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21 Aug 2017 description

New survey reveals alarming malnutrition rates in Turkana, East Pokot, Mandera, Samburu, and West Pokot

Nearly 73,000 children in Kenya are severely malnourished and at risk of dying from drought-related hunger unless urgent aid is made immediately available.

The warning comes as results from joint nutrition assessments conducted by the County Departments of Health and UNICEF, and nine aid organisations working on the ground— including Save the Children—are revealed.

09 Aug 2017 description
report Food for the Hungry


Yemen was the poorest country in the Arab world even before the civil war that has raged there since 2014. Now, Yemen’s children are suffering a one-two-three punch of war, famine and disease.

With the nation’s infrastructure reduced to rubble, most Yemenis struggle to find basic necessities and can only dream of medical care.

03 Sep 2015 description
report Food for the Hungry

Contact: Megan Rose
Gordon C. James Public Relations
Office: (602) 274-1988
Cell: (602) 690-0801

Celebrates Meeting of Development Goals

04 Aug 2015 description
report Food for the Hungry

PHOENIX (August 3, 2015) – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overwhelming research has shown that breastfeeding provides the perfect nutrition to promote healthy growth and brain development for infants. Breast milk has also been shown to provide protection from life threatening illnesses such as respiratory infection and diarrheal disease as well obesity and non-communicable diseases like diabetes and asthma.

19 Feb 2015 description
report Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry (FH) started working in Indonesia after the December 2004 tsunami that killed 283,000 people. We help people in devastated communities to rebuild their lives and their homes. In 2011, we began long-term development work in agriculture, education and income generation. Here are some of the areas in which we’ve been engaged:

27 Nov 2014 description

Las oenegésintegrantes del Equipo Humanitario de Paísfrente a la gravedad de la situación causada por la prolongada canícula y en consecuencia la emergencia en seguridad alimentaria que viven miles de familias guatemaltecas en comunidades del Corredor Seco y que se prolongara en 2015, manifiestan su preocupación con la falta de financiación nacional e internacional para poder atender la respuesta a la emergencia en seguridad alimentaria de forma integral y participativa.

22 Oct 2014 description
report Food for the Hungry

Contact: Megan Rose
Gordon C. James Public Relations
Office: (602) 274-1988
Cell: (602) 690-0801

PHOENIX (October 21, 2014) – Food for the Hungry (FH), through an Integral Alliance partnership that includes Medical Teams International (MTI), is helping to prevent Ebola from spreading in Liberia, working in seven Liberian counties.

05 Oct 2014 description
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From Crisis to Catastrophe
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From Crisis to Catastrophe - Summary

Aid agencies warn of famine next year as upsurge in fighting imminent

Agencies fear recent improvements will be wiped out as the number of severely hungry people will rise by 1 million in first three months of 2015

A group of leading aid agencies warned today that parts of South Sudan – already the world’s worse food crisis – could fall into famine early next year if the nine-month long conflict escalates as expected.

02 Apr 2014 description
report Food for the Hungry

During 100 horrifying days in 1994, approximately 800,000 Tutsi people were systematically killed in what is now known as the Rwandan Genocide. The massacre left many surviving children, such as 6-year-old Liberatha Ingabrire, as the heads of their families.

21 Jun 2013 description
report Food for the Hungry

by Kevin Miller on June 20, 2013

Hunger is a very real fear in life. For those who are used to a middle-class lifestyle to be thrown into a refugee’s existence—it’s a nightmare. For Yussef Hawas, that nightmare became reality as his family fled the bombings and violence in Syria to go to Lebanon.

On their tenth day in Lebanon, Yussef Hawas’* family was eating bread and potatoes. They had only eaten bread during their first week in the foreign country.

17 Oct 2012 description
report Food for the Hungry

Contact: Renee Targos
Phone: 480-609-7772
Email: rtargos@fh.org

WHO: Food for the Hungry and partner Dimagi Inc.
WHAT: Connected World Forum Award Nomination
WHY: Launch of Pilot Health Project in Rural Mozambique
HOW: Provide cell phone-based access to vital healthcare data
SERVED: 5,000 Children Under Age 5 at Risk for Malnutrition

A project led by Food for the Hungry and Dimagi Inc., an international technology company, has been nominated for the Connected World Forum Awards.

27 Sep 2012 description
report Food for the Hungry

by Martin on SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 in DISASTER RELIEF

With Hurricane Isaac recently causing havoc in Haiti, it is a good time to reflect that even when Haiti is not in the news for storms or earthquakes, FH is active behind-the-scenes helping local leaders create healthy and disaster-resilient communities. One of these cases is Belladere, a town close to the border of the Dominican Republic. It’s densely populated and poor, and only about half the inhabitants get a school education.

11 Sep 2012 description
report Food for the Hungry

Contact: Renee Targos
Phone: 480-457-0303
Email: rtargos@fh.org

More than 3 million preschool and school age children treated annually

PHOENIX (Sept. 11, 2012) – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 400 million children worldwide suffer from intestinal worms, which can cause stunted growth and leave victims with acute abdominal pain, lethargy and an inability to concentrate.

25 Aug 2012 description
report Food for the Hungry

by Jeremy Reis on AUGUST 25, 2012 in DISASTER RELIEF

Tropical Storm Isaac passed through Haiti and the Dominican Republic (DR) early this morning. The FH Emergency Response Unit has been in regular contact with the field. FH Haiti Country Director Bekele Hankebo and FH DR Program Director Cristopher Garrido reported that while it is still raining in both countries, the worst has passed, and that the damage does not appear to be as bad as feared.

09 Aug 2012 description
report Food for the Hungry

Three days of monsoon rains caused flooding in nine provinces in the Philippines. The flooding forced approximately 250,000 people from their homes. Many of Food for the Hungry’s communities located near fast-moving, overflowing rivers have evacuated.

Several FH staff have experienced flooding in their homes, like FH/Philippines Country Director Debbie Toribio.

Here is an update from Debbie from the field:

27 Apr 2012 description
report Food for the Hungry

In this Issue

Putting knowledge to practice

From grumpy to grateful

Tradition or tippy tap?

Health expert help community

09 Dec 2011 description
report Food for the Hungry

If you've been around FH for a while, you know we don't give a lot of handouts because they're simply not that helpful in the long run. Instead, much of our work is to encourage and equip people to educate their own children, to strengthen their family relationships, and to provide for themselves.

11 Oct 2011 description
report Food for the Hungry

In a recent report from FH field staff in Kenya, one of the challenges listed to FH's new Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision program was that every day, there was a long line of men waiting for the procedure--more men than the project could handle.

The World Health Organization reports that circumcision lowers by about 60 percent the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men, which is why the procedure has exploded in popularity in developing countries the past couple of years.

10 Aug 2011 description
report Food for the Hungry

I always sort of had an idea that women and girls living in extreme poverty suffered a bit more than men from disasters like war, a flood, an earthquake or a drought -- it just seems logical, if you think about it. But I had no idea how much more acutely they feel pain from these events until I started to research it.

26 Jan 2011 description
report Food for the Hungry

Rebuilding Haiti

This past year showed many hardships in Haiti.

January 12 marks the one year anniversary of the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that killed 230,000 people and left 1 million people homeless. With cholera outbreaks and political riots, Haitians suffered loss in 2010 on multiple levels.

Haiti also experienced recovery and renewed hope. Motivated by Christ's love for the vulnerable, Food for the Hungry created programs to assist Haitians in rebuilding their lives and create dreams for 2011.