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09 Nov 2018 description

As the number of people in humanitarian settings grows, there is a critical need for practical examples of how to effectively deliver contraception at every stage of crisis, from emergency preparedness, to acute emergency response and through recovery. Many places go from stability to crisis — and back again — with little warning. Others languish in low-grade state of conflict. These settings require attention to health systems combined with some emergency response capacity.

31 Oct 2018 description

This report published by the International Rescue Committee with support from Citi serves as a call to action for private sector and international humanitarian actors to build on the initiative that city governments are showing in building inclusive communities for displaced populations.


  1. Cities are expanding their existing services to include displaced residents, especially social services such as primary education and healthcare.

31 Oct 2018 description

*The Committee for Coordination of Services to Displaced Persons in Thailand (CCSDPT) is the coordinating committee for 13 NGOs working in nine refugee camps along the Thailand/Myanmar border.

TBC and CCSDPT Health Agencies conducted nutrition surveys of children 6-59 months of age in all camps in 2017.

Survey Methods

27 Oct 2018 description

Focus P.3
Formations en série dans le district sanitaire de Liwa | P. 6
Enquête sur les cas de rougeole dans le district sanitaire de Guéréda | P. 7
Formation sur l’Alimentation du Nourisson et du Jeune Enfant à Iriba | P. 9
Une délégation du siège de l’IRC en visite au Tchad | P. 10

25 Oct 2018 description


Le cercle de Koro est une collectivité territoriale du Mali dans la région de Mopti. Il compte 16 communes : Bamba, Barapereli, Bondo, Diankabou, Dinangourou, Dioungani, Dougouténé 1 (Toroli), Dougouténé 2, Kassa, Koporo Pen, Koporokendié Nâ (ou Koporo Na), Koro, Madougou, Pel Maoudé, Yoro et Youdiou.

25 Oct 2018 description


Situé au centre du Mali, dans la région de Mopti, le cercle de Tenenkou est l’un des 8 cercles qui composent la région de Mopti, il s’étend sur une superficie de 12 109 km² et abrite une population de 218 546 habitants en 2018 avec une densité de 18 habitants /km2. Le cercle de Tenenkou partage ses limites géographiques avec 3 autres cercles de la région de Mopti (Youwarou, Djenné, Mopti) et 2 cercles de la région de Ségou (Ké–Macina et Niono).

23 Oct 2018 description

1/ Analyse des données de sécurité alimentaire et des moyens d’existence

Suite à l’inondation survenue dans la commune de Fallou, 45.83% des ménages victimes des inondations déclarent être en situation d’insécurité alimentaire contre 29.17% des ménages qui sont à risque d’insécurité alimentaire pour les semaines à venir. A contrario, 25% des ménages ayant été affectés par les inondations soutiennent avoir un score de consommation alimentaire acceptable.

12 Oct 2018 description

Beirut, October 12 – Four international aid agencies working in Syria’s north-west region of Idlib have warned of dire consequences for millions of civilians if the Russia-Turkey deal, due to be implemented by October 15, doesn’t result in a sustained reduction of violence in this overcrowded province.

12 Oct 2018 description
  • The number of new Ebola cases each day has more than doubled since the start of October, likely influenced by the recent forced suspension in programming

  • As of October 9, there have been 194 cases and 120 deaths from this Ebola outbreak

  • The Ebola response is at a critical moment. IRC teams are highly concerned that the number of new cases could continue to escalate

  • Recent transmission within a school opens up new front in the fight against the disease

27 Sep 2018 description

Our analysis shows that millions of ‘people caught in crisis’ - people living in conflict, and/or who are displaced within their own countries or across borders – are in fact being left behind. Failure to take action now means that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be met, undermining the credibility of the international community and leaving millions to die unnecessarily.

26 Sep 2018 description
  1. Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

Security context of Uruzgan, Ghazni provinces and Pato district of Daikundi province is highly volatile.

25 Sep 2018 description
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Asylum seekers living at Moria, the reception and identification center on the Greek island of Lesvos, are under enormous mental strain. With no choice but to live in unacceptable conditions, with little concrete information about their futures and long waits to have their asylum claims heard, suicide rates among clients of the IRC mental health centre are astonishingly high: thirty percent of our clients have attempted suicide. Sixty percent have considered attempting suicide.

04 Sep 2018 description

Mouvement de population: Les ménages évalués sont originaires du campement Peulh de kublé Mamatra dans la commune de Chétimari situé au sud-ouest à 7 km. Cette population vivant dans cette zone faisait face à de multiples incursions des personnes armées non identifiées depuis quelques temps. Ces incursions exacerbées par les menaces d’enlèvement et la tentative d’assassinat d’un des leurs ont créé une panique générale au sein de cette population les obligeant à abandonner leurs habitations pour venir trouver refuge à Chétimari.

02 Sep 2018 description
  • With a total of 112 confirmed and probable cases and 75 deaths, the outbreak’s toll is already high

  • The recent spread of Ebola to Oicha, an area surrounded by multiple armed groups, poses significant logistical and security management challenges

  • The IRC is distressed about a potential repeat of the 2014 Ebola outbreak if immediate and sufficient international response is not forthcoming

  • In some areas, local communities have resisted follow up of contacts as well as safe burials - critical for outbreak control