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09 Apr 2015 description


The highlights below are based on the information from the central, northern and southern islands for the period 27-31 March 2015. The report includes new information from the agriculture and health teams that visited the northern and southern islands and public works team in Nui.

• A total of 39 homes were totally destroyed (12 in Nui Island, 15 in Nanumea, and 12 in Nanumanga).

• The Nanumanga clinic suffered severe infrastructure damage.

• The clinic in Niutao Island was partially damaged.

30 Mar 2015 description


• The Government and humanitarian partners continue to deliver food, shelter, fuel, clothes, water treatment tablets, medical supplies, and other relief items to the affected islands.

• Rapid assessments have been carried out on the three northern islands (Nanumanga, Niutao,
Nanumea) and the three central islands (Nui,
Nukufetau, Vaitupu).

• Nui suffered the worst damage of the three central islands, with significant damage to crops and livestock.

22 Mar 2015 description


The highlights below are based on the current information from the Central islands (Nui, Nukufetau, Vaitupu and Funafuti). Assessment of the northern island group is continuing.

  • Ongoing adverse weather and unreliable communication with the outer islands has hampered information gathering and relief efforts.

  • There are ongoing issues with power and internet across affected islands and inter-island communication remains a challenge.

  • There are 90 known families displaced.