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The extraordinary bike of Keokou
Description: How one motorcycle carries the futures of hundreds of children. Learn more:
  17 Nov 2017   1m 2 18 0
Reaching isolated communities
Description: It takes a long boat journey up the Mekong River to reach some of Lao PDR’s most isolated children. Learn more:
  17 Nov 2017   1m5s 0 35 0
Integrating health services
Description: Immunisation efforts in Laos PDR bring much wider health benefits to communities. Learn more:
  17 Nov 2017   52s 1 16 0
Gavi’s 2016 Progress Report
Description: A new kind of report, the first of five covering our 2016—2020 strategic period. Learn more :
  17 Oct 2017   1m14s 1 416 0
Different places, different families, same life-saving journey
Description: Life in Mozambique and Norway: the importance of routine immunisation to two families. Learn more: Soundtrack credit: "Easy Lemon" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  25 Apr 2017   1m1s 4 349 0
Immunisation in Côte d’Ivoire on the road to recovery
Description: After five years of devastating conflict, Côte d’Ivoire’s immunisation rates are back to their pre-war levels. In this short film, originally played at the December 2016 Gavi Board meeting in Abidjan, Health Minister Dr Raymonde Goudou Coffie, explains her country’s rapid recovery. Learn more:
  08 Dec 2016   3m53s 2 180 0
HPV vaccinations in Liberia 2016
Description: Not every girl goes to school everyday in Liberia, West Africa. So if you want to improve coverage of the HPV vaccination in ten year old girls, sometimes you have to take it to the streets. Find out more:
  18 Oct 2016   1m19s 4 192 0
Rwanda launches world's first national drone delivery service powered by Zipline
Description: A Zipline drone drops blood supplies to a health clinic in Rwanda. These drones, supported by Gavi and the UPS Foundation, will cut the time taken to deliver lifesaving medical supplies from hours to minutes. Credit: Zipline. Learn more:
  07 Nov 2016   12s 1 731 0
Girl Effect and Gavi team up to protect girls from cervical cancer
Description: As the world marks the fourth International Day of the Girl Child, Girl Effect and Gavi today announced a ground-breaking partnership to protect girls from contracting cervical cancer in developing countries. The number of deaths from cervical cancer is on the rise and, without intervention, it is set to overtake maternal mortality in developing countries. Girl Effect and Gavi’s partnership will help address the negative social norms that prevent girls from accessing the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which provides protection against 70% of cervical cancer cases. The aim of the partnership is to ensure that more girls take up the vaccine in parts of the world where they are most at risk. Learn more:
  11 Oct 2016   1m58s 2 383 0
Liberia, two years on: the Ebola epidemic
Description: Liberians remember the impact of the Ebola epidemic. Learn more:
  08 Aug 2016   48s 1 159 0
Liberia, two years on: the Ebola vaccine and contact tracing
Description: Emmanuel Lasanah, supervisor of the outpatient department at Redemption Hospital and the first person vaccinated against Ebola in Liberia, gives a first-person account of being a contact tracer during the epidemic. Find out more:
  08 Aug 2016   2m49s 2 228 0
Liberia, two years on: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf discusses the Ebola outbreak
Description: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf describes Ebola’s impact on Liberia, and the steps taken to rebuild the country's health system. Find out more:
  08 Aug 2016   3m19s 0 220 0