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14 Oct 2010 description

Le sous-développement de la région d'Oula

Depuis sept ans, la délégation Rhône-alpine de Pharmaciens Sans Frontières travaille dans la région d'Oula au Burkina Faso. Dans ce département du nord du pays, la population d'environ 50 000 personnes fait face à une grave crise alimentaire ; le taux de malnutrition était de plus 25% avant le début de l'intervention de PSF.

20 Jan 2010 description

PSF, Pharmacists without borders Germany (Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.) supports the medical team of humedica in Port au Prince with pharmaceutical staff and pharmaceuticals (emergeny health kit).

The first pharmacist left Germany January 18th and is expected in Port au Prince any hour. Two further pharmacists are to leave in Germany by Saturday, January 23rd

The teams of humedica are working in the hospital "Espoir", equipped with an intact operating theatre, x-ray, laboratory, inpatient admission.

07 Jul 2006 description

Our assistance programme to manage uncontrolled donations of drugs in the province of Aceh, which was implemented after the tsunami of 26 December 2004, was about to end and a development programme was being prepared with the national health authorities to set up a rational drug supply chain in the province of West Sulawesi (Island of Celebes), when on 27 May 2006, an earthquake hit the region of Yogyakarta on the Island of Java, killing 6,725 people and leaving 45,201 injured. As many as 610,551 houses have been damaged, leaving an estimated 3 million people homeless.

09 Mar 2005 description

A PSFCI program has officially run since 15 February 2005 to support pharmaceutical management It is funded by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid Department - ECHO for 423,659 euros. Under this program, a working group has been created with the Pharmacy Department of the Ministry of Health at federal level, the Pharmacy Department of Aceh Province, local health agents, the WHO and Ausaid (Australian Aid) to decide what strategy to adopt to manage drug donations: centralisation, selection, re-labelling in Indonesian language and proper storage of usable donated drugs, …

31 Jan 2005 description

Tons of medicines of all brands, from all countries, with package leaflets in languages unknown to the medical staff and too short shelf lives are stockpiled in warehouses and also in houses.

11 Jan 2005 description

Eschborn / Colombo - 11.01.2005 The flood disaster in Southeast Asia alerted people worldwide. The will to help arises from true dismay. Yet help can also cause harm.

Loads of inproper useless drugs increase chaos in the flooded districts. All of it collected in industrialized countries by helpers who considered any medication better than no help at all. A fallacy.

05 Jan 2005 description

Eschborn/Sri Lanka, January 5, 2005 - A team of Apotheker ohne Grenzen Deutschland (AoG Germany) was within the first professional rescue organizations to start work in North-Eastern Sri Lanka. Without interruption the pharmacists coordinate logistics of medical supplies for the health-post in Point Pedro on Jaffna peninsula since Decemebr 28th, 2004. In cooperation with the teams of physicians from HUMEDICA (a German physicians relief organization situated in Kaufbeuren, Germany) they organize medical care for 5000 families of refugees within the region controlled by Tamil rebels.

09 May 2003 description

En Février 2003, Pharmaciens Sans Frontières-Comité International était sollicité par le Ministère de la Santé des Territoires Palestiniens pour améliorer le circuit de distribution de médicaments et permettre ainsi à la population palestinienne d'avoir accès à des Médicaments Essentiels de qualité.
=A0Après un état précis des besoins réalisé par l'équipe d'évaluation de PSF-CI, l'association s'engage sur un premier programme de 8 mois axé sur :

  • la distribution des médicaments

24 Mar 2003 description

PSF-CI craint qu'une fois de plus, l'élan de générosité des populations des pays développés ne provoque des situations mettant en danger la santé de la population irakienne et rappelle qu'il existe des recommandations des experts de l'OMS en ce qui concerne le don de médicaments.

31 Mar 2002 description

Détails du programme

08 Oct 2000 description

Recent events in Belgrade have rejoiced all democratic international community and will cause the change in behaviour of international community towards Serbia. Many countries have already announced their intention to come to Serbia and to support emergency and development projects there. The economic sanctions and embargo is expected to be lifted shortly. These news are encouraging not only for the population struggling with misery and shortages but also for NGOs helping these people.