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21 Nov 2014 description
report Enough Project

Report Exposes Mass-Scale Human Suffering in Nuba Mountains, Sudan

Researchers Detail Devastating Consequences of Sudan Government’s War on Civilians

November 20, 2014 (Washington DC) --- A new report published today by the Enough Project details widespread human suffering due to the Sudan government's three-year military campaign targeting civilians living in the Nuba Mountains.

28 Aug 2014 description
report Enough Project

For the 14,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living at Tong Ping Protection of Civilians (POC) site in Juba, news and life-saving information circulates not by television or internet, but by boda boda. Broadcast from speakers attached to the backs of motorcycles, Boda Boda Talk Talk responds to IDP needs and addresses challenges in Tong Ping in an innovative, culturally-relevant manner. The Internews program delivers vital information on food, medical assistance, services for women, education opportunities, and family reunification.

19 Aug 2014 description
report Enough Project

Editor's Note: This blog was written by a doctor working in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, and reflects the opinion and experiences of the author alone. It has been published anonymously to protect the author's identity and safety.

As may become clear if you continue reading I’m a doctor, not a writer. I practice family medicine in the US. But the situation I witnessed while volunteering in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan compels me to write and tell the story of what is happening there.

13 Dec 2013 description
report Enough Project

Given the limits on access to rebel-held areas of Sudan’s Blue Nile state, there has been little information made public about the situation civilians face. In an effort to document the scope of their needs, an international non-governmental organization conducted a series of verification missions to rebel-held parts of the state in mid-2013. Due to security concerns, the organization wishes to remain anonymous. However, to raise awareness about the situation, they have requested the Enough Project make public their findings.

29 Mar 2013 description
report Enough Project

Posted by Carrie Beason on Mar 28, 2013

In recent months, a hepatitis E epidemic has spread to four refugee camps situated in Maban County along the border of Sudan and South Sudan. Nearly 113,000 Sudanese refugees live in these four crowded camps in Upper Nile State. Currently, South Sudan hosts over 190,000 refugees who have fled from the Sudanese government’s campaign of violence against civilians. Thus far, the hepatitis E outbreak has affected more than 7,287 refugees and resulted in 128 deaths.

18 Oct 2012 description
report Enough Project

New Report Documents Government of Sudan’s Starvation Warfare Against Its Own People

SOUTH KORDOFAN, Sudan – Food security conditions in South Kordofan, Sudan are dramatically declining, and malnutrition among children in the rebel-held areas of the conflict-torn state is on the rise, according to a new report showing findings from the first international rapid food security and nutritional assessment conducted in South Kordofan since 2011.

10 Jul 2012 description
report Enough Project

Editor’s Note: As part of the series Enough 101, this post is intended to provide a contextual background for understanding the complex issues that the Enough Project works on.

24 Feb 2012 description
report Enough Project

JUBA, South Sudan -- As famine or near famine conditions in South Kordofan and Blue Nile set in, the United Nations, African Union, and League of Arab States presented a proposal earlier this month that has the potential to pave the way for international humanitarian aid to reach civilian populations throughout the two Sudanese states.

07 Feb 2012 description
report Enough Project

JUBA, South Sudan -- The long-standing Lou Nuer-Murle feud in Jonglei state claimed the lives of a large number of civilians when some 6,000 Lou Nuer youth attacked the rival Murle in Pibor town at the end of December and early January. United Nations officials in the country cannot provide the exact number of people killed, but the U.N. estimates that 140,000 people were affected by the violence.