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24 Feb 2017 description
report World Bank


  • Villages in remote areas in Daykundi Province are enjoying access to better health care under a government project that aims to broaden the reach of quality health care to the population, particularly for poorer sections.

  • Under the System Enhancement for Health Action in Transition (SEHAT) Program, nongovernmental organizations are contracted to provide basic health care and essential hospital services across Afghanistan.

19 Feb 2017 description
report World Bank


  • Designed by the country’s leading healthcare institutions, with support from the World Bank, NSHIP delivers a results-based approach to improve quantity and quality of health services

  • The performance-based financing (PBF) approach has also motivated health worker performance

  • The improved quality of care has led to more patients using health centers supported by NSHIP

15 Feb 2017 description

2,7 milliards sur 3 ans pour le relèvement des départements affectés par le cyclone Mathieu

L´évaluation des besoins après le désastre par les autorités nationales et leurs partenaires internationaux identifie le logement et l´agriculture comme les secteurs prioritaires.

19 Jan 2017 description
report World Bank

US$450 Million in IDA grants to fund the critical health and nutrition needs and expand support for key social service institutions

22 Dec 2016 description
report World Bank

Los fondos se destinarán a abordar situaciones de fragilidad, la cuestión de los refugiados, el cambio climático y otros desafíos apremiantes

YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA, 15 de diciembre de 2016. Una coalición de más de 60 Gobiernos donantes y prestatarios acordaron hoy intensificar la lucha contra la pobreza extrema mediante un compromiso sin precedentes por valor de USD75 000 millones para la Asociación Internacional de Fomento (AIF), el fondo del Banco Mundial dedicado a los países más pobres.

16 Dec 2016 description
report World Bank

Targets fragility, refugees, climate change and other pressing challenges

YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA, December 15, 2016— A coalition of more than 60 donor and borrower governments agreed today to ratchet up the fight against extreme poverty with a record $75 billion commitment for the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s fund for the poorest countries.

16 Dec 2016 description
report World Bank

Parmi les défis les plus urgents, les financements cibleront notamment les situations de fragilité, les réfugiés et le changement climatique

YOGYAKARTA (IndonÉsie), 15 décembre 2016 — Une soixantaine de pays donateurs et bénéficiaires sont convenus aujourd’hui d’intensifier la lutte contre l’extrême pauvreté, avec un engagement record de contributions de 75 milliards de dollars au profit de l’Association internationale de développement (IDA), le fonds de la Banque mondiale pour les pays les plus pauvres.

06 Dec 2016 description
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December 06, 2016— This third edition of the Provincial Briefs provides a comprehensive profile of the most recent progress on socio-economic outcomes in Afghanistan, both at the national and at the provincial level. The Briefs use information available in the three latest rounds of the Afghanistan Living Conditions Survey (ALCS) (formerly, National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment), conducted in 2013-14, 2011-12 and 2007-08 by the Central Statistics Organization (CSO).

21 Nov 2016 description

The quest of the last 15 years to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) taught us that Global Goals can motivate and help sustain leaps in human progress. It also taught us that the specifics matter. In some places, the MDGs became a widely-recognized, consistent and important driver of local progress; in others, the role and impact of the MDGs was more ambiguous. A lot depended on way the MDGs were implemented: if local change agents made them meaningful locally; if local leaders drew on their legitimacy and visibility; if they were employed to solve real-life problems etc.

17 Nov 2016 description

L’élection du président Faustin-Archange Touadéra en février 2016 a marqué le retour à l’ordre constitutionnel en République centrafricaine (RCA) après presque trois années de transition politique. Le retour à l’ordre constitutionnel et à la stabilité est soutenu par la communauté internationale, et facilité par le déploiement d’une opération multidimensionnelle de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies composée de 12 000 personnes (MINUSCA). Ces facteurs ont créé l’immense espoir que le pays puisse enfin rompre le cycle de fragilité et de crises qu’il connaît depuis son indépendance.

10 Nov 2016 description

New Report ‘Transitioning from the MDGs to the SDGs’ Calls for Collaboration to ‘Deliver as One’*

03 Nov 2016 description
report World Bank

Story Highlights

  • The program’s goal to expand scope, coverage, and quality of health services to the population is seeing results in Herat Province. There is greater access to health services as well as an increase in public awareness of health issues.

  • The System Enhancement for Health Action in Transition (SEHAT) Program, under the Ministry of Public Health, supports the provision and improvement of a basic package of health services and an essential package of hospital services to the entire country.

04 Oct 2016 description
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Nearly 385 million children living in extreme poverty, says joint World Bank Group-UNICEF study

23 Sep 2016 description
report World Bank

WASHINGTON, September 22, 2016 — The International Development Association (IDA), the arm of the World Bank Group that works in the world’s poorest countries, announced today its first-ever public credit ratings of Aaa/AAA (stable) issued by Moody’s and S&P.

15 Sep 2016 description
report World Bank

Rooted in 10 conflicts, majority of refugees have been hosted by 15 countries, says new World Bank report

WASHINGTON, September 15, 2016—Forced displacement is a crisis centered in developing countries, which host 89 percent of refugees and 99 percent of internally displaced persons, says a new World Bank report. At its root are the same 10 conflicts which have accounted for the majority of the forcibly displaced every year since 1991, consistently hosted by about 15 countries – also overwhelmingly in the developing world.

01 Sep 2016 description
report World Bank

What is the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) and why is it needed?

Pandemics pose a serious threat not only to global health security, but also to economic security and to our ability to end extreme poverty and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. While outbreaks are inevitable, pandemics, if addressed early, are for the most part preventable. Money and support delivered at the right time can save lives and economies.

28 Aug 2016 description

Des chefs d’État africains et des partenaires se mobilisent autour de plans visant à assurer une couverture maladie universelle dans l’optique d’atteindre les objectifs de développement durable d’ici 2030

28 Aug 2016 description

African Heads of State and Partners Mobilize around Plans for Universal Health Coverage to Achieve 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

20 Jul 2016 description
report World Bank


  • The crisis in Yemen has taken a heavy toll on the country’s children, with thousands killed and thousands more at risk of disease and malnutrition.

  • All World Bank Group operations in Yemen were suspended when the conflict worsened, but a partnership with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) has allowed for the continuation of key activities of two Bank-funded health projects.