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19 Nov 2017 description

12 days since land, air and seaports in Yemen were closed, Oxfam and 13 other aid agencies are appalled by the complacency and indifference of the international community regarding the historic humanitarian disaster now unfolding.

09 Aug 2017 description

INGOs in Yemen are calling on all actors to lift restrictions on Yemeni airspace and allow for the reopening of the country’s main airport, Sana’a International. The official closure of Sana’a airport, one-year ago today, effectively traps millions of Yemeni people and serves to prevent the free movement of commercial and humanitarian goods.

19 Jan 2010 description
report World Relief

Baltimore, MD - January 19, 2010: One week after Haiti's cataclysmic earthquake, Baltimore-based World Relief is providing urgent medical care and feeding hundreds of survivors in Port-au-Prince.

The relief agency is running several feeding centers in partnership with local churches - providing hot meals every day for hundreds of quake victims, desperate for food and water.

In the next few days, World Relief will expand its hot meal network in the capital, and distribute tarps for emergency shelter.

The agency's country director, Dr. Hubert Morquette, and Dr.

13 Jan 2010 description
report World Relief

World Relief has dispatched its Disaster Response team to Haiti following Tuesday's massive earthquake.

Right now, the situation in the capital Port-au-Prince is critical. Dr. Hubert Morquette, World Relief's Country Director, described the scene as "devastating and grave."

An estimated 3 million people have been impacted, tens of thousands have been killed or injured, and many remain trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Traumatized and grief-stricken, people wander the streets in a daze.

29 Apr 2008 description
report World Relief

Four-year-old Griverson sits outside his grandparents' mud-brick house, scuffing the dirt with his bare feet. He's wearing a dirty pair of Stars & Stripes shorts and, like many of his little friends in this isolated village in rural Malawi, his nose is running and smeared across his face.

Griverson has lost both his parents. His mother died when he was just two, and his father disappeared. 'No one knows where he is, or what happened to him,' the boy's grandmother says.

09 Jul 2007 description
report World Relief

In a mud hut with a grass roof, the children sit expectantly - waiting for their teacher to arrive.

They sit patiently in rows... the younger children on mats at the front, the older children on benches at the back.

An hour later, their teacher has still not arrived. That's not unusual in Southern Sudan, where primary school teachers are most often unpaid volunteers. Sometimes, teachers have to miss school in order to feed their own families.

It is astonishing to witness the children's commitment. They don't want to go home.

04 Jan 2005 description
report World Relief

World Relief, the relief and development arm of the National Association of Evangelicals, is busy setting the ground work for multi-year presence in the worst hit region of tsunami stricken Southeast Asia. Indonesia received the hardest blow of the countries that faced the wall of water that slammed coastlines, claiming over 100,000 lives with exact numbers possibly never known. By now, everyone is familiar with the horror of this tragedy, relief efforts are in motion and the focus is beginning to shift from recovery of survivors to reconstruction of lives.

14 Aug 2003 description
report World Relief

BALTIMORE, August 15, 2003 - Now that former President Charles Taylor has been ousted from Liberia, and U.S. peacekeepers have entered the war-torn country, much needed relief can reach thousands of suffering Liberians.

12 Feb 2003 description
report World Relief

BALTIMORE, February 12, 2003 - All recent attempts at peace in Cote d'Ivoire have failed. The UN has pulled non-essential staff of the country, and more French troops have been deployed to protect French nationals in Ivory Coast. As a result of this civil unrest, a massive influx of people seeking refuge is heading into Burkina Faso. World Relief is mobilizing a network of churches and Christian organizations in response to the growing humanitarian need.