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30 Oct 2002 description
report Human Rights Watch


More than 415 Israeli and other civilians have been killed, and more than two thousand injured, as a result of attacks by armed Palestinians between September 30, 2000 and August 31, 2002. The majority of these deaths and injuries were caused by so-called suicide bombings carried out by Palestinians.

24 Oct 2002 description

24/10/2002 (UNESCO Kabul) - Afghan women living in cities and rural areas outside of Kabul can now voice, share and discuss their ideas and concerns, thanks to "Effat", a new monthly magazine dedicated to women outside of Kabul. "Effat" is produced by the "Voice of Afghan Women in Global Media" - a network of professional Afghan women journalists established in the aftermath of the Taliban era, with support from UNESCO.

17 Oct 2002 description

Part 1 Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose

The purpose of this Act, which repeals and replaces the Civil Defence Act 1983, is to-

(a) improve and promote the sustainable management of hazards (as that term is defined in this Act) in a way that contributes to the social, economic, cultural, and environmental well-being and safety of the public and also to the protection of property; and

(b) encourage and enable communities to achieve acceptable levels of risk (as that term is defined in this Act), including, without limitation,-

(i) identifying, assessing, and managing risks; …

13 Oct 2002 description

The above figures indicate only assisted returns under the ATA/GoP/GoI/UNHCR facilitated voluntary repatriation programme.

10 Oct 2002 description
report UN General Assembly

General Assembly
Official Records
Fifty-seventh Session
Supplement No. 35 (A/57/35)
United Nations New York, 2002



Letter of transmittal

I. Introduction
II. Mandate of the Committee
III. Organization of work

10 Oct 2002 description

Using a Community Liaison (CL) model that emphasizes community participation, Mines Advisory Group (MAG) prioritises minefield clearance to lessen landmines' impact on communities in Angola.

10 Oct 2002 description

Refugees International Advocate Veronika Martin and human rights lawyer Betsy Apple recently completed an assessment mission to the Thai-Burmese border.

01 Oct 2002 description
report UN Security Council

This report examines the impact of armed conflict on women and girls, the role of women in peace-building and the gender dimensions of peace processes and conflict resolution.

Aiming to highlight the roles and experiences of women and girls in armed conflict and its immediate aftermath, the report focuses on the challenges that must be addressed if progress is to be made in the achievement of the goal of gender equality in relation to peace and security.

01 Oct 2002 description

The military legacy of socialism put a heavy burden on the transition economies and their societies at large. When socialism came to an end, the armed forces became a part of the transition process -both objects and subjects at the same time. During transition, the military was affected by shifts in political, economic and financial priorities.

01 Oct 2002 description

Forced Migration Review provides a forum for the regular exchange of practical experience, information and ideas between researchers, refugees and internally displaced people, and those who work with them. It is published three times a year in English, Spanish and Arabic by the Refugee Studies Centre/University of Oxford in association with the Global IDP Project/Norwegian Refugee Council. The Spanish translation, Revista de Migraciones Forzadas, is produced by IDEI in Guatemala.

Issue 15 focuses on the challenges and opportunities faced by displaced children and adolescents.

01 Oct 2002 description
report UN Children's Fund

This document offers an evaluation of the problem of child soldiering in the East Asia and Pacific region. With current and former child soldiers expressing their ideas, thoughts, feelings and fears, the report provides a documentation of the experiences of children abducted or recruited by armed forces and groups. The study specifically addresses the following key questions:

- What is the family background of the children involved with armed groups?
- How did they become child soldiers?
- What did they experience as child soldiers?

01 Oct 2002 description

This report discusses the outcome of a conference organised by the Humanitarian Accountability Project and the World Health Organisation on the relevance of medical ethics to humanitarian actions. Its main themes included:

- Standards of care
- Weighing population interests versus individual interests
- Resource allocation in resource constrained settings

The report provides a brief review of preliminary findings, a summary of all presentations and working-group reporting as well as reviews various issues and points raised during the plenary discussions.

01 Oct 2002 description

This document wishes to answer questions related to international humanitarian law.

International humanitarian law forms a major part of public international law and comprises the rules which, in times of armed conflict, seek to protect people who are not or are no longer taking part in the hostilities, and to restrict the methods and means of warfare employed.

01 Oct 2002 description

The International Religious Freedom Report for 2002 is submitted to the Congress by the Department of State in compliance with Section 102(b) of the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of 1998.

01 Oct 2002 description

This report draws from evaluative evidence to illustrate UNDP supported small arms and light weapons initiatives, as well
as to show innovative examples from governments, civil society, and other multilateral development to promote lessons

Lessons Learned

1. Combating the uncontrolled spread and misuse of small arms and light weapons must go hand in hand with comprehensive reform of the security sector
2. Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration form a continuum that is vital to stabilizing a post-conflict situation

30 Sep 2002 description

This independent assessment examines the impact of armed conflict on women and women's role in peace-building and provides key recommendations that focus on finding ways to protect and empower women for UN agencies and the wider international community.

The report covers many areas of concern, from the gender dimensions of violence and displacement during conflict to the role of peacekeepers and the need for women to play a central part during peace negotiations and reconstruction.