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16 Oct 2018 description

On 10 October, one anesthetist from AMDA Indonesia partook in three surgical operations in Palu, a city severely devastated by the quake. Meanwhile, the joint team of Japanese medical personnel and local doctors saw nine patients at Anutapura Hospital whose symptoms include crush injuries and abscess.

16 Oct 2018 description

On 07 October, the team of one doctor and two nurses from Japan arrived in Makassar, Indonesia to join the relief work in Palu, Central Sulawesi for the catastrophic earthquake that struck the region on 28 September. After having a meeting with Dr. A. Husni Tanra (Chairperson of AMDA Indonesia) about further relief activities, the doctor and one of the nurses left for disaster-hit Palu City to join AMDA Indonesia’s medical team. The other nurse stayed in Makassar as a liaison to coordinate the relief work.

09 Oct 2018 description

In response to the devastating earthquake that hit Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, AMDA’s medical relief team has been engaged in the relief work in the city of Palu since 02 October. AMDA’s medical team has worked in two local hospitals, namely, Undata Hospital and Anutapura Hospital, to partake in a series of surgical operations and injury treatment. Following the first batch of relief team (two anesthetists and two medical students), the second team arrived in Palu on the 5th to join the aid work.

04 Oct 2018 description

On 02 October 2018, a team of medical personnel (two doctors and two medical students) from AMDA Indonesia which left Makassar arrived in the severely devastated city of Palu in Central Sulawesi after a 27-hour boat ride.

Upon arrival, the team immediately started working at Undata Hospital in the city to partake in five surgical operations. Their work includes administering anesthesia as well as general relief coordination. As of the 3rd, two of the members have remained in the hospital while two others have moved to take care of patients in Anutapura Hospital.

03 Oct 2018 description

Upon completing relief work in Benguet and Pangasinan, AMDA personnel arrived in Cebu which was devastated by the monsoon. After procuring food and medical goods in Cebu’s capital, the personnel moved to Naga, the hardest-hit area in the region.

02 Oct 2018 description

In response to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Central Sulawesi on 28 September, AMDA has launched relief activities in the hard-hit regions including Palu and Donggala. Numerous sways have been recorded thus far with the largest quake marking 7.4 magnitude (inducing 3-meter tsunami.) According to AMDA’s local contact, the death toll is expected to top 1,000, leaving millions affected.

02 Oct 2018 description

On the evening of 28 September, AMDA collaborated with the Philippine Air Force to provide relief goods in the town of Itogon in Benguet Province which was heavily devastated by the landslides. A set of relief supplies including rice, instant noodles, tinned food, crackers and coffee were provided to 100 families that were evacuated at Lower Gomok Coop in the Ucab district.

26 Sep 2018 description

In response to the typhoon and monsoon that struck the Philippines since mid-September, AMDA decided to send one coordinator to organize relief activities in the affected regions. The AMDA personnel will leave Japan on 26 September (local time) as plans had been discussed with several local counterparts that requested AMDA’s assistance.

1) Relief activities for Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong):

11 Sep 2018 description

AMDA has formed a multi-national medical team which conducted relief activities in response to the recent flood in India. AMDA has also received cooperation from AMDA India and local cooperative bodies such as the Chengannur Rotary Club and Sewa Bharati. After completing their activities in Karnataka State on 5 September, the AMDA team returned to Kerala State to continue providing medical relief there.

10 Sep 2018 description

In response to the floods in India, AMDA put together a multi-national medical team to provide emergency medical relief to those affected in Kerala State. Further, from 3rd September, the AMDA team divided into two groups, one of which conducted emergency medical relief in neighbouring Karnataka State.

At Madikeri, Kodagu in Karnataka State:

08 Sep 2018 description

(8th September report)

The two coordinators dispatched from AMDA Headquarters arrived at Asahikawa Airport at 3pm on 7 September, then travelled to Sapporo by car.

04 Sep 2018 description

The AMDA team has been continuing its relief activities in Chengannur City in Kerala State.

14 Feb 2018 description

In response to the ongoing Mt. Mayon eruption in the Philippines, AMDA conducted emergency relief in Camalig, Albay Province located approximately 500km south of Manila. After arriving in the capital on 09 February, a coordinator from AMDA Headquarters joined a medical team from AMDA Philippines to move to Camalig, the city at the foot of the volcano. As they reached the locality on the 10th, they immediately launched medical relief at Cotmon National High School in which an evacuation center was set.

26 Dec 2017 description

In response to the devastating typhoon that struck the whole island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines on 22 December 2017, AMDA will be sending a team of relief personnel to Cagayan de Oro in the Province of Misamis Oriental. The torrential rain has caused the flooding of Cagayan River in the region, affecting the city located in the downstream area.

21 Dec 2017 description

On 16 December 2017, Typhoon Urduja, which landed on Samal, in the center of the Philippines, caused extensive damage to the area. According to the local coverage on 19 December, 41 deaths were reported. NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) said over 1,000,000 people have been affected by the disaster, and 100,000 were forced to evacuate. Also, more than 300 districts were said to be flooded with which most of them are still being submerged. Accordingly, this led the power and water supplies to get suspended in some locations.

15 Nov 2017 description

In response to the influx of Rohingya refugees seeking asylum in the border areas of Bangladesh, AMDA Bangladesh and AMDA Headquarters have launched medical relief at Kutupalang refugee camp in Ukhia district, 45 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar. Authorized by the Bangladeshi government, AMDA Bangladesh has started offering medical services after setting up a temporary clinic on October 22nd.

06 Oct 2017 description

On the morning of 27 September 2017, AMDA-Tenrikyo joint team visited an elementary school which was used as an evacuation center in La Novena Seccion, Juchitan, in Oaxaca Province. Though the security was tightened for burglary prevention, the team was admitted to the facility after negotiating with the facility representative.

28 Sep 2017 description

In the morning of 26th of September local time, the joint team of AMDA and Tenrikyo’s Branch office in Mexico headed to Juchitan, Oaxaca state from Mexico City. Based on the local information that diapers for both babies and adults, sanitary napkins and tarpaulins were in short, the team procured them in Salina Cruz, the closest city, in the afternoon, then moved to Juchitan in the evening.

27 Sep 2017 description

On the morning of 24 September 2017, AMDA team comprising personnel from AMDA and Tenrikyo Mexico Office entered the state of Morelos to conduct a needs survey in four locations. Morelos is approximately 150 kilometers south of Mexico City, the capital.

The overall ground surveys revealed that much of the needs had already been fulfilled in Morelos (and Mexico City), hence, there seemed to be no need for emergency assistance.

27 Sep 2017 description

Upon arrival at Mexico City, AMDA nurse met with a local cooperator, Tenrikyo Mexico local office and had a meeting to share the local affect from the earthquake as well as to discuss about the plan. Our local cooperator office had a little physical damage from the earthquake. Electricity supply was resumed after 2 days, however, water supply has been stopped still.