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21 Aug 2018 description
report Start Network


The monthly risk briefing provides information on global weather, volcanic, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund’s Crisis Anticipation Window. It reports on new, emerging or deteriorating situations; therefore, ongoing events that are considered to be unchanged are not featured and risks that are beyond the scope and scale of the Start Fund are also not featured.

20 Aug 2018 description
report REACH Initiative

As a consequence of the ongoing economic crisis and social turmoil in Venezuela, an increasing number of Venezuelans are crossing the northern border to Brazil to seek asylum, safety and better livelihood opportunities. According to estimates, over 50,000 Venezuelans are living in Brazil currently, of which half in the northern city of Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima state.

19 Aug 2018 description

Thursday, 16 August 2018 10:11 GMT

As climate change brings worsening storms and other extreme weather, measuring financial losses and deaths may not be enough

By Sebastian Rodriguez

CORRALILLO, Costa Rica, Aug 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When tropical storm Nate hit Costa Rica in 2017, it lashed the Central American nation for three days. Nearly a year later, memories of the storm are still fresh for many - including for Marielos Alvarado.

18 Aug 2018 description

At least 44 people have died in Congo's tenth Ebola outbreak since the deadly virus was discovered in the 1970s

By Nellie Peyton

DAKAR, Aug 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A deadly Ebola outbreak in a conflict-hit area of the Democratic Republic of Congo poses an "unprecedented" challenge to health workers trying to access victims and contain the disease, medical charities said on Friday.

15 Aug 2018 description
report REACH Initiative

The towns of Baashiqa and Bahzani (hereafter referred to as Baashiqa), located in the Ninewa Plains, 13 km northeast of Mosul city have historically hosted a diverse set of population groups and a majority of residents are reported to be Yezidi. Apart from Yezidis, these groups include Christians, Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, and Shabak.

14 Aug 2018 description
report Salesian Missions

(MissionNewswire) Alamin Abkar, a married 34 year old father of three, has been able to launch his own business in Egypt thanks to the Salesian Missions Sunrise Project. A refugee from the Sudan who is responsible for caring for his wife and children, Abkar is blind but did not want to let his impairment stop him from earning a living in his new community.

09 Aug 2018 description
report REACH Initiative

The armed conflict of Eastern Ukraine will reach a five year milestone in 2019. With limited prospects of a lasting ceasefire, the ongoing fighting between government forces and armed opposition groups continues to affect the humanitarian needs of populations living in the contested regions of Ukraine. Areas that have seen some of the most severe impacts of the conflict are regions in the vicinity of the line of contact or the line separating Eastern Ukraine into government-controlled and non-government-controlled areas.

08 Aug 2018 description
report REACH Initiative


La crise du bassin du Lac Tchad, débutée en 2015 avec les attaques du groupe armé Boko Haram (BH)1, continue de déstabiliser la région du Lac au Tchad et de provoquer d’importants mouvements de populations. En 2015, près de 80 000 personnes avaient déjà dû quitter leurs villages sur les îles du Lac en réponse à l’insécurité. Fin 2017, une triple dynamique était ainsi à l’oeuvre dans la région.

08 Aug 2018 description
report REACH Initiative


Following the outbreak of violence in Juba in July 2016, the conflict in South Sudan expanded to previously peaceful areas, including the Greater Equatoria region (Central, Eastern, and Western Equatoria states). Many areas in the Greater Equatoria region are largely inaccessible to humanitarian actors due to insecurity. As a result, only limited information is available on the humanitarian situation outside of a few large towns and displacement sites.

04 Aug 2018 description

To enable a more in-depth understanding of the resident populations in “abrigos” sites in Boa Vista city and elsewhere in Roraima state, providing regularly updated information to contribute to ongoing UNHCR planning and programming in these locations.

03 Aug 2018 description

On 1 August, a new Ebola Virus outbreak was declared in Mabalako health zone, Beni territory, Nord Kivu, when four samples collected from patients suffering from an ‘unknown disease’ tested positive for the virus. So far, 33 cases including 20 deaths (CFR: 60.6%) have been reported, though the latest official press release states 26 cases and 20 deaths as of 28 July. The declaration of this outbreak followed detection of a significant cluster of suspected viral haemorrhagic fever in July in Nord Kivu.

03 Aug 2018 description
report The Global Fund

Les personnes et les communautés les plus touchées par le VIH, la tuberculose et le paludisme apportent des contributions essentielles à la mission du Fonds mondial d’en finir avec ces trois épidémies tout en mettant en place des systèmes de santé plus forts et plus réactifs.

03 Aug 2018 description
report The Global Fund

The individuals and communities most affected by HIV, TB and malaria make critical contributions to the Global Fund’s mission to accelerate the end of the three diseases as epidemics, while building stronger, more responsive systems for health.

Community voices and leadership in governance, implementation and oversight of Global Fund-supported programs is essential to achieving lasting impact.

31 Jul 2018 description
report REACH Initiative

An estimate of 1.4 million internally displaced persons or IDPs reside in Idleb governorate and the surrounding opposition-held areas of western Aleppo and north-western Hama. The figure has come to represent one of Syria’s largest IDP populations and the vast number of people who continue to live in dire conditions in overburdened host communities. These conditions have been further exasperated by the significant escalation of conflict the region has seen since November 2017.

30 Jul 2018 description
report REACH Initiative


Located 90 kilometres (km) east of the border with Syria and 250 km northwest of Baghdad, Ana is one of the main urban centres in the western part of Iraq’s Anbar governorate. The town lies on the shores of the Euphrates river and is the capital of Ana district, which mainly consists of desert. Prior to 2014, the predominantely Sunni Arab population of Ana was approximately 40,000 people.

27 Jul 2018 description
report Salesian Missions

(MissionNewswire) Early in 2018, Salesian missionaries received a shipment of food, medicines and other items from Canada for their mission in San Benito Petén, Guatemala. Among the items received were 10 cases of protective masks for nurses which was far beyond what the mission though they could use. The masks proved extremely useful after the Fuego volcanic eruption that happened on Sunday, June 3.