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23 May 2018 description

Indonesian Red Cross volunteers alerting personnel spread across several areas to assist in the handling of emergency response Mount Merapi, Sleman regency, Central Java.

"Most of our volunteers, have been scaled back to a location affected by disasters such as volcanic eruptions and education share the use of masks to the displaced people," said Head of Disaster Management Division PMI NHQ M Arifin Hadi via telephone on Tuesday.

29 Oct 2017 description

Status from volcanic activity is still at level IV (Caution) which has been established by the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) since September 22 last. The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) still carry out activities to help the affected communities. Various attempts were made PMI Bali as well as other agencies to facilitate the needs of displaced populations in various displaced persons camps scattered throughout the districts / municipalities in Bali.

29 Oct 2017 description

The suffering of conflict-affected communities in Myanmar continues to be the international limelight, triggering solidarity from various parties. In Indonesia, raising funds for the people of Myanmar continue to flow, including coordinated Indonesia tithe (IB) - an Institute Amil Zakat (LAZ) made by community organizations Syarikat Islam (SI).

27 Sep 2017 description

Alert status Mount Agung has been issued by BVMBG the date of 22 September 2017 at 20:30 pm an impact on increasing the number of displaced people are spread throughout the County / City in Bali. Up to date 25 September 2017 20:00 pm based on information from the Main Post Tanah Ampo, there are at least 334 refugee points in all areas of Bali.

31 Aug 2017 description

To help the government's efforts in Indonesia's national program free measles and rubella virus (Measles and Rubella or abbreviated MR), the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) mobilized 1,600 volunteers from East Jakarta; Depok city, Kab. Bogor, Regency and Bekasi City Volunteers from the community are trained to help the campaign MR with targeted households and schools to immunize children aged 9 months to under 15 years, and help achieve the national target of 95% of children age children are immunized MR.

12 Jan 2017 description

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) started early recovery activities to help the people of Aceh were hit by an earthquake Aceh Pidie Jaya. This activity is carried after a disaster emergency response, which expired last December 2016. PMI early recovery operations are focused on two activities, namely the recovery of livelihoods and people's homes through cash transfer programs (CTP) and the health of citizens.

16 Dec 2016 description

December 11, 2016 Written by Public Relations Bureau PMI

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) provides health services through mobile clinics for the 130 residents of the Village Kayee Jathoo, Pante Raja, Pidie, Saturday, December 10, 2016. Mobile clinics are conducted to reach people who do not get health care after the earthquake of 6.5 on the Richter scale that occurred three the previous day. The mobile health services PMI is a form of cooperation with the District Health Office Pidie Jaya.

15 Aug 2016 description

Indonesian Red Cross Society shares its Safer Access experience

After a tragic incident in 2013, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has stepped up efforts to boost the National Society's acceptance, security and access in Papua. As part of the Safer Access Selected Experiences series, the PMI describes the measures it has taken in the intervening years to be better prepared to work in sensitive and insecure situations.

03 Sep 2012 description

Entering the 7th day of Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) humanitarian mission in Myanmar, together with Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRC) personnels, they continueing aid distribution into thousands people of Benggali Camp (Rohingya) and hundreds of Gan Min Camp (Budhis community), on Saturday (1/9).

PMI aid in the form of hygiene kits, sarongs, and blankets was given to 301 families or about 1.363 person in Bengali Camp, 70 families or about 305 person in camp Rakhine, and 80 families or about 307 person in Gan Min Camp.

12 Oct 2011 description

Bali was shocked by earthquake of 6,8 R on Thursday (10/13/2011). The people of Bali were terrified and panic since the shock was quite big.

Responding to this situation, PMI Bali mobilize 4 units of ambulance and 20 crews, and many PMI’s assessment teams, directly to affected areas. There are many damaged building and collapsed trees, said PMI Bali’s PR, Taufan, by live report from PMI Bali’s Post, Thursday afternoon (10/13/2011).

28 Oct 2009 description

In order to stop the spreading of dengue hemorrhagic fever, Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) is conducting fogging in couple of locations, recommended by the Health Department in Kota Padang. It has started since last Tuesday (27/10) and it is going to be run for two weeks. PMI has targeted five areas in three districts.

