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LGBT Japan: Imagawa's Story
Description: Life as a gay man in Tokyo Masafumi Imagawa is an openly gay man in his 30s, who lives in Tokyo. He and his friends face daily discrimination and pressure due to the narrow portrayal of lesbian gay, bisexual, and transsexual people in Japanese society. In Japan, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) people still face pervasive discrimination at home with their families, at work, in education and access to health services. Take action and tell the Japanese government it is time to end discrimination. To accompany the petition:
  14 Nov 2017   3m8s 39 472 0
LGBT Japan: A and O's Story
Description: Life as lesbian parents in Japan - “They think I’m raising someone else’s child”. A & O, a lesbian couple, have been together for more than twenty years. They have a five-year old son together but the family face constant discrimination as O cannot be recognized as the child’s mother under Japanese law. In Japan, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) people still face pervasive discrimination at home with their families, at work, in education and access to health services. Take action and tell the Japanese government it is time to end discrimination.
  20 Nov 2017   3m11s 35 281 0
BRAVE - Sakris Kupila
Description: Support the brave: stand with Sakris “My name is Sakris Kupila. I’m a 21 year old medical student from Finland. I was a teenager when I realized that I’m transgender.” But in Finland, for Sakris to be legally recognised as a man, he would need to go through rigorous psychiatric analysis - and enforced sterilization. “I remember the moment when I realized that I should be sterile in order to change my legal gender. It was devastating, and I was just a child. I knew that, according to the government, I should not have the right to even potentially have children. It felt awful. I felt alien, like a freak. It felt like I was categorized subhuman based on my gender identity. I felt sick." Sakris' bravery is inspiring. And with just 10 seconds of your time, you can join him and demand the Finnish government respect the rights of transgender people and change their laws Sign the petition, join the brave.
  06 Nov 2017   1m33s 30 435 0
Edward Snowden - Human Rights in Turkey
Description: A direct message from Edward Snowden. Stand with him to defend human rights in Turkey.
  20 Oct 2017   43s 118 1741 0
BRAVE - Azza Soliman Story
Description: Every day, Azza Soliman risks her own safety and freedom to defend survivors of abuse in Egypt. Azza bravely speaks out for victims of torture, arbitrary detention, domestic abuse, and rape. She co-founded the centre for Egyptian women's legal assistance and later Lawyers for Justice and Peace to give much-needed legal aid, support, and literacy lessons for women in poverty and survivors of abuse. Because of their courageous and selfless work, Azza and other Egyptian Human Rights Defenders have been labelled as spies and national security threats. They have been targeted with smear campaigns and government surveillance - and security forces and pro-government media constantly harass them. Many of them face up to life in prison, as a result of the politically motivated court case known as ‘Case 173’. Recently, Azza was arrested and interrogated. She now faces charges such as slandering Egypt’s image by claiming that women in the country face rape. She has been banned from travel, her assets have been frozen - and she could face time in prison.
  20 Oct 2017   1m27s 29 372 0
How would you cope if your loved one was wrongly imprisoned in Turkey?
Description: These people have been separated from their loved ones for months, after they were wrongfully imprisoned. Their “crime”? They are human rights defenders in Turkey. They are being robbed of cherished moments: playing with their children, conversations with their friends, the birth of their baby. Among the detained are Amnesty International’s Turkey Director, İdil Eser and Turkey Chair, Taner Kılıç. They have done nothing wrong and must be released back to their families. Take action now:
  20 Oct 2017   2m17s 25 335 0
How to really make people feel welcome
Description: Aimilia Kamvysi is a grandmother from Lesvos island in Greece. She and her friends became the embodiment of solidarity when a picture of them feeding the baby of Syrian refugees went viral in 2015. Her village has welcomed refugees arriving by boat for many years. She says that even when they had nothing else to give, they gave people love, and courage. Great things happen when people come together – join the movement:
  19 Oct 2017   1m49s 36 395 0
What would you do?
Description: Stratis Valamios is a fisherman on Lesvos island in Greece. He has personally helped rescue thousands of refugees, and his whole community has come together over many years to welcome people fleeing across the sea. Stratis says helping refugees comes down to one simple fact: we’re all human. Great things happen when people come together – join the movement:
  12 Oct 2017   2m30s 58 714 0
A lesson in kindness
Description: Giorgos Sophianis is a sheep farmer from Lesvos island in Greece. He lives just up the hill from a beach where many refugees land after fleeing across the sea from Turkey. He has taken many wet, exhausted and traumatised people in, giving them milk and dry clothes. He is proud of his island and how its people have welcomed refugees, and encourages anyone else to do the same. Great things happen when people come together – join the movement:
  16 Oct 2017   1m51s 50 518 0
Give a Home
Description: #GiveaHome: 24 hours, 1000 artists, 1 powerful message 🔊SOUND ON: Over 1000 artists took part in #GiveaHome; a global day of welcome with 300+ gigs across 60 countries, with one powerful message.
  03 Oct 2017   57s 32 566 0
Yemen Airstrikes
Description: On 25 August, an air strike by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition hit a cluster of houses in Sana’a, severely damaging three of them, and killing seven children including all five of Buthaina’s brothers and sisters. The bomb that destroyed a residential building in Yemen's capital last month, killing 16 civilians and injuring 17 more - including five-year-old Buthaina who lost her entire family in the attack - was made in the USA.
  22 Sep 2017   1m4s 42 1690 0
BRAVE - Tep Vanny
Description: Brave is risking your freedom for your community Tep Vanny is a symbol of peaceful activism in Cambodia and is currently in jail as a result of her brave determination to defend the rights of others. She is a housing rights activist and for almost 10 years has been defending her community in central Phnom Penh where thousands of families have been forcibly evicted from their homes. Along with her fellow activists, many of them women, she has been targeted by the authorities and harassed, beaten, arrested and imprisoned. The government are attempting to silence her voice and show activists like her what can happen if you stand up for your rights and the rights of others. But despite the challenges she faces, Vanny has kept her determination and untiring struggle for justice. Vanny has shown bravery in the face of adversity. Join her by adding your voice Sign the petition and call on the Cambodian government to stop the crackdown on human rights defenders and release Tep Vanny immediately and unconditionally, and drop all charges against her. We will collect your signatures and send them to the Prime Minister of Cambodia and demand the unconditional release of Tep Vanny. SIGN THE PETITION HERE
  24 Aug 2017   1m9s 72 1427 0