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31 Dec 2010 description

Executive Summary

Following the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake, Haiti's government, supported by the World Bank, led an ambitious Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA)-an operative blueprint for reconstruction. Astonishingly, the PDNA failed to address gender issues. This Gender Shadow report (GSR) provides the missing gender content for PDNA policymakers, donors, civil society groups and all stakeholders involved in Haiti's reconstruction.

30 Aug 2010 description
report MADRE

Here is an update on MADRE and Shirkat Gah flood relief efforts in Pakistan.

The United Nations has rated the current flooding in Pakistan as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history. Twenty million people and over one-fifth of the country's area are affected by rising floodwaters. Already, more people are impacted by the Pakistan floods than were affected by the Southeast Asian tsunami and the recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined.

12 Jul 2010 description
report MADRE

Facts at a Glance

Since the earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, MADRE has:

  * Supported emergency medical relief and delegations of hundreds of doctors, midwives and nurses

  * Established mobile clinics that treated more than 50,000 patients

  * Provided life-sustaining supplies to over 1000 women who lost their homes and their possessions

  * Campaigned at the UN Haiti Donors' Conference for a reconstruction process that is Haitian-led and upholds women's human rights

  * Improved security for displaced women and advocated for an …

07 Jul 2010 description
report MADRE

In recent decades, human rights advocates have won passage of a system of international human rights treaties, helping to address a wide range of social justice concerns. More and more, local activists are devising ways to use these international standards to make real change at home.

Each major international human rights treaty has a corresponding "treaty body" or committee responsible for monitoring whether its members are fulfilling their obligations.

21 Jan 2010 description
report MADRE

MADRE is supporting a delegation of midwives and maternal health practitioners. Four members of the first team of midwives and maternal health providers have arrived in the border town of Jimani, and three more are scheduled to arrive this weekend.

We just got off the phone with Leilani Johnson of Circle of Health International (COHI), the organization MADRE is partnering with in this initiative.

21 Jan 2010 description
report MADRE

Over a week after the massive earthquake struck Haiti, the need for life-saving medical services remains overwhelming. Casualty estimates have risen. The death toll may be as high as 200,000 and the number of injured and homeless is in the millions.

MADRE is continuing our emergency efforts to get medicines and medical supplies to Haiti through the Dominican Republic. A shipment of supplies arrived Wednesday, January 20, and more supplies are expected in the coming days.

20 Jan 2010 description
report MADRE

MADRE is working with Partners in Health to support Zanmi Lasante as they continue providing emergency care for the earthquake survivors in Port-au-Prince and for those who have managed to flee the city.

At HUEH, the general hospital in Port-au-Prince, there are now seven functioning operating rooms, with surgeries being performed day and night in each.

19 Jan 2010 description
report MADRE

Nearly a week after the massive earthquake struck Haiti, the need for life-saving medical services is overwhelming. Casualty estimates have risen, now reflecting a death toll of 200,000, and the number of injured and homeless is in the millions.

MADRE partners are working day and night to meet the incredible need. MADRE is working with Partners in Health to support Zanmi Lasante, a community-based health care project. They have set up field hospitals both inside and outside of Port-au-Prince, while conducting assessments for expanding their efforts to address the tremendous need.

13 Jan 2010 description
report MADRE

The quake struck near the capital of Port-au-Prince, the most densely populated part of Haiti.

MADRE has activated an emergency response through our partner organization, Zanmi Lasante Clinic. The doctors, nurses and community health workers there are working to get bring medical assistance and supplies to areas that have been hardest hit.

The most urgent needs right now are bandages, broad-spectrum antibiotics and other medical supplies, as well as water tablets to prevent cholera outbreaks.

26 May 2009 description
report MADRE

To help shore up domestic support for its war in Afghanistan, the Bush Administration spoke often of the need to free Afghan women from the Taliban. Indeed, that regime robbed women of even a minimal degree of self-determination, violating basic rights to education, employment, healthcare, freedom of movement and freedom from violence.

After the Taliban was deposed by the US, women's circumstances improved somewhat, mainly in the cities.

19 Jan 2009 description
report MADRE

While the bombardment of Gaza is currently halted, the impact of a month of ceaseless violence against women and families is catastrophic. MADRE's sister organization, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, has assessed the most critical needs of the population and prepared a detailed report on their immediate plans to address them.

04 Dec 2007 description
report MADRE

On November 25, 2007, advocates around the world for women's human rights commemorated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and simultaneously launched sixteen days of action. These sixteen days-culminating on December 10, Human Rights Day-mark an opportunity for us to stand up in solidarity with women around the world and condemn violence against women.

The following sixteen examples illustrate not only the scope of this crisis, but also the active measure that women are taking to combat violence.


05 Sep 2007 description
report MADRE

On September 3, Hurricane Felix slammed into the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua with 160-mile-an-hour winds. Right now, injured and traumatized people have no access to medical care. Emergency generators and communications are down.

14 Jul 2005 description
report MADRE

Hurricane Dennis has killed at least 16 people in Cuba and destroyed 150,000 homes and buildings, causing over $1.5 billion worth of damage. In two communities in Granma Province, 90 percent of the homes were destroyed.

MADRE is working to send emergency aid to women and families who have been devastated by the storm. We need your help to cover the cost of shipping an emergency supply of anti-parasite medicines, which will help treat and prevent infections associated with the destruction of sewage and water treatment plants.

01 Jul 2005 description
report MADRE

Hospitals in the Iraqi cities of Haditha and Al-Qa'im are under attack by US forces. MADRE is working to raise emergency support for doctors and patients under siege through an initiative of the Doctors for Iraq Society.

Please read and forward the message below, which was sent to us by a friend in Lebanon. Follow this link to make a tax-deductible contribution to this emergency appeal.

29 Dec 2004 description
report MADRE

December 29, 2004 -- New York, NY. MADRE, an international women's human rights organization, is working with INFORM, a women's organization in Sri Lanka, to provide urgently needed support for survivors of the December 26th tsunamis.

The death toll across the region has been rising steadily for days: it has already surpassed 75,000 and is expected to exceed 100,000. A UN health agency has warned that expected outbreaks of malaria, cholera, and dengue fever could double the death toll.