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21 Nov 2011 description

Bangkok, 18 November 2011 - As Thailand experiences one of its worst floods in recent memory, the United Nations is lending its full support to assist the country recover from the disaster. The United Nations stands in solidarity with all those who have been affected by the floods.

Following a tour of the flood-affected area on 16 November, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that he was shocked by the reality of the disaster.

18 Oct 2011 description

Joint Report Highlights Development Potential of Migration in Thailand, Warns of Policy Shortfall

Thailand - Migration is contributing to growth, development and stability in Thailand, but to harness its full potential, the South East Asian nation must introduce comprehensive and long term migration policies, according to a joint report launched today.

The Thailand Migration Report 2011 says that despite efforts to control irregular migration, large numbers of irregular migrant workers from neighbouring countries continue to arrive and work in Thailand.

22 Dec 2005 description


The tsunami that struck Thailand on 26 December 2004 was the greatest natural disaster in the country's history. It left in its wake unprecedented damage and destruction. A year after the tsunami, this report looks at the impact of the disaster, Thailand's response, and the role of international partners in relief and recovery efforts.


The tsunami affected six provinces along the Andaman Coast of Thailand, leaving more than 8,000 dead, a third of them foreigners.

09 Sep 2005 description


The Thai Ministry of Interior Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) is the central body collating tsunami-related data from other Government agencies: its latest summary was released last week, and current figures confirm no changes to the official death toll (5,395 fatalities: 1,972 Thai nationals and 2,248 foreign nationals from 37 countries), or the 2,817 people who were posted missing. Other key figures:

13 Jun 2005 description


The Thai Ministry of Interior Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation issued its latest data on the tsunami on 08 June: the overall figure for fatalities is now given as 5,395, i.e. 1,972 Thai nationals and 2,248 foreign nationals. There are also 2,817 people still missing.

The figure is based on the number of bodies received by the Disaster Victim Identification Centre (DVI) i.e. 5,395 bodies, of which 2,076 have yet to be identified. The other 3,319 have been identified, certified, and claimed by relatives for burial.

04 Mar 2005 description


While it must be stressed that the overall situation in Thailand remain stable in general, an increased number of violent incidents in the so-called deep South as well as Government's toughened policy towards the region are raising some concerns. A special session of both Houses of the Parliament is expected to be convened in the end of March 2005 to discuss the situation.

30 Dec 2004 description

1. Situation

As of 16.30pm local time, Government of Thailand (GoT) official estimates stood at 1,687 dead, 8,951 injured and 4,265 reported missing.