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12 Mar 2018 description
report People in Need

Today marks 2,557 days since the start of the war in Syria. People in Need works to ease the suffering of tens of thousands of people in Syria every month.

15 Mar 2016 description
report People in Need

Aleppo, Idlib (March 10th, 2016) – On March 15th, the war in Syria enters its sixth year. This conflict has resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, impacting enormously on the lives of all Syrian people and particularly those of the children. An entire generation of Syrian children has seen only war in their lives. Most of them have been deprived of a proper education. Since the start of the conflict more than 4,000 schools, one in four in the country, have had to close as a direct result of the violence.

03 Feb 2016 description


Five years into a conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, conditions confronting civilians in Syria continue to deteriorate, particularly for children and youth. Warring parties continue to violate UN Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law by deliberately and wantonly attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure, including homes, markets, schools and hospitals leaving a deadly legacy of Unexploded Ordnance.

21 Jan 2016 description
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More than 120 humanitarian organizations and United Nations agencies issued a joint appeal today urging the world to raise their voices and call for an end to the Syria crisis and to the suffering endured by millions of civilians. The appeal also outlines a series of immediate, practical steps that can improve humanitarian access and the delivery of aid to those in need inside Syria.

10 Mar 2015 description

Prague, Aleppo, Idlib (March 10th, 2015) – As the conflict in Syria enters its fifth year, the conditions that make it the gravest humanitarian crisis in the world are growing more dire by the day. “More than 12.2 million Syrians are in acute need of humanitarian aid – that is more than the entire population of the Czech Republic. Of this number, more than 4.8 million live in remote regions, where any aid deliveries are difficult or impossible,” says Jitka Skovrankova, People in Need’s program coordinator in Syria. Half of the afflicted people are children.

26 Sep 2013 description
report People in Need

Prague, Aleppo, Idlib (12 September 2013) - The ongoing conflict in Syria is rapidly aggravating the humanitarian situation in the country. Fighting, rapid increase of food prices as well as the collapse of fundamental services have forced over six million people, i.e. one in three people in Syria, to leave their homes. Despite the complex security situation, the People in Need teams in Aleppo and Idlib are carrying on with their work, having helped 300 thousand people in need so far.

12 Mar 2013 description
report People in Need

Prague, Idlib (12th March 2013) – The conflict between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the opposition forces has been raging on for two years now and has gradually become the worst humanitarian disaster of today.

12 Dec 2012 description
report People in Need

Prague, Aleppo (13 December 2012) – People in Need has opened its own office in Allepo, a city being devastated by heavy fighting, bombardment and cold, so that it could handle the distribution of both baby and basic food. At the same time, People in Need (PIN) organizes collection of tons of refuse from the streets of Aleppo, has equipped the local health care centre and provides the poorest families with small grants. Moreover, PIN will offer jobs to tailors and shoemakers, who are supposed to make warm winter clothes and boots.

23 Jul 2012 description
report People in Need

Praha, Amman (24th July 2012) – People In Need released 1 million CZK (39 thousand euro) from the humanitarian fund of Club of Friends of People in Need. The sum will be spent on psychosocial assistance for Syrian refugees in Jordan. There are up to two thousand new Syrian refugees each day in Jordan.