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CIAT50 and PABRA20 anniversary celebrations in Africa
Description: A round-up of key topics and discussion during the CIAT50 and PABRA20 anniversary event in Nairobi, Kenya on May 29th, 2017. Credit: Patrick Shepherd / Elephant Song.
  20 Jun 2017   7m2s 2 86 0
Building resilience for a Sustainable food future in Africa
Description: Three ways CIAT is making a difference: Reaching more farmers, boosting production, improving seeds.
  07 Jun 2017   6m45s 3 90 0
CIAT in Asia 40 years on
Description: “In Vietnam, we cannot talk about CIAT without mentioning the cassava story. This is one of the most successful stories of international cooperation. Until the recent years, in the 1990s, this crop was neglected with a few thousand hectares, and had almost no significant economic value. Farmers grew for their local need. Thanks to the continuing effort from scientists of CIAT in cooperation with breeders and farmers in Vietnam, productivity of cassava has doubled over the last years. Cassava has become third important export crop after rice and coffee, providing jobs and income to millions of farmers, and bringing to the country annually more than USD1 billion. CIAT has contributed significantly to the improvement of animal production and in livelihood of thousands of smallholder farming families especially in upland areas. CIAT has been linking farmers to market especially farmers in remote areas of the country through addressing combination of technical and marketing measures, improvement of market access, profit and livelihood has been observed for many communities for a range of products including cassava, livestock, also fruits, vegetables and others.” – Prof. Dr. Le Huy Ham, Director General, Vietnam Agricultural Genetics Institute
  01 Jun 2017   15m28s 0 199 0
PABRA 20 years: Better beans for Africa
  26 May 2017   2m24s 3 72 0
CIAT in Africa: 50 years building a sustanaible food future
  26 May 2017   1m24s 1 85 0
Semillas del futuro
Description: Tus alimentos ya tienen millones de años. Conoce cómo es que algunos de ellos llegaron a tu plato y lo que necesitamos hacer para mantenerlos allí.
  03 May 2017   2m7s 11 317 0
Introducing Future Seeds
Description: Your food is already millions of years old. Here's how some of it got to your plate, and what we need to do to keep it there.
  03 May 2017   2m7s 7 341 0
CIAT Research Agenda in Asia
Description: By considering interactions of many different elements within and across the farm, landscape, value chains, and food systems levels, CIAT, in Asia, undertakes scientific research addressing questions and issues along the entire agricultural path, FROM SOIL TO PLATE.
  24 Apr 2017   4m34s 2 360 0
CIAT50 - Asia
Description: Since 1981, CIAT has been working in Asia, particularly on cassava in Thailand and Indonesia, and forages in Cambodia. CIAT aims to facilitate sustainable agricultural intensification and foster resilience among smallholder farmers
  31 Mar 2017   36s 0 116 0
Godefroy Grosjean, CIAT50 - Asia
Description: Godefroy Grosjean, climate change expert, talks about the challenge of designing appropriate strategies for climate change knowledge sharing with policy- and decision-makers.
  31 Mar 2017   1m10s 0 121 0
Dindo Campilan, CIAT50 - Asia
Description: Dindo Campilan, Regional Director for Asia, talks about why public-private partnerships in Asia are important
  31 Mar 2017   51s 0 105 0
Celebrating 50 years of agricultural research and development impact
Description: CIAT is proud to celebrate 50 years of agricultural research and development impact
  31 Mar 2017   1m 0 104 0