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11 Dec 2017 description

633 individuals, 121 households, were successfully relocated to Lóvua. They received tents and moved to their allocated plots. A total of 4,132 persons are currently living in Lóvua.
The Super Cereal and Super Cereal Plus programme is reinforced with nutrition education, including daily cooking demonstrations.
Refugees benefited from psychosocial support. Children attended group activities with sensory and cognitive stimulation, creativity, reward, and stress management.


21 Nov 2017 description

Huambo - A total 1,241 people, mostly children under five years of age, died of malaria in central Huambo province from January to October this year.

The information was released by the Huambo malaria programme supervisor, Clementino Sacanombo.

According to the source the province has been experiencing its major malaria outbreak ever since May this year, as 175,360 cases have been diagnosed in the last 10 month, against 12,917 of last year.

15 Nov 2017 description

The Government of Angola announced 31 December 2017 as the new deadline for the relocation of refugees from Cacanda centre to Lóvua settlement.

The emergency shelter design was reviewed and upgraded in line with the new deadline to relocate refugees from Cacanda reception centre to Lóvua settlement.

410 smart solar LED streetlamps will be installed in Lóvua settlement, decreasing protection risks such as SGBV.


75% of Congolese refugees from Kasai in Angola are women and children

15 Nov 2017 description

The Minister for Welfare, Family and the Promotion of Women provided 400 tents to the provincial government to support the relocation of refugees from Cacanda to Lóvua.
Seminars on refugee rights and obligations were conducted at Lóvua, Cacanda, Dundo and at the Provincial Police Command, with the participation of the Provincial General Attorney.
The Provincial Governor of Lunda Norte announced 31 March 2018 as the deadline for the relocation of refugees from Cacanda centre to Lóvua settlement.


14 Nov 2017 description

Camacupa - At least 555,261 people, among children, young people, adults and the elderly, were vaccinated against yellow fever in four of the nine municipalities of Bié Province between 4 and 8 November, said Monday in Camacupa an official source.

The information was delivered by the head of the Department of Public Health and Endemic Control, Isaías Cambissa, speking in the framework of the ninth phase of the immunization campaign against the disease, taking place in 43 municipalities of the country.

14 Nov 2017 description

Saurimo - At least 43,604 cases of malaria have been recorded in the last 10 months, against the 55,243 cases in the same period of last year in the municipality of Saurimo, northeastern Lunda Sul province.

The information was released by the municipal director of Health, Joaquim Paulo Messene, stressing that there has been a drop in the case this year.

08 Nov 2017 description

Luanda - The routine vaccination campaign for children who were missed on previous stages, starts Wednesday in Luanda.

The campaign which was initially planned to start Tuesday, is sponsored by the Provincial Government of Luanda.

The action is meant to increase immunisation coverage for all children under five years of age with an incomplete schedule.

The kick-off ceremony will take place in Kapalango neighborhood, Viana municipality.

The action will also cover women in reproductive age, who will be vaccinated against Tetanus.

06 Nov 2017 description

In the city of Dundo, in northern Angola, MSF teams are providing assistance to Congolese refugees who fled violence in the Kasai region of Democratic Republic of Congo. MSF head of mission Joao Martins describes how a health emergency was brought under control.

What was the situation for Congolese refugees when you arrived in Dundo in April?

31 Oct 2017 description

Individual household latrine construction is ongoing in Lóvua along with hygiene promotion trainings and sanitation kits distribution.
Heavy machinery will soon open primary and secondary roads in Lóvua accelerating the site development, and the construction of shelter.
The Mental Health Team continues specialised psychological individual consultations, focusing on children’s emotional management.


75% of Congolese refugees from Kasai in Lunda Norte are women and children

26 Oct 2017 description

Cuango - At least 6,370 cases of malaria were diagnosed at Cuango’s Medical Centre in the north-eastern Lunda Norte Province, from February to October this year.

This was said on Wednesday by the director of the centre, Manbakila Soni.

According to the official, during the mentioned period the medical institution recorded 32 deaths of patients aged between zero and five, adding that in order for this number to be reduced the centre will be holding sensitisation and awareness lectures on the disease in the municipality.

24 Oct 2017 description

The SGBV trends analysis underlines the need to improve the medical and legal/judiciary response to refugee SGBV survivors in Lunda Norte.

Heavy machinery has arrived in Lóvua to open primary and secondary roads. The site development will continue with the clearance of new villages.

Government and humanitarian partners agreed that refugees in Lóvua will be provided with more land to enable larger production and income opportunities.


75% of Congolese refugees from Kasai in Angola are women and children

17 Oct 2017 description

Quiculungo - At least 7,599 cases of malaria were diagnosed in the first quarter of this year in Quiculungo municipality, northern Cuanza Norte province.

The information is contained in a report from the local Health Department, saying the above figure shows a reduction of 1,070 cases as compared with the number of people with the disease during the same period of 2016.

According to the source that reached Angop on Tuesday, during the period in respect, 122 patients with malaria were hospitalised, resulting in 14 deaths.

17 Oct 2017 description

80 per cent of the identified SGBV survivors are under the age of 18. Out of the 29 SGBV incidents identified this week, 11 were of forced marriage.
Final heavy machinery has arrived in Lóvua to open primary and secondary roads.
The slowness of site development and relocation poses challenges to the protection response In Cacanda health consultations raised 45 per cent when compared to last week. The main morbidity factor for children under five was malaria (53,3 percent).


10 Oct 2017 description

Over 10.000 children enjoyed activities at the Child Friendly Space (CFS) activities in Cacanda reception centre and in Lóvua settlement.

The migration and border provincial authorities agreed to collect data on voluntary returns at all Lunda Norte border points.

The new communal kitchen providing reinforced meals to malnourished children served 209 children in Lóvua.


77% Of Congolese refugees in Angola are women and children

04 Oct 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The chronic drought crisis continues to affect an estimated 1.13 million people in the south of Angola, including 605,982 children.

  • UNICEF has rehabilitated 68 water points in drought affected areas (Namibe and Huila), which provides safe water to 34,000 people, including 15,700 children. In total 175 water points will be rehabilitated by the first quarter of 2018 in an aim to reach 80,000 people with safe water.

04 Oct 2017 description
report People in Need

(Kulto, 14th September 2017) - Today, Angola is still suffering the aftermath of a civil war lasting more than three decades and the heritage of colonialism. People in Need (PiN) decided more than 10 years ago to bring help to the inhabitants of this country. A permanent mission was set up in the province of Bié which was one of the regions most ravaged by war and poverty. In the first years PiN field workers concentrated on the renewal or improvement of the quality of elementary education and the development of agriculture and markets in the rural areas.

03 Oct 2017 description

As of 29 September, there were 2,970 refugees living in Lóvua settlement, which represents 11 per cent of the overall refugee population from the DRC in Lunda Norte Province.
Refugees continue to arrive to Cacanda Reception Centre from Dundo town putting pressure both on structures and services.
Currently there are 1,411 refugees in Cacanda Reception Centre in need of shelter. Plastic sheets are provided to refugees to be used as temporary shelter.


77% Of Congolese refugees in Angola are women and children