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28 Jan 2016 description

Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Vibeke Lilloe and UN Resident Coordinator Sezin Sinanoglu visited today participants of the rehabilitated milk sub-sector value chain in Zenica-Doboj Canton and the Health Care Centre in Doboj as examples of the UN Floods Recovery Programme activities funded by the Norwegian Government and aimed at economic recovery and rehabilitation of public institution and services they provide.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina needed assistance to recover from the devastating floods in May 2014 and we did our best to help,” said Ambassador Lilloe.

14 Dec 2015 description
report medica mondiale

Medica Zenica and medica mondiale conducted a study with 51 survivors of war rape and sexual violence from Bosnia and Herzegovina who had used Medica’s services during and after the war.

The study followed four main research questions focussing on

1) the consequences of war rape and sexual violence on survivors’ lives, health and relationships;
2) the social acknowledgement of survivors of war rape;
3) the coping strategies and sources of resilience in the past 20 years, and finally
4) the impact of Medica Zenica’s support on the survivors’ lives.

21 May 2015 description

The 43.5 million EUR European Union Floods Recovery Programme marks the first anniversary of the catastrophic floods of May 2014 by reaching a significant recovery milestone.

30 Apr 2015 description

Summary of major changes made to the emergency plan of action:

An appeal of CHF 4,522,2351 was initially launched on 15 May 2014 with the start-up funding of CHF 334,013 allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to enable the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RCSBiH) to support preparedness activities for 40,000 people (10,000 households) and provide basic emergency relief items, psycho-social assistance and cash transfers as mode of assistance for shelter to those affected by the floods.

25 Feb 2015 description

Four vans for transport of patients to dialysis treatment, whose procurement was funded by the Government of the Slovak Republic were handed over to health centres in Doboj, Maglaj, Domaljevac Samac and Samac at a ceremony held on 24 February 2015 in Sarajevo.

The 92,000 US dollars-worth donation is the assistance of the Slovak Republic to the recovery of flood-affected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is implemented through the UN Floods Recovery Programme “Danas za nas”. It will assist some 120 patients in all four locations.

29 Sep 2014 description

SARAJEVO, 29 September 2014 – The 27th International Steering Committee meeting of the Decade of Roma inclusion 2005 - 2015, the first event organized under the Decade Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, started today in Sarajevo.

The meeting will primarily focus on the priority areas of the Decade Presidency of BiH: education to employment, integrated programs for housing and employment and the security and health of Roma women.

09 Sep 2014 description

Floods that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina in May this year were especially hard for Roma communities, already one of the most vulnerable minorities in the country.

28 Aug 2014 description
report Malteser

Malteser International rebuilds soup kitchen and health center

The village of Maglaj is one of eight communities in Bosnia Herzegovina that were hit especially hard during the floods of May 2014. There, Malteser International is working with local partners as well as the Malteser association in the diocese of Limburg, Germany, to rebuild a soup kitchen and a health center. Both were heavily damaged by the flood waters. The reconstruction of these two facilities will benefit 25,000 people.

15 Aug 2014 description

New facility is a port in the storm for children and their families

“Services like this one are truly welcome because the children can relax and have fun, while I can rest a bit. There is nothing more that someone can give to parents like us.”

Aug. 2014—Until now, children with developmental disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and their parents had no place to go for even a small respite from the extraordinary difficulties and stress in their daily lives. Now there is one place that offers them a soft, safe place to land, if only for a while.

17 Jul 2014 description

After the devastating floods which affected large parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in May 2014, the authorities at all levels country have conducted a post-disaster recovery needs assessment reflecting damages, effects, impact and needs.

The United Nations, the European Union and the World Bank provided technical support to authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina for development of Recovery Needs Assessment.

07 Jul 2014 description


  • The Federal and the RS meteorological Institutes report that the weather conditions will be good

  • About 50 Child-­‐friendly Spaces planned by UNICEF, 13 more by other organizations. 11 are operational or to be opened soon.

  • Refurbishment of three pre-­‐schools (Čelinac, Šamac, and Sanski Most) and one primary school (Orasje);

  • Approximately 1,380 individuals hosted in 38 temporary accommodation facilities.

25 Jun 2014 description

June 24, 2014 - Los Angeles, Calif. – After massive flooding in mid-May that killed more than fifty people and displaced tens of thousands more, International Medical Corps teams were on the ground in the Balkans to deliver critical supplies, assess health needs, support repair of infrastructure, and work with local authorities and international partners on recovery efforts. Flood water levels continue to fluctuate but most have receded.

24 Jun 2014 description

The Open Society Foundations are working to provide urgent relief and longer-term support in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in response to the worst flooding there in over a century. Over one million people have been affected by the flooding. Thousands of people are displaced—homes, basic infrastructure, and crops wiped out.

23 Jun 2014 description
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Situation Report
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International Humanitarian Assistance to BiH 22nd June 2014


21 Jun 2014 description

Timeframe covered by this update: 25 May 2014 – 20 June 2014
Emergency Appeal operation start date: 25 May 2014
Timeframe: 9 months
Appeal budget: CHF 4,522,235
Appeal coverage: 25 %
Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) allocated: CHF 334,013
Number of people being assisted: 40,000
Host National Society(ies) presence (n° of volunteers, staff, branches):

19 Jun 2014 description
report European Union


​The recent floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia caused substantial damage. Recovery phase activities are ongoing (e.g. debris cleaning, disinfection, rodent control), in conjunction with post-disaster needs assessments in the affected areas. Following the floods, there is a risk of increased transmission of vector-borne infections to the populations, mainly of West Nile virus infection, and possibly dengue and chikungunya fever, if the virus is introduced through a viraemic visitor.