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30 Nov 2018 description

SP: Thank you very much and good morning ladies and gentlemen, and members of the press corp. As you all know the Special Envoy, Staffan de Mistura is currently still in Astana, and it is because of this absence, his absence, due to the Astana meeting, he had asked me on the occasion of Jan Egeland’s last day as Senior Adviser and Chair of the ISSG Humanitarian Task Force, to deliver a very brief, personal message, so what I am about to say now is a direct quote from Special Envoy de Mistura from Astana:

16 Nov 2018 description

JE: Thank you very much, we just completed a Humanitarian Task Force meeting. It was a meeting where we had some rare moments of feeling that we achieved, through humanitarian diplomacy, what we have so many times before failed to.

27 Sep 2018 description

Our analysis shows that millions of ‘people caught in crisis’ - people living in conflict, and/or who are displaced within their own countries or across borders – are in fact being left behind. Failure to take action now means that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be met, undermining the credibility of the international community and leaving millions to die unnecessarily.

06 Jul 2018 description

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s global efforts to end extreme poverty, deliver the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and tackle a wide range of global development challenges. The UK’s focus and international leadership on economic development is a vital part of Global Britain - harnessing the potential of new trade relationships, creating jobs and channelling investment to the world’s poorest countries. Throughout history, sustained, job-creating growth has played the greatest role in lifting huge numbers of people out of grinding poverty.

28 Jun 2018 description

JE: Thank you. We just finished the work of the Humanitarian Task Force today, we have had now three meetings in a row where we have had themes discussed in addition to the reports from the field. The themes are urgent, difficult, important. Today was discussed the possible humanitarian consequences on the sanctions on Syria, or coercive measures, as they are called. We have had a meeting, three meetings ago, on the so-called law 10, which is on the ownership to land, and housing in Syria, and we have had a special meeting on health care and attacks on health care in Syria.

18 Apr 2018 description
report European Commission

Seven years of war in Syria have taken an enormous toll on the civilian population in the country, causing one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has faced since World War II.

11 Jan 2018 description

Compendium on Good and Innovative Practices in the Regional Response to the Syria and Iraq Crisis: Volume II launched by UNHCR-UNDP Joint Secretariat

Jan 11, 2018 | News, Press Release

17 Oct 2017 description


  • Ar Raqqah offensive displaces nearly 268,800 people since April; up to 8,000 people remain in two neighborhoods in city of Ar Raqqah

  • Humanitarian convoys reach city of Dayr az Zawr following SARG military advances into the city in September

  • USG humanitarian assistance to Syria reaches nearly $7.5 billion since start of Syria crisis


31 Aug 2017 description


  • Ar Raqqah offensive displaces more than 271,200 people; up to 25,000 people remain in five Ar Raqqah neighborhoods

  • State/PRM partner UNHCR commences expansion of Areesheh IDP camp in anticipation of additional IDP arrivals from Ar Raqqah and Dayr az Zawr governorates

  • Health actors record 62 attacks on health care facilities from January to June


04 Aug 2017 description


  • USG announces $140 million in additional humanitarian assistance for refugees from Syria and host communities in Lebanon

  • SDF-led offensive continues to drive displacement from and within Ar Raqqah, with more than 45,000 displacements recorded in June and July

  • WHO launches poliovirus vaccination campaign in Al Hasakah, Ar Raqqah, and Dayr az Zawr


30 Jun 2017 description


  • Relief convoys provide food assistance and nutritional support to previously inaccessible areas of Ar Raqqah, Dayr az Zawr, Homs, and Rif Damascus.

  • U.S.-backed SDF offensive on ISIS-held parts of Ar Raqqah displaces nearly 102,000 people from May 1 to June 15.

  • USG partners and other humanitarian agencies augment support in response to growing needs in Ar Raqqah.


30 Jun 2017 description
report Jordan INGO Forum
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In this issue:

  • Innovative education interventions to keep children in schools
  • JIF addresses needs of non-Syrian refugees
  • Refugees living in Informal Tented Settlements remain vulnerable
  • JIF supports Jordanians through peacebuilding and leadership training sessions
  • JIF’s advocacy
  • Refugee voices – continuing education and looking to the future

Humanitarian overview


01 Jun 2017 description


  • SDF offensive against ISIS-held parts of Ar Raqqah displaces nearly 160,100 people between April 1 and May 23

  • SDF gains control of Al Thawrah and Tabqa Dam, enabling IDP returns to the area

  • SARG regains control of city of Homs following final evacuations of opposition fighters and their families from the city’s Al Wa’er neighborhood


18 May 2017 description
  • Entering its seventh year of conflict, Syria has triggered the world's largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Internal displacements of population persist and the number of refugees has passed the 5-million mark as fighting continues in the country.

16 May 2017 description


La politique belge en matière de développement international subit de profondes transformations.
Dans l’élan des Objectifs de développement durable, nous définissons dans de nombreux domaines une nouvelle approche et endossons un leadership international, avec pour mot d’ordre l’innovation.
La Belgique joue un rôle de premier plan dans le domaine de la numérisation et du développement. Sous son impulsion, l’Union européenne a décidé d’accorder désormais une place de choix aux technologies numériques dans le cadre de sa politique de développement.

16 May 2017 description
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The Belgian international development policy is undergoing a complete transformation. Under the impulse of the Sustainable Development Goals we opt in many different fields for a new approach and for international leadership. Innovation is the key word in this context.