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Blue Marble Health A Plan to Fight Diseases of Poverty amid Wealth Phil Maanulwa TEDxSugarLand
Description: Phill Maanulwa the CEO/Founder of IEDA Relief share on how One person can have a huge impact on others if they choose to take extraordinary action. Anyone can build something amazing if their aspirations are big enough and their tenacity is strong enough. #TEDX SugarLand
  30 Oct 2017   11m41s 0 4 0
Providing shelter to Nigerian Refugees in Cameroon - English Version
Description: Since January 2015, IEDA Relief and Shelter Box signed a partnership to provide emergency shelter to Nigerian refugees who fled Boko Haram and fled to Cameroon looking for asylum. In 2014, Shelter Box sent a team of volunteers to Yaounde to train IEDA Relief staff in the installation of these tents. Since then, IEDA Relief has installed 1224 tents in the Camp of Minawao, delivering emergency assistance in the refugee camp of the Far North region of Cameroon.
  06 May 2016   10m41s 3 356 0
Providing shelter to Nigerian Refugees in Cameroon - French Version
Description: Depuis Janvier 2015, IEDA Relief et Shelter Box ont signé un partenariat pour pourvoir des abris aux réfugiés Nigériens installés au Cameroun, qui ont fuit Boko Haram. En 2014 Shelter Box a envoyé une équipe de volontaires à Yaounde pour former le personnel de IEDA Relief dans l'installation de ces tentes. Depuis, IEDA Relief a installé 1224 tentes dans le camp de Minawao, délivrant une assistance d'urgence dans le camp de réfugiés de la région de l'Extrême-Nord.
  03 May 2016   10m41s 6 420 0
Fabrication du Savon à Diffa
Description: IEDA Relief and #UNICEF partner to promote hygiene through a #WASH Program, training members of the WASH Committees on how to make soap. #Diffa #Niger
  20 Apr 2016   3m15s 0 312 0
"In Bong, my husband was killed" [English version]
Description: In 2015, IEDA Relief and the UNHCR granted 219 income-generating activities to refugees from Central African Republic living in the refugee sites of Cameroon. This is their story.
  01 Dec 2015   4m50s 0 41 0
"À Bong ils ont tué mon mari." [Version Française]
Description: En 2015, IEDA Relief et le UNHCR ont octroyé 219 activités génératrices de revenus aux réfugiés Centrafricains vivant dans les sites de réfugiés du Cameroun. Voici leur histoire.
  30 Nov 2015   4m50s 1 124 0
Bridging the Digital Divide
Description: Providing opportunities to the Houston community to Bridge the Digital Divide.
  25 Nov 2015   1m33s 0 40 0
IEDA Relief distributes dignity kits to displaced women in Niger
Description: IEDA Relief raised funds to deliver dignity kits to the 566 women of child-bearing age in the camp of Kablewa, in the region of #Diffa in #Niger, by offering each of them a kit valid for a period of three months made of a 2lt bucket, three pieces of underwear, one meter fabric so they can cut and reuse as pads, and 6 bars of soaps of 250g. This is the latest version of the standardised hygiene kit suggested by the #UNHCR in order to avoid differences between populations. IEDA Relief raised awareness among beneficiaries, showing them how to use the kits so women can take the maximum advantage, reduce risks of infections and preserve their dignity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IEDA Relief a levé des fonds pour pourvoir des kits de dignité aux 566 femmes en âge de procréer dans le camp de Kablewa, dans la région de Diffa au Niger, en offrant chacune d'entre-elles un kit d'une durée de trois mois, composé d'un sceau de 2Lts, trois sous-vetemets, un mètre de pagne pour couper et réutiliser, et 6 savons de 250g. Celle-ci est la dernière version du kit standardisé par le #HCR pour éviter les différences entre les populations. IEDA Relief a délivré aussi des sensibilisations aux bénéficiaires, en leur montrant comment utiliser ces kits pour que les femmes puissent en tirer le meilleur avantage, réduire les risques d'infection et préserver leur dignité.
  18 Aug 2015   2m14s 0 243 0
IEDA Relief assists Malian refugees in Niger
Description: Malian refugees have been fleeing conflict in their country since 2012, going to neighbouring countries such as Niger, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. IEDA Relief provides humanitarian aid to alleviate the current emergency, and offers sustainable solutions. Listen to what refugees have to say. Les réfugiés Maliens fuient le conflit dans leur pays depuis 2012, en allant dans des pays voisins tels que le Niger, la Mauritanie et le Burkina Faso. IEDA Relief pourvoit de l'aide humanitaire pour soulager la situation d'émergence actuelle et offrir des solutions durables. Écoutez ce que les réfugiés ont à dire.
  29 Jun 2015   11m24s 2 347 0
IEDA Relief Niger provides 56 young people with kits for IGAs [French with English subtitles]
Description: On Friday the 22nd of May, 56 young displaced people who had been trained by IEDA Relief Niger and the UNHCR in four specific areas (mechanics, iron work, wood work and plumbing) in the region of Diffa in ‪#‎Niger‬, received kits to launch their activities. These income-generating activities (IGA) will provide them with sustainable solutions so that they can become self-sufficient. Le vendredi 22 Mai, 56 jeunes déplacés qui avaient été formés par IEDA Relief Niger et le HCR dans quatre métiers spécifiques (la mécanique automobile, la menuiserie métallique, la menuiserie bois et la plomberie) dans la région de Diffa au Niger, ont reçu des kits pour démarrer leurs activités. Ces activités génératrices de revenus (AGR) leur offriront des solutions soutenables pour qu'ils puissent se prendre en charge ainsi que leurs familles.
  03 Jun 2015   2m29s 0 55 0
IEDA Relief and its work in the Philippines
Description: After the typhoon Haiyan went through the Philippines, IEDA Relief deployed its teams in the country in order to assist the vulnerable populations that had been affected. Since then, IEDA Relief works in camp management and coordination, WASH, psycological first aid (PFA), sports therapy, protection monitoring and livelihoods. Find out more here:
  28 May 2015   4m58s 0 18 0
IEDA Relief and the UNHCR distribute birth certificates to refugees at the Minawao camp [English]
Description: IEDA Relief Cameroon and the UNHCR delivered 538 birth certificates to Nigerian refugees having fled the attacks of Boko Haram. These refugees are currently in the Minawao camp in the Far North region of Cameroon. Overall during the year, IEDA Relief and the UNHCR have delivered 773 birth certificates. The UNHCR reports that since January this year, more than 11.500 Nigerians have arrived in the camp. The government of Cameroon says it has counted more than 74.000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon, most of whom are women and children.
  27 May 2015   2m12s 0 260 0