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30 Dec 2013 description
report Government of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman has sent humanitarian aid to for the drought-hit people of Djibouti. The aid items included 42 tonnes of medicines, two ambulances, 20 tonnes of medical equipments, including X-rays, ultrasound and ECG machines among other things. Omani authorities have had discussion with Djibouti officials about the needs of their people and Omani aid is designed to address Djibouti requirements, Ali Ibrahim Shenoon al Raisi, Executive Chairman, Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO), told the Observer. Children are particularly vulnerable to the impact of the drought.

20 Feb 2012 description
report Government of Oman

The Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) yesterday dispatched a private ship with Omani aid onboard for the displaced and famine-hit people in Somalia. The ship is carrying aid amounted to more than 1,000 tonnes of medicines, medical equipment, food stuff and shelter materials for the Somalis displaced from famine in the north of the country.

26 Dec 2011 description
report Government of Oman

The Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) announced that the Omani relief team has completed the task of distributing five batches of aid meant for the Libyan people. A source at the OCO stated that the team distributed the fifth batch of aid last Thursday and Friday. This included medical equipment and devices, medicines and computers to serve hospitals and health centres in the northern cities, including the capital Tripoli.

21 Nov 2011 description
report Government of Oman

The Omani Relief Team yesterday distributed the fourth batch of Omani aid to the Libyan people in Al Jabal al Gharbi area. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) said that 22 trucks with 390 tonnes of medicines, medical devices and supplies, foodstuff and special aids to schools has entered Libya. The source affirmed that the Omani aid to Libyans will continue till the end of this year. The Sultanate is always at the forefront of humanitarian and charitable activities.

20 Sep 2011 description
report Government of Oman

As per the Royal directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Omani Charitable Organisation (OCO) will start from today dispatching Omani relief aid to those affected in Somalia through an air strip.
The first and second flights will head for Mogadishu International Airport at 8 am with 90 tonnes of foodstuff, medicines and tents.

Chief Executive Officer of OCO said the first consignment, 720 tonnes, includes medical supplies and equipment, foodstuffs, relief materials and tents.

09 Sep 2011 description
report Government of Oman

The relief team of Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) continues transporting and delivering Omani relief assistance to the displaced people in Abyan province of Yemen for the third day running yesterday. So far, three consignments of Omani relief materials left for Aden.

An Omani team there will undertake their distribution. More cargo flights are expected to take off to Aden today and tomorrow.

The relief aid consists of medicines, medical equipment, foodstuff and other items weighing 1,050 tonnes and planned to be sent in five consignments.

08 Sep 2011 description
report Government of Oman

In response to the Royal directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Sultanate, represented by Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO), has sent a consignment of Omani aid to those who flee Abyan, Lahj and Aden governorates in Yemen.

The Omani relief assistance was transported on many flights, the first of which left Muscat for Aden yesterday.

The 1,058-tonne aid, which will be transported on board five planes, includes medicines, medical appliances, foodstuff and other relief materials.

07 Sep 2011 description
report Government of Oman

On the orders of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Oman Charitable Organisation (OCO) will send next week relief aid to all stricken areas in Somalia. Ali bin Ibrahim Shanoon al Raisi, CEO of OCO, said that the organisation prepared a programme to extend an airstrip between Muscat and Mogadishu, in addition to a number of consignments by be sent by sea.

08 Nov 2009 description
report Government of Oman

As per the Royal directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to provide humanitarian aid to people in areas hit by the earthquake in the western Indonesian Island of Sumatra last month, Omani teams continued to fly relief supplies to the stricken areas for the second week as part of the first stage of assistance. Stage one includes urgent assistance to 3,021 people that includes 400 tonnes of foodstuff, tents, medicines and equipment for hospitals. The 2nd stage that includes rebuilding of houses, schools & health centres will begin after completion of stage one.

18 Jun 2009 description
report Government of Oman

MUSCAT - Three Omani students have been found to be infected with H1N1 influenza in the first such outbreak of the pandemic in the Sultanate, the Ministry of Health announced here yesterday. In a statement to Oman News Agency, a ministry official said the students had arrived from the United States, where they are currently studying.

He said the students were tested after the ministry was alerted that other members of the group returning with them from the US had contracted the disease when they arrived in neighbouring GCC countries.

15 Jun 2007 description
report Government of Oman

Sultan's Armed Forces, Royal Guard of Oman and Engineering Services of the Defence Ministry continued yesterday to provide relief and assistance to those affected by the recent cyclone. For the whole day, the Royal Army of Oman (RAO) provided land transport for citizens and rations and essential supplies in wilayats of Qurayat and Sur as well as some wilayats of the Governorate of Muscat.

RAO also contributed to rehabilitation of damaged roads to ease the flow of traffic and carried out environment hygiene operations through its medical services in addition to providing ambulances.