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Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Siem Reap August 2017
Description: Earlier this month, our team in Cambodia responded to an Explosive Ordnance Disposal callout in the centre of Siem Reap city at a construction site of a new container market. During excavation of the area a cache of rockets was uncovered leading to HALO being called to assess the situation. In total, 89 rockets and 5 rifle propelled smoke grenades were discovered, which were taken to a controlled demolition site 10km away from Siem Reap to be safely destroyed.
  24 Aug 2017   1m25s 1 25 0
Zimbabwe: kids walking through a minefield to get to school
Description: For hundred of kids at Gangayama Primary (in Zimabwe) the journey to school involves crossing a minefield. In this video, our teams speak to the school children about their journey to school and the impact these minefields have on their lives.
  07 Jul 2017   1m38s 0 79 0
Angola: The Land at the End of the Earth
Description: We are excited to share this incredible video of our work in Angola produced by National Geographic. Dramatic cuts in funding for demining in Angola since 2008 mean that HALO has been forced to reduce its number of national staff from 1,100 to just 300. This despite the fact that Angola remains one of the most densely mined countries in the world, with an estimated 500,000 landmines still to be found and destroyed. Please like, share and subscribe to share the word of our work.
  02 Jun 2017   3m33s 16 852 0
Archbishop Justin Welby at the Baptism Site
  10 May 2017   1m52s 1 73 0
HALO's CEO on clearing mines at the Baptism Site
  21 Apr 2017   3m36s 0 30 0
Baptism Drone Footage
  21 Apr 2017   2m22s 3 262 0
DFID-funded mine clearance in Chivere Village, Zimbabwe
Description: Sango and his family live in a house right next to a minefield. This is a snap shot of what life is like for them currently, and how, thanks to funding from the UK Department of International Development, mine clearance will positively impact their future.
  13 Apr 2017   1m13s 0 200 0
LandmineFree 2025 Speeches
Description: James Cowan, CEO, The HALO Trust Jane Cocking, CEO, MAG (Mines Advisory Group) Priti Patel, The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, UK DFID
  05 Apr 2017   13m47s 2 220 0
Every Little Penny Counts
  31 Mar 2017   1m 5 312 0
Cleared Landmines Helps Zimbabwe Farmers
Description: How mine clearance has made a huge difference for one family farm in Zimbabwe.
  21 Mar 2017   2m9s 2 110 0
Safe Steps for the People of Karabakh
  10 Feb 2017   31s 3 182 0
James Cowan on BBC News
  15 Jan 2017   3m12s 3 346 0