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07 Aug 2006 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy personnel have so far been coordinating relief efforts for roughly 2,500 people at six schools in the mountain village of Aley and surrounding villages on the Beirut-Damascus highway. The teams deliver canned goods to the centers every day. We have also made arrangements with a restaurant to provide between 300 and 500 hot meals which the team distributes daily. Sometimes we are also able to distribute baby food which was donated by a local manufacturer.

19 Dec 2005 description
report Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy is helping the earthquake victims in Pakistan through funding the activities of our partner organisation who works in the mountainous region of Abbotabad. They have one medical team and one the children's team working to relieve some of the trauma the people have gone through.

One of the schools in the village collapsed killing 175 children. Through songs and fun games the children's team try to help the remaining children get back to normal life and routines.

30 Aug 2005 description
report Operation Mercy

Mazar I Sharif in Afghanistan

Women's Birth Life Saving Skill Training

This training was designed for illiterate people. All themes are shared through drama, and pictures are used for explanation. They learn about bleeding during and after delivery, swelling and fits, respiration problems, under weight babies, infections and so on. This project is new to this village and so far, 14 women from two local communities have attended the training, three of them were TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants).

13 May 2004 description
report Operation Mercy

After two years of providing emergency relief aid and assisting with rebuilding in the mountain village of Chah Ab, an Operation Mercy team has now moved into the village. The move allows us to continue our work and to expand into the vital area of health education.

10 Feb 2004 description
report Operation Mercy

Iraq: (2004-02-10) - During the last few months Iraq has seen almost daily attacks, mostly aimed at the coalition forces and other foreigners. As a result many NGO's, as well as the UN agencies, have reduced or totally withdrawn their foreign staff from Iraq. This has happened at a time when the country so urgently needs not only relief, but also moral, professional and financial support in order to build a better future and bring hope to the people.

27 Nov 2003 description
report Operation Mercy

The Operation Mercy team in Georgia has been involved in the medical diagnosis and treatment of Chechen refugee children living in the Pankisi region. Akmad and Khala are two children who have been given new hope and now have a chance to live out their dreams.

25 Jul 2003 description
report Operation Mercy

It has been nearly four years since the two earthquakes of August and November, 1999 snatched the lives of tens of thousands of people and the livelihoods of tens of thousands more. Operation Mercy was quick to aid in the resettlement of hundreds of families in the Izmit region, providing health care, rebuilding schools and aiding in continuous development over the ensuing years by offering literacy and economic retraining programmes. We continue to have staff based in Izmit.

03 Jul 2003 description
report Operation Mercy

An Operation Mercy team of 8 people have recently spent 9 days in Iraq distributing boxes of educational supplies to schools in the towns of Shamiya, Hamzah and Afak. A second team then completed the distribution, a total of 102,755 students were given supplies in 237 schools in Al Quadissiya.

10 Jun 2003 description
report Operation Mercy

Do you remember Kosovo? Chechnya? Afghanistan? It is easy for us to focus on current events, such as the war in Iraq, to the detriment of those experiencing ongoing suffering in the war-torn areas of recent years.

28 Apr 2003 description
report Operation Mercy

Two teams have now entered Iraq to assess the situation. We have been able to take in medical and educational supplies and have been faced with a great many needs: Clean water; Education; Medicine; Electricity and Employment being among them.
Amidst these great needs, however, it struck us how happy the people were. There is still a long way to go but the people can now have hope that the peace will bring change. 'We are a peaceful people and we are tired of war.' was the cry of many we met.

06 Dec 2001 description
report Operation Mercy

An update of our work in Tajikistan / Northern Afghanistan
Project Number: 85093470

  • A Medical Team has been treating refugees
02 Jan 2001 description
report Operation Mercy

Azerbaijan - Azerbaijani Republic - Azarbaycan Respublikasi

24 Nov 1999 description
report Operation Mercy

Qualified dentist and nurses providing treatment from a bus
Location: Azerbaijan
Status: Developing
Financial status: Needs $40,181