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16 Jan 2008 description

Heavy snows combined with cold temperatures have hit north eastern Afghanistan, especially Takhar province where CCF has been working for the last six years.

20 Sep 2007 description

Severe flooding in the western region of Africa and in Uganda has destroyed livelihoods and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

CCF Africa region is assessing the impact of flooding throughout West Africa and also in Uganda.

In Uganda, where CCF has been responding to populations displaced by conflict, we are now responding to persons affected by flooding.

10 Aug 2007 description

US Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded a $7.8 million grant to the NGO Consortium led by Christian Children's Fund (CCF) in partnership with World Vision, Plan, Africare, Catholic Relief Services and Counterpart International for the Community Action Against Malaria Campaign. Combined with the $12.8 million for Community Health, USAID gives the NGO consortium a total of $20.6 million for program implementation over five years.

Malaria kills more than one million people worldwide every year, with 90 percent of those deaths being attributed to children in Africa.

27 Apr 2007 description

By Jennifer Harter, Communications Associate

It was a gathering of the most powerful organizations in the global fight against malaria in one of the most powerful places in the world.

And Christian Children's Fund (CCF) was among those invited to the White House on Wednesday for Malaria Awareness Day.

The Vice President for Global Programs at CCF, Michelle Poulton visited the White House on the organization's behalf for a key event in President Bush's efforts to fight malaria.

Poulton attended the luncheon in the White House Rose Garden for Malaria Awareness Day in …

10 Jul 2006 description

By Kirsten Hongisto, communications manager-Asia for Christian Children's Fund

22 May 2006 description

By Toni Radler
After months of drought, rains have come to drought-parched Kenya. The long rains (or major rainy season) started in April. In fact after months of drought, the rains have been so heavy that they have caused flooding in some parts of the country. But in spite of the rain, the food crisis has not ended in Kenya.

03 Mar 2006 description

As prolonged drought turns to famine, Christian Children's Fund (CCF) is expanding its emergency assistance in Kenya, which is experiencing drought conditions in 27 of the arid and semi-arid districts, and is appealing for the world to turn its attention to the slowly unfolding but massive disaster that is occurring in Eastern Africa.

30 Jan 2006 description

By Kirsten Hongisto, communications manager-Asia for Christian Children's Fund

22 Nov 2005 description

By Paul Mayende, CCF-Uganda Staff

It is quite a cloudy day and almost three hours after sun rise. We are walking through the Bbiina community visiting families and receiving updates from the mothers regarding their childcare activities.

The community is 12 kilometers east of Uganda's Capital, Kampala, and one of the numerous suburban communities. The salient characteristics of this area are, among other things, insufficient access to health services and sanitation facilities, resulting in child malnutrition and high infant mortality.

30 Aug 2005 description

Caroline Jenkins, communications manager for CCF-Australia, spent three months in Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia as part of CCF's effort to tell the story of tsunami survivors.

12 Aug 2005 description


There was an unmistakable air of excitement in the village of Nalla Vadu as the official ceremony of handing over newly repaired boats got under way just before dusk.

It started with a special service in the village temple and a short parade to the beach. Children jumped up and down, and played tag in the sand; the women of the village kept a watchful eye on the children in case their excitement got the best of them. And the men of the village put the final touches on their boats ...

04 Aug 2005 description

Situation in the affected areas:
Heavy monsoon rains have pounded 600 villages of the entire Raigarh district in Maharashtra State, during July 24-31, unleashing large-scale destruction and bringing all activities to a standstill. The rainfall level for a single day set an all-time record. Incessant rains on and from 25th July triggered landslides in Jui, Dasgaon, Rohan and Kondivate village in Mahad Block of Raigad district. Nearly 1450 people were affected in the 4 villages.

08 Mar 2005 description

Christian Children's Fund has recently reopened sponsorship in Sierra Leone.

In 1997, CCF's sponsorship program in Sierra Leone was curtailed by civil war that, between 1991 and 2002, took tens of thousands of lives and displaced more than 2 million people. CCF's own acting country director in Sierra Leone, Daniel Kaindaneh, was among the millions who fled from rebel forces, suffering a gunshot wound as he fled with his wife and family.

25 Jan 2005 description

Life in Darfur is characterized by extreme violence, with thousands of civilians killed and millions displaced. Fighting between non-Arab African rebel groups and the Arab 'Janjaweed' militias continues to claim the lives of civilians in Darfur, creating a refugee crisis in neighboring Chad. UNICEF estimates that more than 200,000 refugees have fled to ten camps in Chad.

12 Jan 2005 description

The death of a loved one is the most difficult loss most of us face in life. If you've ever lost someone close to you, you know that sometimes the grief, the memories, and the recovery can take years-or even a lifetime. But the burden on a child who has lost someone is even greater. Many are too young to understand death, many don't know how to express their emotions, and most are unable to take care of themselves.

The children who survived the recent tsunami have witnessed unimaginable human suffering -they've lost parents, brothers, sisters, friends.

24 Jul 2003 description

In Angola, children are also at a high risk for ARI. Thanks to the work of CCF and generous donors to the Sky Siegfried Fund, Village Pharmacies are available in many communities in Angola.

24 Jul 2003 description

Every year, malaria attacks up to 500 million people, taking the lives of two million -- many of them children. Prevention, health education, and access to medical care are the keys to saving the lives of children in developing countries. And your support of the Sky Siegfried Fund helps make it possible for CCF to accomplish this mission.

26 Jun 2003 description

By Dr. Tadesse Kassaye
CCF Ethiopian staff

30 Apr 2003 description

Assessment of CCF's emergency entry program into Afghanistan, its impact on child well-being and protection


Protection is an increasingly prominent priority for the humanitarian community. However, despite this development, child protection remains a low priority in most emergencies. The gap in protection is unacceptable since children typically comprise half the population in emergency situations.

07 Mar 2003 description

By Alexis Klaits, Christian Children's Fund development staff member in northern Afghanistan