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STOP Bombing Civilians - Share your photo
Description: Take a stand against the bombing of civilians by sharing your own STOP photo! Here's how to take part: 1. Write the word STOP on your hand and then take a 'selfie'. (You can also ask someone else to take the photo). 2. Post it on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts using the hashtag #StopBombingCivilians 3. Mention us in your post! Instagram: @stopbombing and @handicap_uk | Twitter: @hi_uk | Facebook @Handicap International UK Thank you for your support!
  11 Sep 2017   16s 2 75 0
Introducing Handicap International's new Global Ambassador - Neymar Jr. !!!
Description: The Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. became the new ambassador of Handicap International on 15th August 2017. An event was organised in Place des Nations in Geneva to mark the occasion. Through this partnership, Neymar is using his huge fame for a good cause: to support the most vulnerable people in the world, people with disabilities in poor countries, victims of conflicts and natural disasters.
  17 Aug 2017   45s 2 118 0
Food crisis in South Sudan and Somalia - Handicap International
Description: East Africa Food crisis. Thousands of refugees are living in camps, in difficult conditions. Handicap International is making sure they have fair access to food, water, and health care.
  27 Jul 2017   45s 0 15 0
Salah has one goal: to take care of his children - Handicap International
Description: Salah was wounded during a bombing in Mosul, Iraq, leaving his lower body paralysed. Handicap International is supporting Salah to regain mobility. Let's stand together against injustice: © Handicap International
  27 Jul 2017   1m16s 0 40 0
Abdel Hamid takes his first steps - Handicap International
Description: Abdel Hamid was injured by a bombing in Mosul. Handicap International teams have been supporting him to recover from his injuries. Let's stand together against injustice:
  27 Jul 2017   1m4s 0 19 0
Warda is determined to recover - Handicap International
Description: Half of Warda's family were killed as they fled the horrific violence in Mosul. As they tried to escape, a missile landed nearby. Tragically Warda lost both of her legs as a result of the bombing. Her physiotherapist Fatima now takes her through regular exercises to build up her strength and prepare her for receiving her first prosthetic legs. Let's stand together against injustice: © Handicap International
  27 Jul 2017   1m40s 0 47 0
"I don't work as a physiotherapist, I live as one" - Handicap International
Description: Inspiring words from Mohammed, a Handicap International physio helping disabled and vulnerable people who fled the fighting Mosul, Iraq. Let's stand together against injustice:
  27 Jul 2017   1m42s 1 66 0
Abdallah's greatesh wish - Handicap International
Description: In May 2017, Abdullah was injured in an explosion in Mosul. Now displaced with his family in a camp located east of the city, the teenager receives rehabilitation care from Handicap International to help him recover physically and emotionally.
  24 Jul 2017   1m28s 0 104 0
"My life was saved by HI" - Tueng - Juba camp, South Sudan
Description: Tueng is one of the many disabled and vulnerable people being supported by Handicap International in South Sudan. Find out more about our work:
  27 Jul 2017   1m47s 1 52 0
Thank you to our supporters! Handicap International turns 35
Description: Every day for the past 35 years, our teams around the world have worked tirelessly towards a world of solidarity and inclusion, where we are enriched by our differences and where everyone can live in dignity. Our supporters make our work possible. As Handicap International celebrates our 35-year anniversary we want to say THANK YOU! © Handicap International
  19 Jul 2017   39s 0 105 0
The Floor is Lava - Handicap International
Description: Do you remember playing the floor is lava game as a kid? For some, it's not a game. Learn more:
  12 Jul 2017   1m1s 0 33 0
Making the return home safe - Mosul - Handicap International
Description: Going home should not be a fearful experience; but for families returning home to Mosul, the fear of finding unexploded bombs is all too real. In order to reduce the risk, Handicap International's teams of weapons risk education officers raise awareness about the dangers as well as what people can do to improve their safety. © Handicap International
  26 May 2017   46s 0 52 0