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28 Aug 2015 description
report World Concern

For the past few months, heavy monsoonal rains have caused flash flooding and landslides across Myanmar. Huge swathes of the country have been affected, with homes, crops and lives all being lost. Thousands of people are still displaced.

But the flooding has also brought another, longer lasting, and more sinister threat to survivors: malaria. Right now, pools of warm, stagnant water lay on the ground and mosquito breeding will skyrocket. Malaria deaths will almost certainly rise.

17 Jun 2015 description
report World Concern

In the back of her classroom in rural Haiti, 12-year-old Dashna often puts her head down on her desk and prays. The pain in her stomach gets to be too much and she can no longer concentrate on the lesson being taught. She winces with pain and silently cries out to God for help.

The worms in Dashna's belly cause her so much pain, she can't concentrate in school.

10 Apr 2015 description
report Tearfund, World Concern

Résumé Exécutif

Situation générale de la Région

10 Apr 2015 description
report Tearfund, World Concern

Executive Summary
General Situation of the Area

24 Jul 2014 description

Somalia: eight warnings of catastrophe so far, and still no action

Early warnings need to result in early action in Somalia

Last week marked three years since the UN declared famine in Somalia. The catastrophe facing the Somali people three years ago ended in at least 260,000 people dying, half of them children.

07 May 2014 description

Published May 7, 2014 – by Anne-Marie Schryer-Roy

  • 2.9 million Somalis are in humanitarian crisis

  • 50,000 children are severely malnourished and at death’s door

  • Women in Somalia face the second highest risk of maternal death in the world and babies are at the highest risk of dying on the day of their birth

  • 1.1 million people are displaced within their own country

  • Polio has returned, with 193 cases recorded in the last year

01 Apr 2014 description
report World Concern

Nine months pregnant and carrying her 2-year-old in her arms, Mary ran from her home in Unity State, South Sudan, where widespread violence has killed and injured thousands of people since December.

“Both of my neighbors were killed when we were running. My uncle was also killed,” said Mary. “When we were fleeing, my husband’s brother was shot. So my husband carried him to hospital. They are now in another IDP camp. There is also a woman I know who has lost her son. When we were being collected in the truck, the boy was left behind…”

01 Apr 2014 description
report World Concern

Each person has a story and a voice. At World Concern we get to work with and serve some pretty remarkable people, each with their own story and voice. Last week we chose to introduce you to some of these people in Haiti in a unique way. Every day we shared one person's quote and photo via the World Concern Haiti Twitter account (@WCinHaiti). These five people are all involved in a World Concern project in northwest Haiti which is helping communities be prepared for disasters and promote good hygiene and sanitation practices. Here you can read more about them, all at once.

28 May 2013 description
report World Concern

By Cathyh on May 28, 2013

Bithi and her husband left their families in rural Bangladesh and moved to the over-crowded city of Dhaka—home to 5 million people—in search of a better life. The only work they could find was in a garment factory, earning meager wages. The couple rented a small, one-room home in a slum near the garment factory.

Thousands of Dhaka residents, desperate for work, accept low-paying—and often dangerous jobs in garment factories. Others work as rickshaw pullers or day laborers.

27 Mar 2012 description
report World Concern

Baby Adey’s mother must have felt desperate as she lay sick and bedridden in her home in Garissa—an area of Northeastern Kenya badly affected by the Horn of Africa drought. But as a mother, her own illness was surely not as frightening as her child’s.

Our medical staff in Garissa—where one in three infants is underweight—discovered Adey and her mother during a visit to their home. They were too sick to travel, so we went to them. Adey’s father told us his wife hadn’t been able to breastfeed because she had no milk. Six-month-old Adey appeared tiny, weak and lethargic.

15 Feb 2012 description
report World Concern

February 14, 2012 (DADAAB, Kenya) – Seattle-based humanitarian aid organization World Concern is expanding its reach to help people affected by the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa. Working in strained communities along the Kenya-Somalia border, the organization has been providing access to food, water, emergency supplies and medical care (through partner Medical Teams International), since early August 2011.

12 Jan 2012 description
report World Concern

January 11, 2012 (SEATTLE) – More than 3,000 families are out of tents and living in homes in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with the help of Seattle-based Christian humanitarian organization World Concern and its donors. Another 8,000+ people have been employed and earned income through World Concern’s programs since the devastating 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti two years ago, on January 12, 2010.

09 Nov 2011 description
report World Concern

A foul smell emanates from dark, stagnant floodwaters in many parts of Thailand as evacuation orders continue in Bangkok. Flooding has affected 64 of Thailand’s 77 provinces, caused by 40 percent more rain than average.

World Concern’s staff in Thailand has been able to respond quickly, evacuating families and distributing food, medical supplies and survival kits to remote areas – some of which have received no help from government or aid organizations.

04 Nov 2011 description
report World Concern

November 3, 2011 (SEATTLE) – Seattle-based humanitarian aid organization World Concern has reached about 32,000 people with food aid in the war-ravaged Somali border town of Dhobley. Using an innovative voucher system, World Concern has been able to reach displaced families traveling through Dhobley on their way to refugee camps in Kenya, as well as the neediest residents. Dhobley is an area that is difficult to access due toconflict and insecurity.

01 Sep 2011 description


Cathy Herholdt, World Concern
206-546-7374 (office)

Marlene Minor, Medical Teams International

29 Aug 2011 description
report World Concern

When we set out to visit the community of Dhobley, Somalia, it came after a security assessment from several people, and the knowledge that whatever the security may tell us, it’s still a dangerous place to go.

30 Dec 2010 description
report World Concern


While it's sometimes hard to quantify success, one thing is certain - the ripple effect and long-term effects of good development work impact more people for generations to come than any of us will know.

How many future generations will benefit from one child in a poor Kenyan village making her way to university because her high school tuition was paid?

How many lives will be saved from better nutrition resulting from improved farming methods and tools in rural Laos?

On the other hand, because of excellent tracking and reporting by our field staff, there are many …

25 Oct 2010 description
report World Concern

Deadly disease is spreading in Haiti. The Haitian government confirmed an outbreak of cholera in the rural Artibonite region of Haiti, and the disease is expected to spread to more areas.The UN says 200 people have died and 2,400 are infected. A few people with cholera have been located and quarantined by health officials in Port-au-Prince.

If cholera spreads in the crowded urban area of Port-au-Prince that happens, the loss of life could be significant, said World Concern President David Eller.

World Concern Health Director Dr.

22 Oct 2010 description
report World Concern

World Concern Responds to Outbreak of Cholera in Haiti

It's the news everyone has feared since the massive earthquake struck Haiti in January of this year. More than 1,500 people have been hospitalized and 138 have died from an outbreak of cholera in the Artibonite Valley region of Haiti.

25 Jan 2010 description
report World Concern

Jan. 25, 2010 6:15 am (HAITI)

Haiti's hungry need food and water, but with the desperation comes unwanted consequences when delivering aid. Seattle-based humanitarian organization World Concern is discovering a method to both minimize the risk to its staff from riots and ensure that the most vulnerable people receive help.

During the past few days, World Concern has organized food and water distributions in Port Au Prince through churches and neighborhood groups, similar to blockwatches. World Concern enlists the help of these community groups to identify families in need.