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Sonia's reintegration
Description: Sonia survived; she was rescued when her dinghy capsized on the Mediterranean Sea then transferred to a detention centre in Libya for 11 months.
  21 Sep 2017   36s 0 6 0
Sonia and Great's deadly journey
Description: “I don’t know how to swim at all,” Sonia admitted. “I have never swam in my life.” And yet, late one evening last year, the young Nigerian found herself pregnant and packed onto a 30-foot dinghy – “like a balloon, but stronger,” she said – with 119 other people, crossing the treacherous Mediterranean Sea from Libya towards Italy.
  21 Sep 2017   32s 0 4 0
Osarobo's story
Description: “Two of my cousins drowned in the Mediterranean,” said Osarobo. “I’m not happy with the whole situation,” he said from Benin City. “Nobody is happy seeing his brother or sister embarking on those kinds of immeasurable risks.”
  21 Sep 2017   21s 0 0 0
Fashion designer Debbie's deadly journey
Description: Debbie is another young Nigerian who was misled into going to Libya for work; a lady from her church in the country's south said she could earn better money as a tailor there or in Europe, eventually.
  21 Sep 2017   1m55s 1 11 0
Armstrong's deadly journey
Description: “It's a deadly journey. The moment you just leave this Nigeria boundary, that is where the problem starts," Armstrong shares.
  21 Sep 2017   2m15s 0 0 0
Produsca videos atractivos (muy) facilmente!
  20 Sep 2017   29m24s 0 18 0
Taha's story: Relocating from Greece to Finland
Description: “I left Syria because of the war. I was alone, without my family, so I applied for a relocation, and Finland welcomed me to come". Taha is a 16 year old Syrian who was relocated by IOM from Greece to Finland through the EU Relocation scheme. In this short video, he tells us about his experiences thoughout his journey, and how he is getting along now in Finland. The EU Relocation scheme offers a safe and legal way for asylum seekers in clear need of international protection to be transferred from Italy and Greece to other European countries participating in the programme. As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the programme, over 26,000 people have been relocated from Italy and Greece with IOM’s support (as of August 22, 2017).
  19 Sep 2017   2m31s 4 103 0
IOM Private Sector Engagement
Description: Here's an overview of IOM's partnerships with companies in 2016.
  19 Sep 2017   3m39s 3 54 0
Description: Foodhini is a digital startup that works with migrant and refugee chefs & allows them to prepare their recipes.
  19 Sep 2017   1m53s 4 55 0
i am a migrant - Joory
Description: Listen to Joory, a Web Developer now living in Iraq, who teaches coding since she fled her country.
  15 Sep 2017   1m31s 1 30 0
Martin Nesirky, Director UNIS Vienna on IOM's First Recipe Book
Description: Martin Nesirky, Director UNIS Vienna talks about the first UN Migration recipe book launched in Vienna as part of TOGETHER campaign.
  14 Sep 2017   1m25s 0 35 0
Hurricane Irma hits Haiti
Description: On September 7, Haiti was hit by hurricane Irma. IOM has helped affected people shelter in emergency evacuation centres.
  12 Sep 2017   31s 0 40 0