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21 Jan 2010 description
report Help the Aged

As aftershocks hit Haiti once more, aid agencies are working round the clock to meet the needs of the Haitian people.

Urgently needed assistance is reaching older people affected by the massive earthquake in Haiti. A week after the devastating damage to Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, survivors were still being found, including one older woman who had been trapped in the rubble of a church. As part of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), Age Concern and Help the Aged are working with other agencies to raise funds and coordinate emergency efforts.

13 Jan 2005 description
report Help the Aged

Following the tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day, Help the Aged international partner NGOs have been formulating plans for long-term rehabilitation.

HelpAge India and HelpAge Sri Lanka were key in ensuring that the needs of older survivors have not been neglected.

06 Jan 2005 description
report Help the Aged

The tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean has left many older survivors without children or relatives. In some cases, older people have been left to support young children orphaned by the disaster.

31 Dec 2004 description
report Help the Aged

Relief teams from HelpAge India are distributing aid to victims of the earthquake tsunami that hit on December 26.

More than 124,000 people are now confirmed dead in the disaster that hit the Indian Ocean, 12,000 of them in India. Thousands more are still missing.

The HelpAge teams in India have:

  • Distributed 2,000 food packets in four relief camps in Kerala;

  • A team of 50 are out in the field assessing the needs of older people;
30 Dec 2004 description
report Help the Aged

Relief teams and supplies are now arriving to help the millions at risk from hunger and disease, five days after the earthquake in the Indian Ocean, but have yet to reach the hardest hit and remote areas.