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24 May 2018 description

AIDS’ impact on the labour force costs billions in lost earnings: ILO

An ILO report highlights the toll HIV and AIDS continue to take on the labour force, and its economic and social implications. The ILO calls for urgent efforts to close the treatment gaps, step up testing and prevention measures, and ensure workers can enjoy healthy and productive lives.

24 May 2018 description
report UN News Service

With a new administration in place and plans to hold free and fair general elections later this year, authorities in Zimbabwe are hoping to see greater international investment in their country, according to the top United Nations official there.

Bishow Parajuli, UN Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative for the UN Development Programme (UNDP), said now is the time to support the southern African nation.

24 May 2018 description

The Regional Director is pleased to present this report on the achievements of the African Region in the first phase of the Transformation Agenda. The report reflects on the ongoing organizational reform that has delivered successful results and strengthened the Organization’s ability to carry out its mandate. This is especially relevant as 2018 also marks the 70th anniversary of the World Health Organization and the 40th anniversary of the Declaration of Alma Ata on Health for All.

23 May 2018 description
report Plan International

This annotated bibliography seeks to update the knowledge base on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of children, adolescents and young people through exploring evidence and literature on this important topic in low- and middle-income countries.

Paying particular attention to literature published within the last decade, this report covers the following key thematic areas as they relate to SRHR:

23 May 2018 description
  • In 2018, more than 210,000 consultations were conducted in primary health care centres while more than 10,000 refugees were counselled and tested for HIV.
  • More than 1,300 patients were referred to secondary health facilities for further diagnostics and treatment.
  • More than 3,600 mothers delivered with the help of skilled birth attendants in 2018.


23 May 2018 description
report UNAIDS

The Global HIV Prevention Coalition has launched its first progress report.

Taking stock of the progress made in strengthening political commitment for HIV prevention and reducing new HIV infections, the report shows that significant progress has been made since the launch of the Global HIV Prevention Coalition six months ago. National prevention coalitions have been established to accelerate and better coordinate responses, new and ambitious prevention programme targets have been set in many countries and HIV strategies that focus on prevention have been launched.

22 May 2018 description
report The Guardian

Scarcity of antibiotic Septrin drives fears of weakened immunity among patients, setting back efforts to end Aids by 2030

The lives of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans living with HIV are being put at risk as the country runs out of a drug given to people on antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) to fight infections.

Sarah Achieng Opendi, state minister for health, told the Guardian the country’s national medical stores were running out of the antibiotic Septrin, which is used to treat and fight conditions like flu, malaria, diarrhoea and tuberculosis.

22 May 2018 description



In the face of the ethnic cleansing, some argue genocide, of the Rohingya by the Burmese authorities—and with a return to attacks against ethnic groups in the North East of Burma—it is time for the DFID once again to review its engagement with Burma.

21 May 2018 description

1.0 Background

Maternal and child malnutrition is a significant public health problem in South Sudan. Among children aged 6-59 months, 31% are stunted, 28% are underweight, and nearly 23% are acutely malnourished of which 13% are estimated to suffer from moderate acute malnutrition and 10% from severe acute malnutrition.

18 May 2018 description

During its fifteen years, PEPFAR has become one of the most important global health initiatives ever launched. However, its influence is fading, threatening the global fight against HIV/AIDS as the struggle against the pandemic faces a turning point.

Expert Brief by David P. Fidler

18 May 2018 description
report UNAIDS

A new US$ 30 million partnership to help end cervical cancer led by the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the George W. Bush Institute and UNAIDS will accelerate life-saving efforts in eight African countries.

18 May 2018 description
report African Union

Adopt key initiatives on the three diseases for consideration by African leaders

Kigali–16 May 2018: African Union Experts meeting last week urged concerted action by Member States to strengthen health systems in order to build a strong foundation to end AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2030. The consultative experts committee meets ahead of the premier meeting of Heads of State and Government that takes place every mid-year to discuss key issues for advocacy, resource mobilisation and accountability for AIDS, TB, Malaria and the broader health and development agenda.

17 May 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund


• Refugees continue to arrive from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In the reporting period, around 1,100 refugees from DRC arrived every week compared to 683 in March 2018. 5,095 new refugee arrivals from South Sudan came to Uganda in April compared to 6,397 received in March but slightly higher than 4,947 refugees received in February 2018.

• 82% of all new refugees in Uganda are women and children.

17 May 2018 description
report Voice of America

May 17, 2018 8:07 AM
Henry Ridgwell

EASTERN UKRAINE — Nearly 3.5 million people caught up in the conflict in eastern Ukraine urgently need humanitarian aid, according to the United Nations, which says its assistance program has received a fraction of the funding it needs.

Populations live under the constant threat of artillery and gun fire, mines and unexploded ordinance, and now face growing food insecurity and outbreaks of diseases, the U.N. said.

17 May 2018 description

In Uganda, if you have children or not, being gay can get you killed. Four years ago, Matofu* and his son had to flee for their lives.

After a long, harrowing journey for Matofu and ten-year-old Suphi*, the nightmare did not end when they arrived in a refugee camp in Malawi, where they both experienced further violence. It took two years to find sanctuary as asylum seekers through Malawi UNHCR. But without the advocacy efforts of a local organisation, it may never have happened.

17 May 2018 description
report UNAIDS

GENEVA, 17 May 2018—On HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, 18 May, UNAIDS is calling for an increase in research and investment to find an effective vaccine to protect people against HIV and stop new HIV infections. In 2016, around 1.8 million people were newly infected with HIV and although the number of new infections has declined in recent years, the world is still far from achieving the UNAIDS Fast-Track Target of reducing new HIV infections to fewer than 500 000 by 2020.

16 May 2018 description

In Numbers

583.92 mt of food assistance distributed in April 2018

3,350 returnees and vulnerable hosts registered to participate in livelihood activities from March to June 2018

US$ 4.929 m six months (May-October 2018) net funding requirements

145,849 people assisted in April 2018

Operational Updates

16 May 2018 description


  • Joint supervision and monitoring visit to Daware Host community in Fufore LGA

  • Commencement of the Operational Health Sector Working Group meeting (OHSWG) in Mubi North LGA

  • Operational Inter-Sector Working Group (OISWG) team visit from Borno to Mubi North in Adamawa State

  • Updates on the Voluntary and dignified repatriation of over 4,600 refugees of Adamawa State extraction from Cameroon