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Humanitarian Hands on Tool HHoT
Description: People with disabilities are disproportionately affected by disaster and conflict, and humanitarian aid workers often lack the proper tools to ensure relief and recovery work is inclusive of everyone. For example, early warning information, emergency shelter, health services, and distribution of essential items like food and water may all be inaccessible. The Humanitarian Hands-on Tool, known as HHoT, is designed to fill this gap by providing aid workers in the field with clear, practical and detailed instructions. Not only will this make their work more accessible to people with disabilities, but will include other often-marginalised groups such as older people – and will exclude no one. HHoT can be downloaded to any mobile device and is easy to use. It offers simple one-page guidelines for all issues relevant to the design and implementation of emergency response. Topics are broken down into ‘task cards’, each describing common tasks or processes and how to make them inclusive. You can either browse these cards or search for specific keywords to get a list of suggested reading. You can also share, print, or save your cards as favourites. Are you working in an area with poor internet connection? Don’t worry. Once downloaded, all the information in the app is available offline. With its detailed step-by-step guides, HHoT is an essential resource for all agencies that realise the importance of leaving no one behind. And your input is welcome to ensure the app content grows in the most effective way possible. Download HHoT from the App Store or Google Play, or access the information on your computer. And share to spread the word!
  10 Aug 2017   1m37s 5 859 0
World Hearing Day 2017
Description: On World Hearing Day, celebrated on 3 March every year, listen to the powerful testimonial of Ms. Sally Harvest, CBM advisor for Ear and Hearing Care.
  28 Feb 2017   7m9s 4 191 0
Nothing about us without us
Description: Women with disabilities are powerful, willing and able. Without taking us into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cannot be fulfilled. Include us for change.
  10 Sep 2016   4m44s 23 2645 0
Break the cycle
Description: Break the cycle between disability and poverty. Make it happen now at the High-Level Political Forum in New York!
  04 Jul 2016   1m21s 1 172 0
Ethiopia drought - school feeding
Description: Description of the drought conditions in Ethiopia, 2016, and the work that CBM and partner ‘Organisation for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara’ (ORDA), are doing to provide school student with supplementary feeding.
  22 Jun 2016   1m30s 1 109 0
Ethiopia drought - Water harvesting
Description: Description of the drought conditions in Ethiopia, 2016, and the work that CBM and partner ‘Organisation for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara’ (ORDA), are doing to build and restore water harvesting facilities.
  22 Jun 2016   1m37s 1 237 0
Bikash   HRDC
Description: Bikash Man Singh, Director of CBM partner HRDC in Nepal, talks about disability inclusion during t6he 2015 Nepal Earthquake response
  13 May 2016   34s 1 118 0
How to mainstream disability inclusion in international cooperation. Sign language
Description: Report of the EU conference, held on December 3rd 2015: “Leave no one behind: Tackling inequalities of persons with disabilities in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. The event celebrated the international day of persons with disabilities and identified practical steps for the EU to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the CRPD.
  07 Jan 2016   8m22s 1 132 0
Nepal earthquake - disability-inclusive response
Description: Tushar Wali, CBM Emergency Programme Manager, speaking in Kathmandu two weeks after the 2015 earthquake, about the disability-inclusive response set up by CBM and partners.
  14 May 2015   4m38s 2 454 0
Importance of accessibility in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Description: Short interview with Benjamin Dard, CBM Technical Adviser for Accessibility, at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan, March 2015.
  18 Mar 2015   1m39s 0 113 0
Bangladesh - Disability-inclusive DRR
Description: Badsha Miah, a young man in Bangladesh (who is a wheelchair user), helps build community disaster resilience as part of a Disaster Management Committee.
  06 Oct 2015   7m58s 1 422 0
Disaster Risk Reduction -- Planning for disability inclusion
Description: Teerayut Sukhontawit speaks about the planning needed for disability inclusive emergency responses and ways to build community capacity to respond to natural disasters.
  05 Jun 2014   2m59s 0 425 0