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20 Nov 2015 description

At a press conference on the refugee crisis earlier today, the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Boštjan Šefic, and the Civil Protection Commander, Srečko Šestan, outlined the current situation with regard to the arrival and accommodation of refugees. According to Šefic, yesterday was one of the most difficult days yet for everyone involved in managing the refugee crisis and providing care to refugees, as Slovenia received nearly 10,000 people. Another 4300 people had arrived in Slovenia by noon today.

02 Nov 2015 description

Over the last fortnight, the police work was mainly dictated by the intensified security situation caused by masses of migrants entering our country. It appears that the situation, which we have so far managed with great efforts, began to ease yesterday. However, because of the significant interest of domestic and foreign public, the Slovenian Police and the Ministry of the Interior are providing below some explanations and answers to the most common questions about police activities in the last few weeks and in the future.

01 Nov 2015 description

At today's press conference, the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Boštjan Šefic, said that the influx of migrants has slowed slightly compared to the previous days, so all activities are running normally.

This is supported by figures from yesterday and the day before, because 5,341 migrants arrived yesterday, and 2,168 by 6.00 today, which is significantly less that on 21 October, when almost 13,000 arrived in a day, said Šefic.

28 Oct 2015 description

“The first responses of EU member states are coming in with regard to deploying police forces,” the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Boštjan Šefic, told today’s press conference.

Assistance was offered by Austria, which has already sent officers, while others are expected from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Spain and France, said Šefic. Slovenia expects other EU member states to do the same.

27 Oct 2015 description

“The situation with the arrival of refugees and migrants in Slovenia is still very challenging, both due to the number of people entering the country every day and the dispersed manner of their entry along the Slovenian–Croatian border,” the State Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior, Boštjan Šefic, told the press at today’s conference. Despite everything, Slovenia is keeping the situation under control in the face of the refugee crisis, although with immense effort.

26 Oct 2015 description

According to the Slovenian Police, a total of 9,925 refugees and migrants arrived in Slovenia yesterday and another 1,950 had arrived by noon today. 22 buses are scheduled to arrive at the Zavrč border crossing this afternoon. The Rigonce crossing remains the entry point with the highest traffic. There were a total of 9,364 people at reception and accommodation centres as at noon today, most of whom, 3,179, were accommodated in Brežice, while 3,000 and 1,000 were accommodated in Dobova and Rigonce, respectively. 5,860 refugees and migrants have left Slovenia today.

26 Oct 2015 description

According to the figures provided by the Slovenian police, 9,500 refugees and migrants entered Slovenia yesterday, while almost 5,600 arrived by noon today. The most high traffic point of entry is still Rigonce. As at noon today, there were a total of 9000 people at reception centres and accommodation centres, most of whom, i.e. 4,500 were in Brežice, while 2083 and 1,400 were accommodated in Brežice and Šentilj, respectively. 1,780 migrants have left Slovenia today. By noon today, a total of 57,900 refugees and migrants had entered Slovenia.