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Red Talks: Migration Matters Melbourne
Description: How can we work together to better support vulnerable migrants? Watch our panel discussion on the challenges that newly arrived migrants including refugees and asylum seekers face in accessing vital services in Australia, and explore solutions.
  21 Sep 2017   1h7m19s 1 82 0
Lyn salvages Lismore's historic records
Description: Emergencies happen. Do one simple thing to make yourself safer. For more information, visit
  25 Sep 2017   1m24s 0 18 0
Working together with communities
Description: Red Cross supports people to have greater control over their lives. We are applying this place-based community development approach in several communities across Australia. For more information on our place-based work, visit
  31 Aug 2017   3m1s 0 47 0
Aid arrives in Mosul
Description: It’s been 3 years since Mosul was cut off from the rest of the world: almost no food or medicines have been allowed in. This week, that all changed. Our colleagues at International Committee of the Red Cross brought families the essentials they need. For more information, visit
  25 Aug 2017   30s 0 44 0
Red Talks: Mali gives her top career tips
Description: Mali Hawkins is completing a Masters in not-for-profit and social enterprise management as well as managing community services programs for Red Cross in NSW. Learn more at
  25 Aug 2017   18m15s 2 131 0
Red Talks: Jess talks about barriers that refugees face in Australia
Description: Jessica Shonk is a social worker and Team Leader of Australian Red Cross’ Refugee and Asylum Seeker Emergency Relief program. Learn more at
  25 Aug 2017   11m17s 5 200 0
When doing your job becomes dangerous
Description: Health workers overseas are in danger just for doing their job. That's unacceptable. Health workers are #NotATarget
  22 Aug 2017   36s 0 23 0
Women help each other find strength
Description: A group of migrant women in rural Queensland have formed a unique women's group to build better connections with their local community. For more information, visit
  31 Aug 2017   1m17s 0 17 0
From one meal to three
Description: Think East Africa’s crisis is too big to solve? Here’s one way you’ve already made a difference. For more info, visit
  27 Jul 2017   35s 1 50 0
Happy NAIDOC Week
Description: Australia has over 250 Indigenous languages. Here are just a few ways to say hello.
  22 Aug 2017   35s 0 118 0
Amanda McClelland: Stories from the heart of the food crisis
Description: Amanda is an Australian emergency health advisor working internationally with the Red Cross. She shares her insight into the food crisis engulfing East Africa.
  15 Jun 2017   13m46s 0 109 0
Jess Lees: Stories from the heart of the food crisis
Description: Jess Lees, Disaster response manager at the Australian Red Cross has recently returned from Somaliland and says that the food crisis is "the worst I've ever seen". Jess explains why the current situation is so dire and shares personal stories from the people at the heart of the crisis.
  15 Jun 2017   11m57s 2 135 0