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Cash assistance in Greece: "The modern CARE package"
Description: Instead of distributing packages of food or household items, CARE has been providing refugees in Greece with debit cash cards. Cash is one of the most effective methods to assist people in need. Refugees can restore control over their life and decide for themselves what they need most. Especially, when refugees find themselves in big cities, a debit cash card, the modern CARE package, empowers further their efforts to re-gain their dignity. Asylum seekers registered with the national authorities in Greece have the right to work, but in practice both registered and non-registered refugees face enormous difficulties finding a job. As a result of the economic crisis in Greece and high unemployment level, refugees are facing additional barriers for example in relation to language. As a direct result, people continue to rely on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. Deeba and her sixteen-year-old son, Haroon are among the approximate 13,000 refugees and asylum seekers who currently live in Athens, the capital of Greece. When the situation in Afghanistan became too dangerous, they fled through Pakistan to Iran and then to Turkey, before crossing the border into Greece. Since the borders have been closed, they have remained in Greece, still unsure of what’s next. Life in Athens was difficult and Deeba found herself in a very insecure situation but after CARE has offered them accommodation and enroll into the cash program, they managed to stand up on their feet again. CARE’s cash assistance program in Greece, from January to August 2017, reached more than 3,200 refugees and asylum seekers. They were all supported to meet their basic needs, while simultaneously helping the Greek local economy, which has been devastated by the recent economic crisis. The project was supported by UNHCR and funded by ECHO.
  15 Sep 2017   2m46s 3 97 0
Janet’s Story of Survival in Uganda
Description: There are nearly one million refugees from South Sudan in Uganda, making them the fastest growing refugee population in the world. An astounding 86% of them are women and children running from war and famine in search of safety, food and other basic services. Watch this powerful video highlighting Janet's story as she tells you what these statistics mean to her.
  29 Aug 2017   1m12s 1 22 0
Yemen: Impossible Choices
Description: This video shows the impossible choices that Yemeni women and their families face as a result of the triple threat of conflict, famine and cholera: To feed or treat their children?
  26 Jul 2017   4m10s 6 219 0
Providing water to Dadaab Refugee Camp
Description: Meet Gedion, our fantastic water manager in Dadaab Refugee Camp.This video further highlights how CARE, in collaboration with European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO), supports more than 160,000 refugees with safe drinking water, water and sanitation facilities as well as hygiene promotion workshops.
  14 Jul 2017   2m47s 1 55 0
'We are in trouble'  - Fall Armyworm in Southern Africa
Description: This video shows the effect of fall Armyworm in Malawi and an interview with a farmer who has lost much of his crop to the pest and is struggling to feed his family.
  16 May 2017   2m32s 1 60 0
100.000 women from poor communities got into business
Description: Three years ago it sounded as a bold goal, but now it has become reality. 100.000 women from poor communities got the opportunity to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs through the global program of CARE and H&M Foundation, with results showing a ten-fold increase in income in some cases.
  26 Apr 2017   2m43s 2 278 0
Suffering in Silence: The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2016
Description: Download the report here: CARE International shows which disaster or crises received the least media attention in the year 2016. We researched over 30 natural disasters and ongoing conflicts that affected at least one million people and analysed how often they were mentioned in online news articles. These disasters are among the top ten of our ranking: the food crises in Eritrea, Madagascar, North Korea, Papua New Guinea; the conflicts in Burundi, Lake Chad Basin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan and last year’s monsoon floods in Bangladesh.
  17 Jan 2017   1m25s 5 683 0
Yannick Sayam-Yan-Asnan talks about his song "Elle"
Description: Yannick Sayam-Yan-Asnan, a member of the CARE community mobilization team in Chad, talks about his music video "Elle" (available here: and gender based violence.
  24 Nov 2016   11m57s 1 72 0
The Sounds of Change
Description: Catch the rhythm of CARE Village Savings & Loan Associations in this new video that draws its tempo from the actual clink of coins and thump of millet-pounding in Niger — where CARE pioneered the savings groups in 1991. The score is original. The village is Kagadama. And the featured lockbox is the same box that launched VSLAs 25 years ago. Watch. Listen. And let the beat of VSLAs move you.
  31 Oct 2016   1m25s 1 153 0
"Elle" ("She") by  Yannick Sayam-Yan-Asnan featuring the group 100 Préju-G
Description: A member of the CARE community mobilization team in Chad, Yannick Sayam-Yan-Asnan is an avid musician, using his gift of song to call for an end to gender-based violence that harms millions of women and girls around the world. For subtitles in English, press the "CC" button.
  25 Nov 2016   4m38s 8 428 0
Ahmad and the struggles of being an humanitarian worker in Aleppo
Description: Ahmad, 24, serves with CARE’s partner organization in eastern Aleppo. He describes his struggles as a humanitarian worker in Syria.
  18 Oct 2016   1m54s 2 111 0
56,000 women strengthened as entrepreneurs through program of CARE and H&M Foundation
Description: In a three-year global partnership CARE and the H&M Foundation focus on strengthening women to ensure women’s full participation in all walks of life. Since the start two years ago over 56,000 women in poor communities have been provided with the funds and business skills they need, in order to become successful business entrepreneurs- and transform their futures. Changing the future for generations to come.
  27 Sep 2016   3m55s 27 19207 0