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Barbuda Sept 17 2017 overflight
Description: First overflights by the RescUAV team in Barbuda. Clearly showing the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Irma Read more and donate to help at our website:
  18 Sep 2017   1m7s 0 741 0
Nepal Flood Response Update Sept16 2017
Description: An update from our team in Nepal.
  17 Sep 2017   50s 2 54 0
citytv sept 15 17
Description: CityTV Coverage of our packing event to support the victims of Hurricane Irma in Antigua
  16 Sep 2017   1m17s 0 64 0
Sept 13 2017 Philipsburg St Maarten SKyRanger Footage
Description: More UAV footage from the Aeryon Labs Inc. SkyRanger from our team in St. Maarten. We continue to provide damage assessment maps for the recovery efforts.
  16 Sep 2017   27s 0 114 0
Sept 13 2017 CTV News
Description: Director Rahul Singh on CTV News Toronto discussing Hurricane Irma and need for further funding
  13 Sep 2017   4m43s 2 120 0
Sept 12 2017 Grand Bay 3D Model View
Description: A quick look at the 3D models our team is generating for recovery efforts in St. Maarten. Created with the support of Pix4D and Pix4D Mapper
  13 Sep 2017   12s 0 60 0
Sept 12 2017 Grand Bay St Maarten
Description: Footage from the Aeryon SkyRanger over Grand Bay, St. Maarten. Taken during our damage assessment mapping flights.
  13 Sep 2017   1m30s 0 790 0
Breakfast Television  Sept 12 2017
Description: Director Matt Capobianco on Breakfast Television to discuss our Response to Hurricane Irma
  13 Sep 2017   2m28s 1 52 0
CTV Your Morning Sept12 2017
Description: Director Matt Capobianco on CTV Your Morning discussing our deployment to Saint Maarten in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
  13 Sep 2017   2m28s 0 148 0
Sept 12 2017 St Maarten Grand Bay area
Description: The RescUAV team coordinated with local authorities to begin mapping of the extensive damage to St. Maarten. An image from the Aeryon SkyRanger (via Pix4D) gives a sense of it.
  12 Sep 2017   34s 0 71 0
Sept10 2017 The National Coverage of GlobalMedic's Hurricane Irma Response
Description: Executive Director Rahul Singh on CBC's The National discussing our deployment to Saint Maarten in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
  11 Sep 2017   2m24s 1 79 0
CityNews Sept9 2017 Hurricane Irma
Description: Coverage of our preparation for an aid shipment to Antigua as part of our response to Hurricane Irma
  11 Sep 2017   2m36s 2 15 0