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22 Jun 2018 description
report Mail and Guardian

Peter Martell in Riwoto

The breath is shallow and ragged, as if the intake of air is painful for two-year- old Lotabo Loworet, his bony ribs visible through his ragged shirt.

“I had nothing to feed the baby,” says Lowerio Loworet, his aunt, who has looked after the boy since Lotabo’s mother died of a fever in the Kapoeta region, in the far southeast of war-torn South Sudan. “I was afraid he would die.”

As well as severe acute malnutrition, he is suffering from medical complications including pneumonia, causing a cough that wracks his tiny body.

10 Nov 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

by Ra'eesa Pather

In the streets of Madagascar’s capital city, the plague is a ghost. Patients stay hidden away in hospitals or are at home, where some are keeping their illness a secret.

They fear death but, more than that, what happens after death — the anonymous mass grave that many patients believe is their inevitable fate.

29 Aug 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

On a hilltop in rural Rwanda, in three shipping containers under a white marquee, a Silicon Valley startup is plotting world domination. “We want to create an instant delivery system for the planet,” says Maggie Jim, chief of staff for Zipline, a San Francisco-based drone manufacturer and operator.

Revolutionising Africa’s healthcare delivery system is just a means to that end.

30 Jun 2017 description
report Mail and Guardian

By Ra'eesa Pather

In remote villages hours away from Malawi’s cities, community health workers are saving the lives of small children in makeshift outdoor treatment areas.

06 Mar 2015 description
report Mail and Guardian

06 MAR 2015 00:00 ARTHUR NESLEN

"The end of the outbreak is in sight, but the high human and economic costs are yet to be tallied."

Regional and world leaders have called on the international community to scale up their efforts to rebuild the nations devastated by Ebola amid fears that the death toll from the outbreak could be even higher than previously thought.

29 Jun 2014 description
report Mail and Guardian

7 JUN 2014 00:00 REZA HOSSAINI

Zimbabwe can hasten its recovery by abolishing user fees and expanding its fiscal resources

23 May 2014 description
report Mail and Guardian

In city centres people are resorting to digging wells and even the hospitals face a major crisis.

While the major focus has been on economic problems Zimbabwe has been facing owing to a severe liquidity crunch, which has led to company closures and massive job loses, a huge humanitarian disaster is emerging. This as the government fails to provide social services, including clean water.

06 Dec 2013 description
report Mail and Guardian

06 Dec 2013 00:00| Alex Duval Smith

Chad has been hit by a refugee influx from Darfur and Central African Republic as well as the return of its citizens expelled from Libya.

The people at the World Health Organisation call it "routine childhood immunisation". But they have not witnessed the anything but routine sleuthing required of Anastasie Nague as she plays her part in preventing disease in a new, three-pronged humanitarian emergency affecting landlocked Chad.

11 Jan 2013 description
report Mail and Guardian

Zimbabwe's hospitals are being forced to carry out fundraising activities to keep afloat owing to low budget disbursements from the finance ministry.

Referral hospitals are struggling to sustain their operations, with rural and provincial hospitals also hard hit.

The Mail & Guardian understands that Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo and Harare Central Hospital – two of the country's largest referral health centres – are faced with critical shortages of health consumables such as drugs, detergents and food for patients.

14 Dec 2012 description
report Mail and Guardian

14 DEC 2012 00:00 - FARANAAZ PARKER

The country is focusing on giving women access to family planning services. Faranaaz Parker reports.

On a grey Wednesday morning in the Malawian capital of Lilongwe, a group of young people performs a skit for philanthropist Melinda Gates, who has come to visit their recreational centre. It is a draughty room with wooden board walls and sheets of corrugated iron roofing that do not quite meet.

30 Jul 2012 description
report Mail and Guardian


Ebola has broken out in Uganda, killing at least 14 people as health officials battle to stem the spread of the deadly virus.

Terrified patients fled from a hospital in western Uganda as soon as news broke that a mysterious illness that killed at least 14 people in the region was Ebola, one of the world's most virulent diseases.