see people — and the possibility to work together to help them triumph over adversity.
  27 Jun 2017   30s 5 23056 0
Mercy Corps: About Us
Description: We are Mercy Corps, a global organization facing the world’s toughest challenges and putting bold ideas into action. In more than 40 countries we partner with youth, women, community leaders, government, influencers, businesses, supporters and people like you. Together, we create positive change. When connected to the resources they need, people can survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good. Because we believe in the power of human potential. We have helped 220 million people build a brighter future for themselves, their families, their community and our world. Together, a better world is possible. We are Mercy Corps.
  16 Jun 2017   1m35s 15 2754 0
Omar's Vision
Description: To learn more about Omar and the work we're doing with youth around the world, visit:
  13 Mar 2017   1m39s 11 860 0
Stand up for Refugees
Description: Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. Sons. The face of this refugee crisis is a human one. #RefugeesWelcome
  01 Feb 2017   33s 4 332 0
For Food
  06 Jan 2017   1m6s 9 673 0
Lake Chad Basin: Put Yourself There
  22 Nov 2016   1m27s 3 595 0
Thank you for transforming lives this year
Description: As we gather with friends and family during the holiday season, we have a special message for you: Thank you! As part of the global Mercy Corps community, you’ve helped transform the lives of 30 million people around the world this year.
  18 Nov 2016   1m26s 10 1124 0
Planting a Future: Keke's Story
Description: Farmers like Keke are critical to feeding the people of Indonesia, but they struggle to even meet their own basic needs. We're working with John Deere to change that.
  27 Oct 2016   2m21s 3 209 0