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20 Sep 2017 description

Country Operations

In 2018, there will be Humanitarian Response Plans in 23 countries: Afghanistan, Burundi, Chad, Cameroon, CAR, DRC, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. The HRPs for Cameroon, Chad, CAR, DRC, Somalia, Haiti, Sudan, Nigeria (and potentially Niger and Afghanistan) will be multi-year Plans.

Deadline for Completion

20 Sep 2017 description

How far we’ve come - Updates on YHRP 2017 Cluster Indicators

The situation continues to deteriorate both for the families in displacement as well as for our Partners struggling to provide much needed assistance. Our Partners carried out critical work that touched the lives of 81,355 families this year.

Recent emergency displacements due to flooding and conflict were reported mainly in Taizz, Hajjah, Al Jawf, and Sa’ada Governorates to which the Sub National Clusters organized emergency responses in coordination with the local authorities.

20 Sep 2017 description

More than half a million Rohingya refugees have fled persecution in Myanmar, seeking refuge in makeshift shelters in Bangladesh. In order to respond to the growing need for medical care in Bangladesh, SAMS Global Response (SGR) has partnered with a local medical organization, Gonoshaathata Kendra (GK) to assess the situation in Cox’s Bazar and deliver medical assistance, including supporting mobile and static clinics, distributing medical supplies and addressing nutritional needs.

20 Sep 2017 description

30.5 M required for 2017

8.9 M contributions received, representing 29% of requirements

21.7 M funding gap for the Ukraine Situation

All figures are displayed in USD

20 Sep 2017 description
report European Union

The war in Syria, one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has faced since World War II, continues to have devastating and tragic consequences for its people. It is also having an increasingly destabilising impact on the wider region, through the displacement of people, the spread of terrorism, the exacerbation of political and sectarian differences.

20 Sep 2017 description
report European Union

In response to the challenges faced by Iraq, the EU adopted in March 2015 the EU Regional Strategy for Syria and Iraq as well as the ISIL/Da'esh threat, last reviewed in May 2017, which defines EU strategic objectives and combines all available EU financial instruments to tackle immediate and longer-term needs in the country.

20 Sep 2017 description
report UN News Service

20 de septiembre, 2017 — El Secretario General de Naciones Unidas solicitó hoy al Consejo de Seguridad mayor claridad en los mandatos y los presupuestos para implementar las prometidas reformas de las operaciones de paz del organismo mundial.

António Guterres subrayó en un debate de alto nivel en el Consejo de Seguridad la necesidad de más apoyo y alianzas para que las misiones de estabilización de la ONU, como las que operan en Haití y Cote d’Ivoire, puedan adaptarse a los nuevos retos de la actualidad, entre ellos la lucha contra el terrorismo.

20 Sep 2017 description

Myanmar (Burma)

After almost four weeks of so-called “clearance operations” by the security forces, nearly half of Myanmar’s ethnic Rohingya population has fled the country, with more than 420,0000 people, including 250,000 children, arriving in Bangladesh since 25 August.

20 Sep 2017 description

By Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour to be here today, and to share the floor with such distinguished colleagues - with whom UNHCR has enjoyed a strong collaboration for many years.

The New York Declaration resonated as a bold step forward for a world struggling to meet the challenges of large-scale refugee flows, and increasingly complex migratory movements.

20 Sep 2017 description

Chapter 1: Introduction and Key Findings

This report presents the findings of Round 12 of data collection, which took place between June and July 2017. Table 1 displays the number of IDPs and returnees identified across rounds from the beginning of 2017 until present. As can be seen, the number

of identified returnees had been steadily on the rise across in 2017 mirrored by a gradual decrease in the number of IDPs identi-fied in the country.

Chapter 2: IDP Profiles


20 Sep 2017 description

GENEVA (20 September 2017) - The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights today concluded its consideration of the sixth periodic report of Colombia on its implementation of the provisions of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

20 Sep 2017 description

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
September 20, 2017

20 Sep 2017 description

Washington, D.C., 19 de septiembre de 2017 (OPS/OMS) – Los países del Caribe siguen implementando acciones de respuesta en salud con el apoyo de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud, que está desplegando Equipos Regionales de Respuesta y enviando suministros médicos y humanitarios a las islas afectadas por los huracanes María e Irma. Las lluvias fuertes y el viento continúan afectando las islas Leeward, incluyendo aquellas ya afectadas por el huracán Irma.

20 Sep 2017 description

Las personas que arribaron a la cabecera municipal provenían de las veredas Cumainde y Teraimbe.


Profesionales del equipo de prevención y atención de emergencias de la Unida para las Víctimas en Nariño, entregaron ayuda humanitaria a 65 familias desplazadas de las veredas Cumainde y Teraimbe, quienes llegaron al casco urbano del municipio de Barbacoas.

20 Sep 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

ANTIGUA, 15 September 2017 –UNICEF has rolled out a programme offering psychosocial support to children whose lives were disrupted when the devastating Hurricane Irma rampaged through the northern chain of Caribbean islands on 6 September 2017.

20 Sep 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Mahfuzur Rahman

DHAKA, Sep 20 2017 (IPS) - Bangladesh is a disaster-prone country with floods hitting almost every year, leaving a trail of destruction despite having early warning systems. Now experts say it is time for the delta nation to think more seriously about how to deal with the recurring onslaughts of floods more effectively by strengthening its flood defence.