There are five endemic areas, namely Belimbing and Sungai Sari Villages at Kuranji Sub District, Sungai Gadang at Nanggalo Sub District, Air Tawar Barat and Air Tawar Timur Villages of Air Tawar Sub District.

27 Oct 2009 description

CBHFA programme or in Indonesian known as "Kesehatan dan Pertolongan Pertama Berbasis Masyarakat (KPBBM)" is one of health programme by PMI. This programme has started since 1999. Then, in line with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) commitment, there was revitalization in 2005.

In relation with this programme progress in Indonesia, PMI conducted an international meeting at Park Lane Hotel Jakarta, on 25-27 October 2009.

20 Oct 2009 description

On the way to V Koto Kampung Dalam Sub-District, in the left and right side of the street are still full with soil from the landslide. Monday (10/19) became the first day of the opening of overland lane. Also on that day, PMI volunteers leaves for that location to distribute aids in the form of hygiene kit, milk, mosquito net, blanket, baby kit, food parcel, and tarpaulin.

From the PMI volunteers assessment of the location, they identified many post-earthquake diseases starting to attack the residents.

15 Oct 2009 description

The severe damage of earthquake has remained serious traumatic memory to the victim. People who live poorly has to strive for getting their life back as normal as before. Not all people can stand on facing such problem.

Seeing this condition, PMI find that West Sumatra need many more skill full volunteer capable in handling traumatic cases to people affected. There is four isolated areas like Kota Padang, Kota Pariaman, District Agam and Padang Pariaman.

14 Oct 2009 description

The latest update from POSKO (Command Post) PMI recorded a number of 350 volunteers are currently joining with handling earthquake victim in Sumatera. The hundred of volunteers will be targeted to be of vaccinated, provide by the local health posts.

Entering the second week after the Sumatera Earthquake, quantity of volunteer deployed to the area gradually increased. It is recorded by PMI POSKO 350 volunteers are currently involved in handling the earthquake.

09 Oct 2009 description

Earthquake in Sumatera still leave a deeper painful memory for all of residence. This painful and very emotional condition are still show on their face. But lifes must go on. It's not easy for them to run their life just like usually before earthquake. In this situation, PMI through the phsycosocial program support (PSP) try to reach this people to release and reduce their traumatic feelings after earthquake.

This program running since Thuesday (8/10). In mushola at Sikapak Vilage, North Pariaman PSP team from PMI give the puppet show for all this 54 children.

07 Oct 2009 description

The latest data from National Disaster Management Agency or BNPB stated that there are 596 severely injured and 897 people lightly injured. PMI also observed some indication from the location of disaster. Dr. Edwardsyah, one of PMI volunteers in Ampar Village, South Pariaman, mentioned that there many victims with fracture and open wound injury.

To assist the victims, PMI adds more blood bags supply from Blood Transfusion Unit in West Sumatra Branch as many as 617 bags.

05 Oct 2009 description

Shortly after the earthquake in Sumatra, Medical Action Team (MAT) of PMI have built health service unit in the affected areas. They are five unit installed in two locations; 2 (two) unit in Padang and 3 (three) unit in Pariaman North, Central, and South.

Especially in Padang, health service unit of PMI is installed near the evacuation.

02 Oct 2009 description

On the third day of West Sumatra earthquake, on Friday (2/10) morning, PMI has deployed 36 personals from the headquarters to Padang facilitated by PT. Chevron. The chairman of PMI, Mar'ie Muhammad, is with the volunteers from Jakarta. Also, Bob McKerrow, the head of delegation of Federation International in Indonesia, is also going to the affected area with the headquarters team.

The team consist of 10 medical persons, doctors of orthopaedic surgery, general practitioners, nurses, two staff of Restoring Family Links, two staff of water and sanitation, and two psychology staff.

28 Feb 2009 description

The Red Cross/Red Crescent: one billion US dollar tsunami operation in Indonesia

Impressive record - massive impact

Four years into the tsunami recovery programme, the Red Cross/Red Crescent construction programmes are nearing completion. Around 85% of the nearly 20,000 planned permanent homes in Indonesia have been completed; another 7% are under construction and the remainder under review.