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12 Sep 2018 description

For the second year, a group of humanitarian organizations coordinate their action with the support of the European Commission to provide crucial aid to those affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Kyiv 12th September 2018 - In eastern Ukraine, at the doors of the European Union, over 4.4 million people have been directly affected by hostilities, which are now well into their fifth year. 800,000 people have been displaced (many of whom frequently move across the contact line) and nearly 3,000 civilians have been killed.

22 Nov 2017 description

Berlin 22nd November 2017 – International and local humanitarian agencies engaged in Ukraine joined forces in Berlin for a one-day conference to draw attention to the forgotten humanitarian crisis in the east of the country, urging decision makers to commit to tangible improvements to the situation in eastern Ukraine.

24 Oct 2017 description

Kyiv 23th October 2017 - European Union together with international humanitarian organizations People in Need, Action Contre La Faim, Médecins du Monde and ACTED in partnership with IMPACT Initiatives will provide additional humanitarian assistance to over 163,000 people on both sides of the contact line in Ukraine. The European Union is providing €4.1 million in support of this initiative. 

23 Feb 2015 description
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Ukraine remembers the one year anniversary of the bloody incidents in Kiev. Almost one hundred people lost their lives and almost five hundred people were injured during the three days (18th to 20th February) of clashes between protesters from Euromajdan and riot forces. The riots marked a breaking point for future developments in Ukraine’s situation. Viktor Janukovyč left the country and the focus moved from Kiev to Crimea and later to the East of the country.

16 Feb 2015 description
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Slavyansk, Donetsk (February 5, 2015) – Because of the fierce fighting between separatists and Ukrainian army in Eastern Ukraine, hundreds of people run from the bombed cities only with their basic items every day. Artillery shells fall on residential districts and hospitals, where hundreds of people have died. People in Need helps to evacuate 330 people from Avdiivka and also helps refugees who have escaped from Debaltseve and other towns at the front line. Our teams also help refugees in the separatist territory.

31 Dec 2014 description
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Despite a number of ceasefires announced since September 2014 the conflict continues in Eastern Ukraine, to date driving hundreds of thousands of people out of the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk (known as the Donbas). By mid-December over 610,000 internally displaced persons had been registered from the Eastern regions alone (UN Sitrep n°22, December 26, 2014), to which must be added an unknown number of unregistered IDPs.

18 Dec 2014 description
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Donetsk (11 December 2014) - People in Need began systematically assisting in Donetsk and the surrounding area. We opened our office there previously in early November and since then we have provided food, medicine, toiletries and baby diapers to the most vulnerable people. The humanitarian situation with the harsh winter weather has been rapidly deteriorating. "In the neighborhoods near the Donetsk airport people have lived for months in the old Soviet shelters.

21 Aug 2014 description
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Svyatogorsk (Eastern Ukraine), 18th of August, 2014 – People in Need (PIN) has distributed baby formula and diapers to 496 children in Svyatogorsk in Eastern Ukraine. The little spa town is flooded by a daily influx of thousands of refugees from the bombarded cities of Gorlovka, Yenakievo, Donetsk and other places in the Luhansk region. They often carry just a few basic belongings and children’s nutrition or diapers are critically needed. Many of the refugees are living in schools, dormitories or former summer camps.